Flow’s HD [32x] [64x] [128x]

Flow’s HD is a modern and elegant texture pack. Every texture is very clean and gives Minecraft a very bright and joyful feel. The great thing about this pack is that it got both a lot of textures which are suitable for interior design as well as outdoor. A great pack for somebody who wants a combination of both.

Creator: Exevium (original PC pack)
Ported by: Dash Droide (Twitter), RedHawk275, Nack Max (Twitter)
Updated: 25 February, 2018 (added support for 128x resolution)

flows1 flows12screenshot-2015-02-14-18-08 screenshot-2015-02-14-18-09 screenshot-2015-02-14-18-09_2

Important notice: It might take up to several minutes for a world to load once you’ve got this texture pack enabled.


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295 Responses

3.92 / 5 (74 votes)
  1. Guest-8469473139 says:

    can you please update it to 1.16 because the texture pack isn’t working and keeps crashing my game every time i launch minecraft

  2. Guest-8788667914 says:

    Emotes Button is gone 🙁

  3. Guest-9644058114 says:

    can you update it to 1.16?

  4. Lol, I can’t download it bc the link is blocked due to web spam. It is a great texture pack tho

  5. Guest-2154514185 says:

    why does it wont me to download a sketchy extension for my tabs???

  6. Guest-9513369131 says:

    use ad fly not this weird sketchy website that doesnt work!

  7. Guest-3139921907 says:

    I love the texture pls add CCTV on the mob heads on the 32×32

  8. Guest-8028237120 says:

    Can you update this for 1.14.30? The last time this was updated was almost 2 years ago.

  9. the unicorn says:

    can you make the wolf cute cause it looks creepy

  10. james kooler says:

    Hi, i’m on an IOS and media fire doesn’t work for the regular mcpacks. If you could change the site to download it that would be great.

  11. T0S says:

    Hi i really love this texture pack and if you could make it for the version

  12. Jason says:

    Fix this texture pack because it shows that theres a error in the code that dosent wvwn make the textures appear in the world its just the normal texture not the Flows HD i am firmly disappointed and will never use this texture pack again until its fixed

  13. Anonymous says:

    A very nice texture pack, but if someone else notices the texture error on cows?

  14. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t work on xbox.

  15. Aaazf says:

    Dear Editor(Creator),
    Please tell me that you can make this flows hd can use in minecraft version 1.9 until 1.14.
    Thank you if you make it.

    • Nicholas Flamy says:

      Editor (Creator) means that the original person got banned or their account was deleted so unless someone claims it’s theirs’s it will belong to mcpedl and never get updated.

  16. AzfarGamerYT says:

    Hey can you make this mcpack from 1.9 until 1.14.please please please

  17. ShrekDaGoat says:

    I love this texture pack, it isn’t laggy at all. I love the doors and the texture of the carpets. I’m using 128×128 on windows 10 edition to anyone wondering.

  18. Anonymous says:

    it crashes the game and pls update this texture pack in the latest minecraft pe pls editor

  19. Dylan Hetzel says:

    This crashed my game when I added it to global resources, and then it barely let me back into mine craft for more than 10 seconds

  20. Pls bro says:

    I’ve been waiting since 1.3 pls editor I know you are a busy man but trust me this texture pack is something you should invest your time on. Just like get a texture pack and replace the .json files or something.

    • Nicholas Flamy says:

      Editor means that the original person got banned or their account was deleted so unless someone claims it’s theirs’s it will belong to mcpedl and never get updated.

  21. JaggerTheBoss says:

    I can’t download the mcpack because it wants me to add a virus to my chrome firsst

  22. Mrgibbs709 says:

    Hello creator of flows HD texture pack I would be most happy if you could update the textures to the new Minecraft update because I built a city usingyour texture pack but it crashed my game and now my city is using the city textures from Minecraft so please I know you may be busy but at least try to fix it I love the look it gives things and I want it on my city,thanks for listening and I hope you update it in future

  23. FlameWolf8 says:

    I like the texture pack, the only problem is the new 1.8 content was not retextured

  24. Navy says:

    Hi I was hoping whether this pack could get an update? And if so when? Please reply cause I’m quite inpatient .

  25. Sugar kitty says:

    Ps pls reply really fast. I don’t think I can get it on iPhone so I’m wondering how and why it won’t work.

  26. Weirdo says:

    Hey, I cant seem to download it because it keeps sending me to linkshrink.

  27. Aynsliee Tillett says:

    what version is compatible with windows 10 edition. 1.5.3. i got it working okay but but the crosshair is like windows and it is a bit annoying did i download the wrong one? only reason im using windows 10 is because its updated at least i feel it is

  28. Dbrbskvdjrj says:

    64×64 texture pack is missing

  29. rfrazee34 says:

    It brings me to a spam site!

  30. MysticalCookiie says:

    Can this be available for v1.5.1?
    I just really like it, but sadly I can’t download it. I hope it’s available for Minecraft v1.5.1 soon. Thank you for reading this.

  31. Anonymous says:

    it is making my computer say that there is a virus only when I get sent to the Adfly like page

  32. MixNMatchPlayz says:

    Where’s the download button? It says in the installation guide to press the download button but where is it?

  33. Alesscreeper says:

    The best 128×128 texture that exists

  34. Anonymous Too says:

    Obviously it is outdated, some textures will not work. Also note that versions starting from 1.2.14 do have a bug with the new variants of trapdoors, buttons and pressureplates as custom textures don’t work with them.

  35. Anonymous says:

    I downloaded this pack on the new aquatic update, v1.4.3., but it doesn’t work. I downloaded the 32×32 1.0. Mcpack version. I thought everything was good, it showed up in my Minecraft resource packs, but nothing happened in the my world. Does it need to be updated or something? I know this pack is a bit old… :/ Pls help!!!! It looks really cool!!!

    • an says:

      Obviously it is outdated, some textures will not work. Also note that versions starting from 1.2.14 do have a bug with the new variants of trapdoors, buttons and pressureplates as custom textures don’t work with them.

  36. pls update flows HD for 1.4 says:

    Hello editor. I is back again
    Btw pls update flows HD for 1.4 and Still make it work with iPad mini4

  37. LiorTuburan178 says:

    is there a version for 1.5?? I mean, my version is (Minecraft Aquatic Update)

  38. Alesscreeper says:

    Be left speechless, it’s just amazing, the 128×128 version is so good that it even looks like a super HD shader, better texture that does not exist, just amazing, if I could I would give 9999 stars, Gg…

  39. Anonymous says:

    wheres the windows 10 download

  40. No says:

    It does not work for iPad mini one it downloads but once you play the game the blocks dont look anything like in the pictures they are all blurry and it’s annoying cause I really love this texture pack can you pleaaaase fix

  41. Creeper says:

    Can the owner of this update it so it works on 1.4.2? There are a bunch of missing textures

  42. Aron says:

    Uhmm when i donwloaded flows hd on 1.2 64×64 the other textures didnt load like the paintings and stuff I checked the file and compared it to others and it looked perfectly fine… pls fix this… thx

  43. TheCrazyTitan says:

    A great texture pack. However, fire movement has started glitching after the aquatic update to Minecraft PE..!

  44. Uniqueorn says:

    Can this work in mcpe 1.5.4?

  45. Kascie says:

    Why does the snow look like rain??please help I love this texture pack but the snow…please fix it 😁

  46. Alexander Brown says:

    Why is fire glitching?? Is it due to the acquatic update?

  47. Juls says:

    Hey can you make it so the water doesnt say update? My version is 1.3 too

  48. XtremeMAX_GAME says:

    I was searching for a modern texture pack for my modern house that I’m building then I found this and its awesome

  49. kiann says:

    Why the texture pack is blurr on 64×64 1.2.x.mcpack and 128×128?? using iphone 5s and v1.2.16

  50. Wildan M A says:

    What the password to unlock ekstrak the zip

  51. Mr_Mine101 says:

    Hi there! Editor, Something is wrong. The I clicked on the 124×124 texture and it showed me to an advertisement link that showed me various pictures off of some pornography sights. Please fix

  52. Romer says:

    This is great

  53. Romer says:

    This texture is amazing

  54. RazorMike2105 says:

    The top and bottom of the chiseled sandstone textures are nuts. Can you fix this? (Im using 64x version with mcpe 1.2.11)

  55. Christopher Michaud says:

    This texture pack is great, except for one thing. Textures for sand, sandstone, smooth sandstone, and chisled sanstone are all missing. It would be great if this was fixed. Thanks.

  56. fadedlcx says:

    It really does work on pe1.2!!Awesone!!

  57. Hassan Nauman says:

    This is a very awesome texture pack but it doesnt have textures for stained glass or stained glass panes plz update it 😘

  58. KING9272 says:

    Hey bro I love your texture pack but the thing is whenever I try to play the game crashes with Flow’s HD 128×128 so can you plz fix that

  59. speedghetti says:

    great but that crosshair tho :/

  60. Thx for update flows HD for 1.2 says:

    What about the awesome stained glass?

  61. Ashton says:

    This is the only 128×128 pack with stained glass armor stands etc and I love it!

  62. Olivares says:

    IS for theb1.2.10

  63. A random person says:

    Please help!! I kept crashing when I put my resource pack in my world. IM very desperate for answers. I waited AGES for this texture pack and my resolution is 32×32 so i downloaded that. Is it somehow incomplete or something?

  64. vpitt5 says:

    Please do not use link shrink. It advertises pornographic material and is not safe for kids.

  65. Pls update flows HD for 1.2 says:

    Update for 1.2+ pls

  66. Diana says:

    What the hay!!!!! You got the links meat up I clicked download and it made me go to some sick stuff! Fix this pls.

  67. Sebastian says:

    When I click download it’s taking me to these random sites like online dating, can anyone help pass that? Can’t download it

  68. Pls update flows HD for 1.2 says:

    Plz plz update flows HD for 1.2

  69. SethAE says:

    Editor please update the texture pack to support MC Win10 1.2.8

  70. Anonymous says:

    When I used it the nether brick is purple but in the pictures it’s black :/ I don’t want the purple nether brick

  71. Juliet Emeghara says:

    It won’t work it keeps taking me to linkshrink how do you get it

  72. Mr.Dr says:

    Does it work on mcpe 1.0.2??? I used windowphone

  73. DiamondArmor says:

    can you make one for mcpe beta 1.2?

  74. angel says:

    Pls update it 1.2

  75. Mr. MnM says:

    Hey Creator and editor can you make a texture pack that has re-textured all the minecraft items
    Suggestions :

    Bread – Burger
    Bucket of water – water
    Carrot – carrot cake
    Pork – noodles
    And more…..
    Please reply fast

  76. John says:

    Oh no my minecraft can’t open now😔
    Help plss

  77. McpeNigel says:

    Would you please update this texture pack to 1.2.3+

  78. Skywalker720 says:

    Update This Texture On Minecraft (android) 1.2

  79. SBSG says:

    Can you please add support for Minecraft 1.2.x !?

  80. Cool Kids123 says:

    Please change the paintings into real life artists paintings 🙂
    I haven’t tried this texture yet but add better paintings

  81. the maker boi says:

    can you make compatible with minecraft 1.2.1 please

  82. JannyBanany29 says:

    Will there be an update to this texture pack now with the release of the 1.2 update foe the new items like stained glass, banners, armor stands, jukeboxes, parrots, etc? PLEASE UPDATE I AM ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH THIS TEXTURE PACK!!

  83. xBaconie says:


    I really your resource pack

    I needed you to update it to 1.2 (IOS & ANDROID) 🙂

    Thank you !

  84. Ilikecats says:

    I really hope this gets updated for 1.2

  85. Felliniq says:

    Hey Editor. Can you please please please update this pack for Minecraft 1.2. And please make a 128×128 resolution for this. Hoping for a fast response.

  86. Ilikecats says:

    Hi! Is Flows HD ok to use in MCPE 1.2 Beta? Will it still work?

  87. vpitt5 says:

    Great pack, as mentioned in my earlier review, but needs update for latest version.

  88. Jericho says:

    Can you pls update this texture pack to mcpe 1.2(Minecraft 1.2)

  89. BIGSHOTQ5 says:

    Anyone knows how to fix the glitch were in texture became blurred and fat when applied in mcpe 1.2.07? Or its just because the texture is not compatible with the latest version of mcpe?

  90. Tfkytfkytfykfjytf says:


  91. BIGSHOTQ5 says:

    Update please for 1.2+

  92. BIGSHOTQ5 says:

    Update please for mcpe 1.2

  93. vpitt5 says:

    Fire is all bugged and sugar canes are grey. Apart from that, great pack. (Except for hostile mobs, which look scary, and the derpy sheep face) Also linkshrink is the worst, I had to use it twice to download (it might work well on PC, but use common sense, would people download it using their PC?).

  94. Captain20022 says:

    The Texture Pack looks great but there are items that have a white outline, and looks like there in stacks.

  95. George says:

    I love this texture pack, however there are no leaves (e.g. oak leaves, jungle leaves, etc.) Please fix!

  96. Eddie says:

    Hey, I downloadet your texture pack and its awsome. Its my favorite texture pack, but the sugar cane is gray when im planting it. Is this only on my Device (Huawei Honor 7) or is this normal? And when its normal, could you fix it?

  97. Jhann says:

    Editor can you pls make this texture be capable for iOS …….this is my favorite one

  98. John says:

    It does not work for me, it keeps on saying download failed unable to find manifest in pack

  99. NamiG says:

    Hey, I know you guys make your money from ads and im ok with it but: Could you please use a less malwarey and scammy ad service? Linkshrink is the worst.
    Anyways, great texture.

  100. MCPE Master Guard says:

    Editor, please fix this…


    ui/ui_art_assets_common.json: Child controls must have unique names:

    title_panel_content/{no name}
    title_panel_edu/{no name}
    title_panel_edu/{no name}
    title_panel_osx/{no name}
    title_panel_osx/{no name}
    title_panel_pocket/{no name}
    title_panel_pocket/{no name}
    title_panel_vr/{no name}
    title_panel_vr/{no name}
    title_panel_win10/{no name}
    title_panel_win10/{no name}

    In the future this will be an error and this file won’t load.

  101. thegamerpjnk says:

    Does this work for mcpe v1.1.0.8

  102. Julie says:

    It always says fail to import doesn’t matter how many time I try

  103. Fatur says:

    It say “unable to find manifest in pack”can you fix It?

  104. Joshua says:

    What map in the first scene shot?

  105. Quinten says:

    It keeps crashing when I download it. What should I do?

  106. The Redstone Miner says:

    Failed to open Pack is what my game said for both 64 x 64 and 32 x 32… PLEASE FIX!!!!!

  107. David says:

    What is the map of the first two screenshots??

  108. Peyton Ferguson says:

    I’m sure I’ll love it.

  109. Kyutie_Klaw says:

    Editor pls answer…i really wanted to download this texture paxk but the problem is im on windows 10…but the version of my minecraft is 1.11.2 but i thinked that this only worked in windows 10 edition beta…pls answer if this works on the minecraft 1.11.2

  110. Gibranmr says:

    Your update makes the link worst, man…
    Now there is no link for media fire downloads,
    even for 32×32 mcpack. The link goes to, which I dont know how to download Flows hd texture pack in my other devices.

  111. Cheese says:

    YALL LISTEN UP the editor is removing our comments about the manifest issue that is not related to spam and is to this post, the editor is trying to shush us. Hey editor, if your reading this tell the porter that being able to run this is as easy as removing a few characters in the manifest file. But in reality, he shouldn’t HAVE TO BE INFORMED OF THIS BECAUSE HES THE ONE WHO PORTED THIS THING. I have a few suggestions, warn the creator of a post that if it doesn’t work like how it says its supposed to, (I know that not everything can run on anything) it has no reason to be on your website misleading and wasting people’s time. How that’s taking place here is that the porter bothered to include .mcpack files to work on ios, yet… it doesnt. It’s like they are purposely trying to make people frustrated.

  112. Raya327 says:

    This is the only texture pack i want and does it work for 1.0.4?

  113. TheFifthHour says:

    64×64 pack ‘Failed to import; unable to find manifest in pack.’

  114. BuzzGamer says:

    It keeps redirecting me to different websites please send a mediafire link. Thank u!!😄

  115. Laurenbay says:

    Just saying I tried to download at and it says “import failed” can you help me with this?,anyone?

  116. Douglas Sanford says:

    It’s works on my 1.0.5 iPad minecraft

  117. TheFifthHour says:

    The 32×32 pack is perfectly fine but the 64×64 pack doesn’t seem to work.

  118. Unknown says:

    Hey, im trying to use your texture pack and the game keeps closing on me.

    How do i fix this??

  119. Anonymous says:

    Plz can you help me is this for 1.0.5 version because it’s not working and I think that’s the problem thanks

  120. Anonymous says:

    Does this work for 1.0.5 bescause I really love this texture pack and it keeps saying that it can import the texture pack because it’s unknown I have no idea plz help me

  121. 777 says:

    Needs a lot of optimization. Loading it from the settings menu can take a good 2-3 minutes alone. And another 2-3 minutes to get into your world. What a shame. Do like it in combination with SEUS shaders.

    • AdvDreemurrFr says:

      Hey, textures packs who are 32×32 or 64×64 are laggy, it’s normal, I’m on Win.10 Edition, so I haven’t this problem, upgrade for a new phone or take a smaller texture pack ! 😉 enjoy your day

  122. PLease says:

    Can you please update this texture pack?

  123. Jack Michael says:

    Cool, but sugar cane is gray and is a little messed up on my iPhone 7. Please fix the item bar. It is messed up!

  124. Gibranmr says:

    Hey Editor, the texture pack 32×32 works well (successfully imported). But the 64×64 one unable to be manifest. Please fix this… Love this texture pack. I want to use the 64×64. I’m currently at version 1.0.3 ios.

    Thanks !

  125. Special Guest says:

    Hello! I am really enjoying this texture pack, but now it seems like it doesn’t work. I am currently in the version 1.0.4 and I tried to download this texture pack again, it just fails. Please update this because I am using this for my project. Thank you! Hoping that the creator will reply. 🙂

  126. Arsy Ash says:

    Please fix the moving glass. The glass is moving (blown by wind) like a plant/tree while the trees aren’t moving. Also some of the plants has no color like the bamboo, and the leaves like jungle leaves, etc. has b&w color on the thumbnail

  127. Mylo says:

    With 64X64 Texture I am getting an error saying “Manifest not found” Im on the latest version of MCPE.

  128. Mango129 says:

    Hello this texture pack looks great but the hot bar is looks strange. There are many small squares. Can u tell the creator of this texture pack to fix it?

  129. Sean iOS says:

    Editor, can you pls say to the developers/porters of the pack when i download it it fails to import i hope this will be updated to fix this issues thank you

  130. Guest says:

    The inventory is glitched for me?
    its like small little boxes on the left and big boxes on the right

  131. DrFumiya says:

    did not work in ios it says “FlowHD Failed To Import” pls fix this

  132. JasonIsHere says:

    I’m on my iPad, and when I clicked on download (mcPack) and it started downloading on my minecraft, it always fails, I delete the pack and tried again and still, it doesn’t work, please fix it , thanks 🙂

  133. Guest5939 says:

    I love this texture pack!
    It works well, especially the design is beautiful. I know a lot of other people have had problems installing it or being able to use it at all. Which is the reason why when I downloaded t, I had to do it 3 times before I actually though that when I went on to one of my worlds, It wouldn’t show up properly. This definitely took me a while, but eventually’ when I went back into one of my worlds, it finally showed up!.

    Thank you so much, this is something that I’ve been wanting for a long time’ especially if the City texture pack is just plain boring. Now I can make more modern, realistic homes without having to figure out what to do.


  134. Flo says:

    When I try to import it, it says import failed, and then it says unable to parse pack

  135. Rodi says:

    When I try to import it, then it says import failed 🙁

  136. Anonymous says:

    Um when it lags is it because of the resolution because I’m on iOS and these texture packs lags the game soooo much.

  137. LegendaryNacho24 says:

    What map did you use?

  138. Yumson says:

    This pack is indeed updated to 1.0.0, the reason why it fails to import on iOS is because the manifest text is blue. Hey Editor, stop removing comments that help us better understand the problem. Just remove the “§l§b”‘s within the manifest that are right before the pack name. Hey editor, do something to fix this.

    • Editor says:

      What do you mean by removing comments? I only remove comments which are spam or doesn’t relate to the post. Sometimes it happens that good comments are accidentally deleted.

      I have reported the issue to the creator.

  139. Minecraft4Ever says:

    I love this texture pack very much I’ve been waiting for this it’s so awesome and amazing

  140. Mxhelle says:

    Does it crashes?
    Thank you if you reply 🙂

  141. Royalc45 says:

    This texture pack looks so cool and awesome so i go to download it that’s algood then it says its importing then it says failed to download and says unknown pack and unable to find manifest in pack. I’ve tried all of them and nothings worked plz someone help.

    P.S I’m on iOS and I’m on 1.0.0

  142. Please Help Me says:

    Listen I want to download the .mcpack but it takes me to this ad website and I can’t get to the mediafire download plz send me a link even if it is for the .zip just make sure it is updated to 1.0 plz send me link for .mcpack or even the .zip

  143. Daniah says:

    Every time I download it it says failed to import can u please fix it it used to work perfectly fine

  144. Danthegamer says:

    Help please!

    I tried to install the texture pack but it keeps saying that it can’t find the manifest in the pack. What do I do?! I’m running version 1.0.0.

  145. RayRodGamingYT says:


    I tried to attempt to download the 32×32 and the 64×64 for 1.0.0, but after I opened it in game , it said it was importing, then it said “failed to Import Flows HDash” I tried restarting my iPad and the app, checked my storage space which was fine, and still got the error. How to fix this problem? The same problem occurred for my cousin and sister as well.

  146. Joshua cowhick says:

    It keep on crushing. Sorry for my spelling. I am bad at spelling words.

  147. Sage says:

    Hello, I tried to download this texture pack many times. Each time it fails to import. It keeps saying it could not find a manifest or something like that. Could you please fix this problem? I would really like to use this texture pack.

  148. WayaWaya_48 says:

    I download the texture pack (on iOS) and it says ‘importing Flows’s HD’ but then it says ‘Failed to import ‘Flow’s HD’ How do I fix it?!

  149. Intensify says:

    Editor Please Respond This I’m Noob What Is Better 32x Or 64x This Is The Best Pack But I Cant Download It

  150. de5 says:

    how do you remove texture packs that is already successfully imported?
    i downloaded the 32×32 resolution one

  151. BuggyPig says:

    I hate this texture pack I will never download this

  152. Minecraft lord15 says:

    Hi I just wanted to ask what map are you using for the pictures?

  153. Austin_gamers says:

    Editor can you update your texture pack for compatible official version 1.0.0

  154. John says:

    When I download the thing and it worked but it said failed to download flowshdash

    I’m a apple user

  155. Destiny says:

    Not working for 17.0 or 1.0 right now

  156. IOS_Life says:

    Hey editor,
    Can you please add a .mcpack download for 0.16.0? Thanks

  157. Crash says:

    Omg this texture pack is keep crashing Minecraft when launching it I’m glad I back up my worlds on my computer if I didn’t did that I would lost 26 worlds
    By the way I’m on an iPod touch 6 gen

  158. Brutalomnivor3 says:

    Dis crashed my game and I had to delete the game so……..FIZ DIS PROBLEM

  159. Deadline says:

    Just dosen’t work on my iPad I knew this would happen plus I don’t know how to use Dropbox or whatever

  160. Janito2 says:

    Do you have a 0.16.x version for IOS

  161. Coolbro says:

    What is the mansion’s map?

  162. Khangkg says:

    it is working on 0.17 not?

  163. Anonymous says:

    Is it compatable in 0.16.2?

  164. Yuri says:

    Hello, this texture is big ? Thank’you.

  165. Depth says:

    Does this work for 0.16?

  166. AngelinaDaLife says:

    Is that a Map that u just screenshot?if it is then what’s the name of the map?

  167. HighlandGamer says:

    Hi, can yu help me pls I need it in .zip file type, but it is in .rar file. Wat do I du??

  168. Ember says:

    Hello editor I would like to know when this texture pack is going to be available for IOS without a PC or jailbreak. This is the only way I can get it. Also, why is it that when I install a texture pack that is mcpack and works in my world, my minecraft becomes corrupt whenever I exit a world in any way, even if it’s save and quit. I can only play with it if I don’t quit the world ;(. Pls help.

  169. CoolCreep says:

    Hey can you give me a mediafire link to download this?
    Because i dont know how to download it so please give me a link pleeeeaaaassseeeee

    P.S i need it in 0.16.1

  170. Ig4mEr says:

    Hey editor do you wanna go back to the notch land page and respond to my comments PLEEEASSSSEEE!

  171. Ig4mEr says:

    Yo editor its me the questioner from notch land would you mind checking out he notch land comments again?

  172. Facade248 says:

    Um, hi. I installed your beautiful looking texture pack for 0.16.0, I did exactly as the Android guide suggested, infact earlier I Installed the faithful resource pack, and it works fine, but this pack isn’t being recognized by the game! I can’t even select it in the settings. Can someone please help me?

  173. Herobrine says:

    I wait for a good herobrine addon a herobrine boss fight addon

  174. KittyPlaysMC says:

    In other words, will there ever be a download link that says mcpack, instead of just “Download”?

  175. HallowGen GaMeR_B0Y says:

    Hello Editor, using your install guide I did every single step to try to install the texture pack in mcpe but it wont show up in the resource packs menu. Then with the help of MCPE Launcher , I was able to get it installed but when I open my world, it freezes on the “generating world” loading screen and crashes. My tablet is able to load texture packs of higher resolutions than this. Other resource packs like Soartex Fanver and Defscape work like a charm. Dont know whats up with this one… Plz I beg you to fix this ASAP! :/ This used to be my fav texture pack for my modern redstone house. I am looking forward for your reply. Thank you in advance…

    • Editor says:

      Flow’s HD and similar 64x (or higher resolution) have a tendency to load very slow for 0.16. I think it’s a bug which they need to solve. They being Mojang.

  176. Benny says:

    I did all the steps, and the texture pack appears in the texture pack list. But when I go into a world it isn’t applied. I have v0.15.10

  177. Jeofry says:

    Is this Texture Actually Work in 16.0?

  178. Slailey says:

    Hi 🙂
    When I use the 0.16, the texture pack is still in vanilla. It seems that the file lacks blocks.json, mobs.json, and item.json
    Could you please fix this?

  179. Yasin Arafat says:

    does this work on 0.16.0 build 4???

  180. Uyen says:

    Does it work on 0.15.2 ?

  181. MinhTri says:

    Please make a 64×64 because when I install this 128×128 version, all of my blocks just went black

  182. Lilwendy02 says:

    I know how to download and install texture packs, and I follow all the steps correctly. However, usually, the texture packs are .zip files. This one is a .rar file, and when I extract it into the resource packs folder it says its successful,but when I go to “manage”on the texture packs menu in minecraft, it doesn’t show up. The launcher I use is Mcpe master. Is it not working because it only works with blocklauncher? please help me out with this if possible. It looks really nice and I want to try it.

  183. TheMightyNoobDV says:

    Am in iOS and every time I try to open Minecraft it crashes when I had this texture download plz Help

  184. BIGSHOTQ5 says:

    We really love this texture pack, problem is this doesn’t work on low end devices. Hopefully someone can make a version of this that would work on most devices.

  185. Jay says:

    Please update, it’s honestly the only texture i want lol

  186. naks says:

    is this working in 15.0??

  187. eron ompad says:

    pls update this texture in 15.0

  188. Charlie says:

    Pleas tell me does it work for 0.15.0!!!!

  189. Anika says:

    I downloaded this texture pack on IOS and I copied it into my resource_packs folder. But when I go into a world my game keeps crashing. Is it because the texture pack is 128x and my IPad is not powerful enough?

  190. VeriZon says:

    When I click the link, it sends me to LinkShrink, and it tells me to disable adblock, but its already disabled. What do I do?

  191. depth says:

    hi pls fix its a rar file.

  192. Anonymous says:

    Does it work for 0.15?

  193. Jayden Tao says:

    Can you update the pack for 0.15.0?

  194. Tony Maverick says:

    Work for the new version? 0.14.1?

  195. Mrgamingfever says:

    Umm how do you get the texture pack in the world?

  196. I'm buddy says:

    Move forge Shaders for mcpe hopefully you can do that buddy

  197. Pitches says:

    I use your texture pack I really love this but some flower are black but not to black black and small flower hopefully what device size 128×128

  198. Joe says:

    When you look at birch wood you see lava a water. How do you fix this

  199. NovaThor199 says:

    I also want a port of this for 0.10.0

  200. VillainBrine says:

    Is this capable for mcpe 0.10.0 ??

  201. Dirk Hundertmark says:


    I downloaded your texture. Looks awesome.

    I upload a texture pack with winrar and iphone configuration tool.
    But in the ipa file I can only put images.

    YOUR file includes a lot of folders. How can I handle this to upload it
    into my minecraft pocket edition?!

    Thanks in advance…

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