Fluorescent Light Fixtures

The mod adds a new type of block called Flourescent Light Fixture. It’s a certain type of lamp commonly used in larger offices and industrial buildings where lots of bright light is a necessity to a cheaper cost of energy.

No power source is yet required to use the lamps but it’s certainly still a perfect mod for anyone who want a modern upgrade from ordinary torches to light up their creations.

Creator: RhanCandia, Twitter Account

How to craft the lamp?

To get one Flourescent Light Fixture you will need two blocks of glass and one redstone dust.


Block IDs

  • Flourescent 0 (overhead) (207)
  • Flourescent 1 (floor) (208)
  • Flourescent 2 (209)
  • Flourescent 3 (210)
  • Flourescent 4 (211)
  • Flourescent 5 (212)


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7 Responses

5 / 5 (1 vote)
  1. BigClarky says:

    You can probably make the backrooms with this addon.

  2. Dickhead says:

    Does this work for iOS?

  3. Juliet Emeghara says:

    It takes me to the coding document, I think it won’t work.

  4. Alvin Chan says:

    The mod is not very useful and the resources is very hard to find

    • EchoOfDawn266 says:

      This is for early-mid game players, where torches are behind them but glowstone isn’t available. I would use it 10/10 😉

  5. Rafael Smith says:

    So cool

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