FNaF 2 2020 Edition

A sequal to a very unannounced world that got popular just hours after its release. This time though, things are different, more cameras, more animatronics, and more screaming robots, this is going to be one fun time.

credits to: 

  • Scott Cawthon-creator of the FNaF franchise
  • Dany Fox -the maker of this awsome texture pack


  • Adam Taylors – the maker of the animatronic models and behavior


both addon links are right there (im also making a version of this without the texture pack for those who dont want it on).

This is kids cove! This area is where mangle will start at and is very far way from the office.

This is the main room where ballon boy, toy freddy, toy bonnie, toy chica, and the puppet all start at.

This is the parts and service room where all the old and withered animatronics will start at. Be careful though, as this place is right down the hallway to your office. There is also a light switch in here you can use to turn the pizzerias lights on and off.

This is one of the 4 party rooms, this one here is party room 1. This party room and party room 2 both have vents that the animatronics will climb through to get to your office.

This is the main office where you can use cameras, shut the hallway and vents (please note that due to there being no mask feature i had to substitute the mask for doors), and wind the music box.

beta version 1  items:

  • cameras
  • nights 1-2
  • animatronics
  • main hub
  • working hallway doors and vent doors

beta version 2 fixes and items:

  • nights 3,4,and 5
  • new, fanmade room+camera

beta version 3 items:

  • be an animatronic section (this is the best i can do without making a skin pack)
  • night 6
  • seeeecret animatronics

beta version 4 items:

  • admin room (beta)
  • custom night finally complete

full version is out! now for everything new here:

  • finished admin room
  • ultimate mode

The legal stuff:

Proof that i have permission by both adamtaylor and dany fox to use their work in this map.

If you need further proof then go find the convos at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0gWbwkCtGU&lc=Ugz09S0ohweyuLFDTJx4AaABAg.98y_cXgt8_c98y_uXSVg6m and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYC5F8Xt-_U&lc=UgwuWvGYmM2D2A6KeU94AaABAg.98y4PoXBDBL98y6hdr95LG

Changelog View more
  • full version has been released
  • removed alpha downloads due to how old and bad they are
  • finished admin room
  • special secret in custom night
  • ultimate mode (its pretty chaotic)

beta version 4, along with it comes the custom night and the beta of the admin room, also fixed some grammar errors in the page.

beta 3, with it comes new animatronics, bug fixes, and several other small additions.

beta v2 is out and with it comes a new room, camera, and nights 3, 4, and 5.

beta version 1 is out! with it comes new items and finally the nights along with it.

new update, alpha v2 adds new features and new areas, a music box and the main hub are now in and fixing the hallway door.

got permission by creators (and proof), i apologize for the last submission as well, i went too quickly and forgot to show proof.

updated description to give more credit to the addon creators


this requires AdamTaylors fnaf eternal package and Dany Fox's texture pack.

although they are already in the map so you dont have to download them; here are the links to the pages

https://mcpedl.com/fnaf-texture/ Dany foxs texture pack

https://mcpedl.com/fnaf-eternal-package-addon/ AdamTaylors fnaf package


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta)

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  1. Guest-3513628134 says:

    Hey i have a idea. Can you make fazbear frights the horror attraction and the Fnaf 4 house too?

  2. Guest-4859653170 says:

    Pretty cool stuff but it’s been 3000 years when them go into the office

  3. Guest-9915928828 says:

    Hey Man, great work! But i’d like a texture pack w/ the tables

  4. Guest-6356547929 says:

    Try to put it on minecraft 1.16 please

  5. Guest-6365081453 says:

    The external package made by AdamTaylor08 does not work for some reason. So this map and addons do not work.

  6. Guest-7947871366 says:

    Dany please update yo’ FNaF Addons!

  7. booshican says:

    did just realize beta v1 has its cameras broken so in beta v2 that will be fixed

  8. Guest-3874644917 says:

    Update it so it is more like the game please

    • booshican says:

      there are only 2 beta versions left before the full version is released, i will say that im not going to attempt to make it non-free roam and that it will have a sort of system for the doors so you cant shut them all night. but i do not plan to make it that you can only be in the office and the movement of the animatronics is random, there behavior is a bit weird i can say that but i cant do anything about it.

  9. Guest-9939387654 says:

    I leaned this from YouTube

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