Fnaf 2 Mounts (Beta 1) (AdamTaylor08 Version)

Fnaf 2 mountables is based of the fan favorite Five Nights at Freddy’s 2. That’s right! By downloading this addon, it will import these scary animatronics into your Minecraft world!

Download this addon for roleplays or if you want to scare your friends!

This addon consists of 15 animatronics from the popular Five Nights at Freddy’s horror game by Scott Cawthon, when you import the addon, you will have new spawn eggs in ur world! You can collect the spawn eggs in your inventory and spawn the realistic animatronics in your minecraft world! When you spawn them you can ride them for roleplay with friends and scare them! Now they do not move, speak at the moment, or attack you, they can only ride them for roleplay and be the animatronics!

This is a beta so not all the animatronics are in this addon yet! There will be endo 2 and toy foxy in the future!

The animatronics can move when riding them but they cannot jump unlike riding horses in minecraft.

The withered are the terrifying huge scrapped versions of the main 4 animatronics ar fredbear family diner, after it shut down they took the parts from thesr animatronics for new versions of freddy and the gang and they are very angry!

These are the new and improved Toy ANIMATRONICS! They replaced the original withered animatronics and are alot more kidly friendly, or so they thought. They also have face recognition to tell apart differences between a criminal, animatronic, or child.

These guys are the the more aesthetic, clown versions of the animatronics, they are said to have been part if the sister location genre of animatronics and are now part of fnaf 2. They look kind but are alot more mean than the others!

Play this addon on your mc world to terrorize ur friends with these scary animatronics! U can also use this addon for roleplay! roleplay

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There haven't been anything new changes except edits for the submission, but there will be another update including endo2 and toy mangle! 


To download the mcpack or mcaddon, download them then tap or click on the download file when u are done and import it to minecraft. For zip files, when it is finoshed downloading, copy and paste it to ur minecraft behavior or resource pack folders and extract it in there. Once u have done them then u are good to go!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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41 Responses

5 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. VALVᴱ says:

    Great addon man! I enjoyed it i’d love other FNaF mounts characters

  2. Alek 1.9 studios says:

    Best addon!, dont listen to haters, they suck

  3. Dr HER0BRINE says:

    It’d be cool for you to do this with the other fnaf games.

  4. MrBluu says:

    Maybe make them stay still at day, That would be AWSOME

  5. Guest-7610024538 says:

    I hope you make more fnaf mounts in the future! Great job!

  6. Guest-7028580515 says:

    can you make fnaf 1 and fnaf 3 please

  7. Galaxy funtime fox says:

    Ohh and can i have permission to make a map with this please

  8. Galaxy funtime fox says:

    Omg i love this if you can make a ultimate custom night mounts mod with all characters so we can play as them all i would definitely download that. and omg guys this is his models. and if your so sure there danys then why are you even here go use danys mods geez😑.

  9. Guest-8180397882 says:


  10. Guest-2335269965 says:

    Hey, could you put the Resources and Behaviors into a MC.PACK together do IOS users can get it??

  11. Guest-5732947359 says:

    hey can i use it for this my youtube i have been wanting it and waiting for it thank you so much will be waiting for you to answer soon!

  12. Guest-9936802591 says:

    Can you please make also a FNaF 1 and 3 mountable characters? I love this addon, good job

  13. Ive even made other addons before and with time u improved, what would u expect? I made them based off the original models from the real game so ofc they would look similar cuz both me and danys addon are based off of the real game characters and shaped accurately

  14. I did not steal danys mod, these models were all made by me and took hours and months adter remodeling my animatronics to make them more realistic and accurate. If u dont like the mod and like dany then get off the page :/

  15. Guest-3566904231 says:

    I love this mod! Is it ok if i make a map and use it in a youtube vid?????

  16. Guest-5540633400 says:

    Guys, It’s not Dany

  17. Guest-6385570500 says:

    Come on people these are the same character’s how ever they are different like the texture the size the voice lines are not here it’s clear they are different if you can’t take our word for download the addon for your self make a Minecraft world with Danys addon with Adams addon and you can tell the difference.

  18. XtoyBonnie87 says:

    He did not copy Dany fox they don’t even look that similar to his models since they are the same characters those may be the similarities you guys see between the two but there are still many differences

  19. Guest-7689366578 says:

    what are you talking about guys they are similar models because they ARE THE SAME CHARACTERS! think before you talk.

  20. Guest-7906194904 says:

    For Ppl saying its copy no its not just compare those models in dany and Adam they are friends also they have a youtube channel go check them out

  21. ElMeco320 says:

    Ok, for people who say they are dany Fox models, because nOOOoOOO are not, they are or look or have any relation to models as someone can confuse the models if they do not look at anything?

  22. ElMeco320 says:

    Ok, para la gente que dice que son los modelos de dany Fox, pues nOOOoOOO no son, ni se parecen ni tienen ninguna relación con los modelos como alguien puede confundir los modelos si no se parecen en nada?

  23. Guest-1160793933 says:

    Erm.. Why does this look too familiar to Dany Fox’s models? Explain to me why this is the case?!

  24. Guest-3712471654 says:

    You took dany foxes models, not cool dude :/

  25. Guest-4367737110 says:

    dis for furries

  26. Guest-4280138473 says:

    This looks WAY too similar to Tony Fox’s FnaF 2 addon

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