Flora Bedrock Add-on

Add over 70 new flower entities to your creative world! Add some colour to your world, beautiful wild and garden plants of all shapes and sizes.

Also included are some unique garden items to decorate your world like a birdbath and a mini pond!


FLORA bedrock is an exciting new addon to beautify your minecraft world

  • Adds over 70 new flower and fungi entities in creative mode.
  • Beautiful 32×32 textures.
  • Garden tools, birdbath, windchimes, rocks, herbgarden and more decorative items for the garden.

The new content can be found with the spawn eggs. Please make sure both resource and behaviours are activated!

FLORA! Bedrock now has it’s own development site

This is a unique mcpe mod created by myself with original handdrawn textures. The artwork  is not to be re used without permission. 


Changelog View more
  • Added new plants! some spawn in desert areas only.
  • fixed signpost texture, 
  • removed shadows
  • Added the  Herb Garden
  • fixed download links
  • added link and splash image to Fauna sneak peek. an addon coming soon from sammysblocks
  • Added 12 new entities, Bromeliad x2, Orchid, Rockpool, Venus Fly trap, Passion Flower & more
  • added Natural spawning (optional download) flowers now spawn in world generation. (w.i.p)
  • Fixed a few spelling mistakes.

Changed link to direct to safer download/addon dev site.

Removed links which may have been giving downloaders viruses.

  • Updated description to provide copyright information.
  • This is 100% unique mod made by myself for the bedrock engine
  • Added 50+ new plants and entities
  • Changed link to adfly


Supported Minecraft versions


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64 Responses

4.17 / 5 (35 votes)
  1. Guest-4459087906 says:

    Have New dyes?

  2. Guest-7289320053 says:

    This is one of my favorite mods and I love the way everything looks, the only thing is that mobs can’t walk through the flowers and get stuck on them like solid blocks. Besides that, it’s still one of my favorite mods because of how magical it makes everything.

  3. Guest-9302293519 says:

    can u pls add both creative inventory and natural spawn plsssssssss.

  4. GreenGuy321 says:

    Nice! but can you make a second texture pack to make it feel more like minecraft, and not hyper realistic

  5. Guest-1071391041 says:

    The link isn’t working…it lead me to but it said 404 not found…

  6. Guest-2668345829 says:

    Yep, I agree with you SammySmee. If I could just pay you for each addons you make. Also, do you have a patreon so we could help you earn more :)))) owo uwu

  7. Guest-6205259522 says:

    Linknya ribet jancok!!!

  8. This add-on looks great! Is it okay if I use it for my zoo map as long as I give you credit? I just want to get your permission first.

  9. Guest-7501190555 says:

    I’ll never give a good rating to someone who uses Linkvertise. I downloaded your mod from a third party website because of that. Great mod, but bad distribution

  10. Guest-9001520268 says:

    Good mod but I will wait and see if you make it possible to use in survival mode since it says only creative atm.

  11. Guest-4478811580 says:

    Hello. When I click on the link to the download page, an error message pops up saying that the site is unable to be reached. Is the website out of date?

  12. Guest-1867906758 says:

    Can you update it for beta 1.16? The plants are all black spawn eggs and invisible when spawned. Cool addon though

  13. Guest-7368897657 says:

    i can’t for the life of me get it to show up on Minecraft xbox one, is it just for mobile?

  14. Guest-2720120007 says:

    Hello! A fellow mod pack maker here, looking to use this mod in my pack. The latter will not be monetized, and you will be properly credited. Contact me on Discord at CubeSteff3906#6297 or on Twitter at CubeSteff3906 if you wish to learn more! Thanks in advance for your answer ! 😛

  15. Guest-7454576872 says:

    I just wanted to tell you that this is an absolutely astounding add-on and I enjoy it a ton. Please do keep working on it, it’s wonderful. I’ve had no issues with it and it adds so much to Minecraft, not to mention it’s absolutely stunning. Thank you for such a fantastic add-on!

  16. Guest-1036163981 says:

    Cant download, link sends to linkvertise which asks for premium im order to download the file

  17. Guest-6505309021 says:

    PLEAAASE add some hanging plants. And bonsai trees.

  18. Guest-4355989328 says:

    Okay. I have no idea what happened, but I finally got it to download, did what I had to do in files, IT WORKED FOR A BIT, I decided I didn’t like the fact I couldn’t use my other texture pack while this one was in use, so I deleted the flora texture pack. I tried going back into the world I was previously using .. and nothing. I mean really, nothing. Everything looked blue and I couldn’t see any blocks. I ended up deleting the world, even after previously spending hours on it. Annnnnnnd so I tried making another world and it was exactly the same, I couldn’t see anything. I have no clue what to do here. Is my Minecraft corrupted?? I’m on the iPhone XR if that helps.. I just wanna get back to my farming man..

    • Guest-6435069472 says:

      There’s a reason that the texture pack exists, without it everything no longer works right. The texture pack provides that graphics and is required to see the plants.

  19. Guest-2463364460 says:

    The download links on the site are broken for me. Maybe the websites are just down at the moment but maybe add an alternative link just in case?

    • Guest-3605473269 says:

      yeah, the same thing has been happening to me too. I was really looking forward to those mushrooms man 😔😔

  20. Guest-3260052001 says:

    Add some desert plant in next update please!!!

  21. Guest-5089665015 says:

    I cant install they are asking for make a premium subscription:(((((

  22. Guest-2078977060 says:

    What a huge and great job mate!!!

  23. Guest-5935711988 says:

    Hello this is an amazing mod I love Flora irl so having this in Minecraft has been so exciting. But I was wondering how you made it, I can’t seem to find any way to add entities like the flowers in this mod. Thank you for reading this ❤️

  24. Guest-8457299740 says:

    this mods AMAZING. please keep working on it. i would love for the stuff to be breakable and not killable also spawn naturally and the items like birdbaths and stuff craftable. Wall items are a bit wonky but otherwise this mods amazing, the textures are wonderful and detailed. i would love vines with flowers on them and different colors. Keep it up!

  25. Guest-8041385409 says:

    Weird question, will the plants despawn since they are entities?

  26. Guest-4860291092 says:

    bruh this has way too many viruses and red flags from almost every antivirus

  27. Guest-5997894125 says:

    Why there are two links?

  28. Guest-8266044144 says:

    I was just looking for a flower mod last week, Thank you!

  29. Guest-7360236884 says:

    i tried downloading the add-on but i almost got a virus on my laptop… (yes i use pe on laptop) is there another site i could use? maybe mediafire? idk

  30. Guest-3868537909 says:

    Hey, can someone help? I’ve downloaded it and everything and I’ve activated it. I still can’t find anything in my game though ;( Please help! I’d really love to use these!

    • Sammysmee says:

      If installed correctly they’ll be found in creative mode with the mob spawn eggs. I hope that helps!

      • Guest-9353231727 says:

        Thats the thing. It must not be installed correctly. I still can’t find them in my game. Can you give a quick overview as to what the files should look like if possible? I know it’s supposed to be activated in resources and behaviors. (It gives me the option to activate the add-on in the game, but nothing new was actually added to my game- the flowers are still missing.

      • Guest-2519633374 says:

        I just figured it out!! Sorry about the confusion. Thanks for making this mod x) !!

  31. Guest-9693377673 says:

    This is so useful and cool 😎.Now I can make good biomes.🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  32. Guest-1139560963 says:

    How do I use them?

  33. SpOnGE says:

    Beautiful! Do these spawn naturally?

    • Guest-4635818050 says:

      Increíble!!!! Es el addon más parecido al de pc que e visto en todo este tiempo enserio muchas gracias ^–^

  34. Guest-5102379277 says:

    This is really cool. You should make more addons!

  35. Guest-5097551317 says:

    Absolutely brilliant. Finally got something other than just standard crops to decorate my 5yr in the making hobbit village. Used other addons for garden decoration before but none compare to this in my eyes….. Thanks slot.

  36. Guest-8501858281 says:

    thank you for the link on site that brought a virus to my device

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