Fnaf Eternal Package Addon

It seems like the fnaf characters made their grand arrival to bring a perfomance to your MINECRAFT world! What will you do when they come to stuff you into a suit?

In this addon you will have animatronics in your mcpe world and They are ready to bite and feast on your flesh tonight. They can move and hunt you down and they are quick.

There are a bunch of characters in this pack that have been added from different genres of characters from each game to haunt your nightmares! They can all move and move at different paces, some slow and some fast. Some of them can talk and some of them don’t.

And all of the animatronic models were made by me and not taken from other mods and I used the creator scotts models as accurate examples to create my models.

The animatronics themselves were created and copyrighted by scott cawthon I do not own fnaf or the animatronics

Some of the animatronics are still being updated because of issues with my old addon and improving them all and will all move, talk, and attack.

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The models I made were made on BLOCKBENCH.

The models in this addon were made by me but they come fromt the popular fnaf game FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDYS. I do not own fnaf or fnaf characters but I did make these models based of the games and no other addons or mods. Just to clarify that I did NOT STEAL NO OTHER ADDON OR MOD CREATORS MODEL nor do they belong to them because they do NOT own fnaf only Scott Carry on owns five nights at freddys and the models


This page should either have a link to media fire or have a direct download for the addon. When u download the addon export it to your mcpe world and turn them on in your world and you are finsihed :)


Supported Minecraft versions


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34 Responses

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  1. Fnaffan1712 says:

    I have two smal Questions. The first one is does the Animatronics have different Sizes on Purpose or is it just from the Modeling? And my second Question is can you make the Animatronics in 1-2 Sizes(like The Toys, Withered,Phantoms and almost everyone else 2,5 Blocks tall and then the Nightmares like 3 to 3,5 Blocks high) because when you try to build an Story Based Map or the Fnaf2 Location it’s not really good when even the two Toy Chicas have an different size(as an Example). But all around very Good Work, keep it up, and is it just me or is the Cupcake on the Desk following me with its Eyes?

  2. Guest-1659472052 says:

    How download

  3. Guest-7438092430 says:

    how do doors work?

    • Fnaffan1712 says:

      You have two use CommandBlocks(with an FlipFlop Mechanic) when you Press an Button(as example the Left One) then the Door should Close(that you can achieve when the CommandBlock Kills the DoorOpen and Spawns the DoorClosed) and if you Press the Button again the(Left) Door should open again(The DoorClosed gets Killed and replaced with the Open one) and because you wanna have two Doors you can(and should) use Door and Door2. I know CommandBlocks can be complicated but this is one of the more simple Mechanics(With 4 CommandBlocks per Door) but i hope i can Help you with that.

  4. FNAF Lover says:

    You should make more people call down when they die!

  5. User-6257597186 says:

    Add freddy plush bonnie plush chica plush foxy plush fredbear plush baby plush grim foxy freddy head ignited anmtronics more rockstar animatronics papper pals dredbear update springbonnie jaco bonnie rockstar freddy rockstar bonnie chica head dance foxy meme chica foxy head plz

  6. Pumpkin spice says:

    Hey Adam sorry I’m im bothering I’m just a kid it won’t let me download it to my mic raft in my iPad…. can you fix that plz PLZ ima Fnaf lover!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Adam could you make a working security camera and a security monitor as well? My suggestion is that you can name the security camera and it will appear on the security camera monitor, then you can tap on it and use the camera! Sorry if im bothering you but I just love your addon so much😊

    • FoxyFox says:

      Great idea! Adam? Could you plz? Also, I’m learning to download. Also, is this fnaf AR special delivery, cuz I just realised there’s no cameras there… wutever

  8. Bryan36 says:

    Where is circus baby ?

  9. Rockstar Fredbear says:

    You honestly need Dreadbear and Grim Foxy in this add-on. I think you would do a great job with the models. Also, could you please remodel Fredbear to have the model from “Project Fredbear”? And could you please add the unwithered animatronics and update Rockstar Freddy?

  10. ERTYY says:

    mine is leaving, you can fix this, PLEASE !


    addon adds: New update from Balloon Boy, JJ, endo 2, Phantom BB Lolbit, Yendo, update of the FNaF 1 security table in the addon. Adam, you are evolving in the blockblench! Adam, you are my favorite Youtuber!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Cud u mack baldis baciks plz

  13. Anonymous says:

    How Dow you open doors in the addon

  14. Anonymous says:

    How do you close the doors in the addon

  15. FNAF Lover says:

    Is the show time done yet and are you done with the FNAF 1 pizzeria

  16. Anónimo says:

    Tengo problemas con estos animatronicos endo1 y la cabeza de bonnie chica y foxy aparecen en blanco algunas partes eso se va a arreglar

  17. Anonymous says:

    This is epic! Love it!

  18. Anonymous says:

    This is epic! Love it!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Please put this on the Addons app! I’m on iOS 13 and when I download it from mediafire, I go to my downloads in Safari, tap on the file. It usually takes me to Files but it isn’t! Plz help

  20. ROCKET301 says:

    -ENDO 1
    -ENDO 2

    • Unknown says:

      Why would he add all of those this addon has been being worked on for years and its out now and you already want a update like cmon???

  21. ElMeco320 pero oahora en mcpedl says:


  22. Xdddddsg says:

    So Cool

  23. Danilo Gilardi says:

    This addon have doors?

  24. Pls says:

    Pls put it on addons

    • Thespiderscientist says:

      I am so sorry if any bad things in this comment bums you out you are amazing and need rest you should not listen

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