Floor Randomiser (Free To Use) [Creation]

This creation could be useful for creating a new minigame like Block Party or something similar where you need to be able to generate random block grids. The floor randomizer has 16 different colors and you can choose to enable two different modes (Grid Mode and Random Mode).

Creator: SkyGamesTwitter Account

Press the button at spawn to generate a new randomized block grid.

Toggle the lever to activate the floor randomizer. This mode spawns random squares all over the place.


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6 Responses

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  1. Upgrades, people! Upgrades! says:

    Now all there needs to be is a version for hills and such.

  2. Nate says:

    Hello, Disco Speef…

  3. Saileeich says:

    OMG!! I love it!! I am gonna use this masterpice

  4. UnFakeableGaming says:

    Great “module” !!! This is different from Block Party…

  5. Ayush says:

    First and cool

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