FNAF Pets Addon

This is an addon which brings the animatronics in Five Night at Freddy’s to Minecraft Pocket Edition. You can tame them and keep them as your pets or fight any of them or the animatronic boss called Ennard. Most of the animatronics provide a great companionship as they will always try to protect you.

Creator: Cheete, Twitter Account
Updated: 22 June, 2017 (read changelog)

How does it work?

The animatronics replace villagers and as a result they can be found spawning in villages. The majority of them are neutral which means that they will only attack the player if they are being attacked first.

There are five different resource packs to choose between. Download and use the one based on which characters you want in your game.

  • Ennard (Boss, replaces the enderman, exists for all packs)
  • FNaF Friend Resource Pack:
    • Freddy Fazbear
    • Foxy
    • Golden Freddy
    • Chica
    • Bonnie
  • FNaF 2 Resource Pack:
    • Toy Freddy
    • Toy Bonnie
    • Toy Chica
    • Mangle
  • FNaF 3 Resource Pack
    • Phantom Freddy
    • Bonnie
    • Chica
    • Foxy
    • Springtrap
  • FNaF Sister Location Resource Pack
    • Baby
    • Ballora
    • Funtime Freddy
    • Foxy
  • FNaC Resource Pack
    • Candy
    • Cindy
    • Withered Penguin
    • Blank
    • Chester

You can tame an animatronic with pizza slices (iron ingots). A tamed animatronic will follow you around and protect you against hostile monsters.

It’s not as powerful as one would imagine so be careful and make sure to treat them with some iron ingots once in awhile to heal them.

Ennard is the main antagonist in Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location. In Minecraft it replaces the enderman and is considered a boss.

  • Health: 50 hearts
  • Attack damage: 50


All Features

  • Some mobs are replaced by FNAF animatronics which can be tamed
  • Armors have been replaced by Freddy Armor, Foxy Armor and so on
  • Ennard (Enderman) is a boss
  • Some blocks and items have been retextured, good if you are building a FNAF map

Video Review

Make sure to watch the video!


  • New textures for blocks, items, armor, weapons and pumpkin mark
  • FNAF 4 Resource Pack
  • Updated for 1.0.5+
  • Party Room Chair (replaces skeleton)
  • Party Room Hat (replaces creeper skull)
  • Soda (replaces flower pot)
  • Egg textures (carry them and they become static)
  • Removed Freddy armor, replaced with Foxy armor


Make sure to download both a resource back and the behavior pack. Otherwise it will not work!

  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Download one of the following resource packs (you can see which characters they include in the list further up on this page):
    1. FNaC Resource Pack .McPack
    2. FNaF 2 Resource Pack .McPack
    3. FNaF 3 Resource Pack .McPack
    4. FNAF 4 Resource Pack .McPack
    5. FNaF Friend Resource Pack .McPack
    6. FNaF Sister Location Resource Pack .McPack
  3. Apply packs in-game

Download a .ZIP file for this addon.

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203 Responses

4.68 / 5 (28 votes)
  1. Guest-8574615296 says:

    This … is … AWESOME!!!!!! Have been trying for a while to get FNAF in MineCraft PE and couldn’t get it to work. Finally found some that do! THIS IS EPIC!!! Everything looks so cool and I can build my own fnaf maps 😍
    Love your work!!!
    Keep at it ❤️❤️❤️

  2. I love fnaf says:


  3. Alpha178K says:

    Can you put Fredbear and friends too

  4. Anonymous says:

    It doesn’t work for me

  5. Rocky says:

    Plz add fnaf ucn

  6. springtrap says:

    plz add freddy in the armour

  7. EPIC_snivy says:

    Is anyone else having problems importing the pack? Whenever I try to download the behavior pack of the fnaf 1 and 3 pack, it says “Duplicate pack found”. Is anyone else having this problem?

  8. Springbonniethekilla says:

    Give me the mod or I’m gonna get mojang to shut you down

  9. Blob says:

    Cheete When It Shows You What The Animatronics Are You Forgot FNAF 4

  10. Blob says:

    Add Purple Guy (William Afton) Boss! Also Pls Add My Other Ideas, Thx! Can You Make Toy Chica A Bit Less Derpy Cause Without Her Beak She Looks Stupid! Anyway, Keep Up The Great Work

  11. Blob says:

    Can You Also Add A Fredbear And Springbonnie Boss Also Add Puppet/Marionette To This Add-on (Pls Make A Withered Animatronic Pack Too!) Also Phantom Bonnie Is Not A Offical Animatronic So I Would Replace It With Either Phantom Mangle Or Puppet (I Think Puppet Would Be Easier) Still A Great Add-on

  12. Blob says:

    This Mod/Add-on Is Awsome Can You Also Add Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Simulator (Or FNAF 6) Animatronics And Make The Heads 3D Animatronic Heads! Thx If You Do! Keep Up The Good Work!

  13. Ocelotrox says:

    It would be SO cool if you made them always hostile, and for fnaf 2, created the puppet, ballon boy, and the withereds. Fix fnaf 3 (it is not working) add ALL the fnaf 4 animatronics, and add all the fnaf 6 characters. Also william afton (the killer) should be added too. But good job! Best one so far! It would also be nice if each animatronic was a separate mob, so you could tp them separately around the place to make a fnaf map! Thanks for the great addon! 😀 ;D

  14. Fawfuls TNT says:

    Update Request: Would you please add the animatronics from the Freddy Faz Bear’s Pizzaria Simualator? (Also known as FNAF 6)

  15. Liz says:

    Wow this is……..I CAN’T EVEN TELL BUT…..THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!

  16. Bruh says:

    Blocks are blurry pls help

  17. Goku says:

    This add on is really bad because it makes a pop up come on my screen and now i cant play minecraft!!!!!

  18. TheDiamondPig says:

    And it stops working

  19. TheDiamondPig says:

    Cheete can you fix when I get on my fnaf world I made the blocks are blurred

  20. Keeley says:

    Taming doesn’t work great as a texture pack haven’t tested other thing please fix I’m trying to make someone’s bday with this but whatever

  21. zach says:

    can you plese make a fnaf sl armor

  22. Ocelotrox says:

    Cheete, why does the chain armour not work? Also the FNaF 3 addon won’t work. Please fix these and add freddy armour!

  23. Ocelotrox says:

    I really would enjoy it more if there was Freddy armour, Chica armour, Bonnie armour, and Foxy armour. In Minecraft on Android there are now armour stands, so it would be handy for a minigame. Apart from that, good job on this addon!

  24. TheDiamondPig says:

    Cheete make it 1.2

  25. Anonymous says:

    Why does the tester pack change all blocks to look different

  26. ConnorrowleyYTreal says:

    PLEASe make a bendy addon I really want to see one

  27. TheDiamondPig says:

    It would be cool

  28. TheDiamondPig says:

    An update for which ever one your on you get armor of the characters

  29. Bruh says:

    I don’t like what you did THE ANIMATRONIC SUITS looked awesome until you changed it

  30. TheDiamondPig says:

    Cheete why are there only Fnaf 2 paintings???

  31. Dogerul says:

    Is it me or are the armours mixed up,freddy is foxy,foxy is bonnie,bonnie is chainmail,chica is chica

  32. Wilma Holden says:

    I love fnaf so I want this mod for mcpe

  33. Ant says:

    Make the old ones a zombie husk stray and pig

  34. Liquorice Wolfe says:

    Hey! This is probably just me doing it wrong, so I’ll ask for clarification.
    As Windows 10 Edition is pretty much the same as Pocket Edition, this add-on should work for Windows 10 too, right? This is the third add-on I’ve tried to install and the only one I cannot successfully install. I have installed the FNaF 2 pack. Here’s what I did:
    First I downloaded the pack, obviously. I then opened the .zip file in WinRAR and took the files inside, then copied them to both the behavior_pack and the resource_pack folders in my computer (I put them all in both folders for good measure). However, when I go to add the packs to my world, currently, I can, for some reason, add the texture, but at the bottom of the list, it states an error; the game can not ‘open the pack’ in the textures folder, which I do not understand. This error shows up on both the texture pack area and the behavior pack area, and I really have no clue on how to fix this. If someone could help me with this, I would really appreciate it.
    EDIT: I loaded the game with what I could apply to the world. Everything LOOKS correct, except for the Foxy Armor. Like I saw someone say above, the Foxy Armor still shows up as chainmail. Also, the taming mechanic doesn’t work and it screws up the textures for another addon I have, which retextures some of the mobs to be the withered animatronics (but I guess that’s to be expected)
    Like I said before, if anyone knows how to fix this, please let me know.

  35. The homie says:

    The foxy armor is rigged is hasn’t changed for me it’s still chain armor

  36. Anonymous says:

    Make more Fnaf animatronics

  37. Phantom_MoonRise says:

    Hey Cheete I wanna get the Undertale behavior pack you have but it keeps on saying that it can’t download it there is a duplicate so I wanna delete the behavior pack for this bc it has the same pic for both behavior packs but Idk how to delete it I need help! I can’t delete it!

  38. xStephieLynn says:

    Is there anyway to edit the skins of this mod? Id like to use a different bonnie skin…

  39. Anonymous says:

    I like the add on but with the foxy armor u don’t look like him. And I tamed Phantom Freddy but he doesn’t attack or follow me

  40. DanTDM says:

    You should make a video of Tattletail.

  41. BrianaPlayz169 says:

    Thank you!

  42. BrianaPlayz169 says:

    I can do resources as cheete can do hard work on modals because I’m 8 years old!

  43. BrianaPlayz169 says:

    Cause I dunno what the modals look like without seeing it!

  44. BrianaPlayz169 says:

    It’s going to be hard on the app only addon creator it’s hard and I dunno if I can post in this addon getter in here but I’ll try! 😅

  45. BrianaPlayz169 says:

    Umm please fix the chain armour to foxy please! Or I make an addon of it! 🙂

  46. Funtimefoxy101 says:

    This add on is great! Can you make a texture pack for FNAF?

  47. Freddy_D_Fazbear says:

    Yay u used the FNaF 4 texture I gave u to use

  48. Belugaking says:

    There is a problem with the fnaf 4 pack. Mcpe is telling me that it detects a duplicate pack but I have downloaded all the fnaf packs except the fnaf 4 one. Could you fix that?

  49. Lucas Long says:

    What are each of the mobs?

  50. Fawfuls TNT says:

    Who plans on using command blocks to make jumpscares using this addon?

    • Fawfuls TNT says:

      For the next update of this addon, please add custom sounds. The format required is ogg or fsb. Please also make the animatronics hostile to the player unless he/she is wearing the Freddy Fazbear head [pumpkin]. That will make it so this addon can be used along with Fnaf maps and give more of a challenge for taming the animatronics!

      • Fawfuls TNT says:

        For the sounds, you will need to use separate sounds for each pack. Please make it so when the player dies, the static sound effect is played. For the sounds that the animatronics make, please make it so they scream when they die (Using the game’s respective animatronic scream, depending on the texture pack, except for Ennard, which always should have the same scream asp sister location), and also make the sound that they make when they are calm, the same as in the games, depending on the texture pack (villagers have many idle sound effects). I know this may seem a little complicated, but you could look up the MP3 files on the internet! I recommend that you just make the sounds for the mobs, since MP3 files take up a lot of space!

  51. Marksman420 says:

    Cheete, I don’t know if someone else said this because I just scrolled through a THOUSAND comments but could you plz make a map and possibly a similar addon to ur hello neighbor map? And make the robots hostile that would be great thx!

  52. IrfanGraal says:

    Bug : Foxy armor doesnt display correctly

  53. Hamumu9999 says:

    Well well well please add Fnaf Map For Mcworld ios

  54. Cheete says:

    DL you forgot to add the characters in the FNAF 4 Pack: Nightmare Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy. As well as the crying child.

  55. Brian Dickson says:

    You need to add FNAF 4

  56. Fawfuls TNT says:

    Would you please create a fnaf addon with hostile animatronics with the same behaviors as the PC mod? I would love to to see Golden Freddy as a boss. I would use command blocks to summon the hostile animatronics to emulate the jumpscares.

    • Fawfuls TNT says:

      Also, good luck with your elemental creepers addon! Please use the entity components so you can make all of the types of creepers spawn from a creeper spawn egg. It may not be possible to make a lava or water creeper, but you can make it require the 1.0.5 command blocks so lava creepers will trail lava, and water creepers will trail water.

  57. Khaled 5F says:

    How do you downloads add ons ??

  58. Khaled 5F says:

    Guys I have a question, how do you downloads add ons

  59. IrfanGraal says:

    I love fnaf 3!

  60. Freddy_D_Fazbear says:

    Hey editor I will let you post my FNaF 4 Resource pack with these other packs. Here is the link the only thing I am asking for is that u say that I helped you that’s all TQ. By the way the pack includes jack o bonnie and jack o chica and the crying child and the enderman is kinda glitches out but I guess it’s okay. When u post this say my name.

  61. Foxbit MC says:

    Hey cheete, the only problem with this is that you need to change the packs ID (which is in one of the files) and fix the furnace texture, the hardened clay texture, gravel texture, and some other textures i cant remember but thats about it, also you could try combining the multiple layers from the original skins you used for the animatronics so the front if their faces arent missing some stuff but yeah, if you fix those things it would be my favorite and probably the best addon! Please fix it

  62. Lily Sarafin says:

    I love it but can you add purple guy plz 🙂

  63. DanSMCraft says:

    Cheete can u make FnaF map PLZ The map is a test map PLZ Cheete

    PS: Nice name on Mcpedl

  64. ObsidianRange says:

    This is pretty cool I used it for my build

  65. Brianaplayz169 says:

    Please make…clothes addon u can make clothes…Could that be useful or….. Teen Titans go….


  66. Gogogamerxy says:

    Thanks for making fnaf sl addon i used it on my fnaf sl world

  67. Brianaplayz169 says:

    Plus the bonnie guy is the purple guy who killed the amantronics

  68. Brianaplayz169 says:

    Cheete could u make…. BLOCKHEADS addon? I’m just saying it isn’t like I’m forcing you…maybe you can go to the person wh made tiny mobs and you texture the…ya know what i mean not the higth but the modal… You can go one by one… Looking and thinking and sharing AND helping…

  69. Ibrahim shabau says:

    Who is the guy in fanf that almost looks like Bonnie

  70. MadGames says:

    I put my phone on airplane mode I threw it didn’t fly

  71. MadGames says:

    Make A Fnaf 4 Addon

  72. Weyman says:

    Could you make a fredbear and springbonnie Addon that would be really cool because I have a Fred Bear Family Diner I built and I work till today role play on it and I need a fredbear and springbonnie addon for it and I don’t know how to make it and so could you make one for me I would really appreciate it and I think other people would like it too

  73. Just a tip says:

    Could you make an addon were it changes the minecraft texture and behavior in the over world like Mars or something so what I mean is when you spawn you could have red grass and it must be very hard to find wheat seeds in grass and the water is radioactive wich makes you get poisoned if you go inside and villages are alien villages with red wood and and villagers are hostile and throw poison potions at you (like witches) and you can’t breath in the air (because you have bubbles) and you need to wear an astronaut helmet (iron helmet) to make you be able to breath and mobs are more mutant and more powerful. I know I might be asking for a lot and I know that it would take at least a month please try to make this addon and help make the best addon ever!

  74. Ben says:


  75. Ben says:

    Where’s Ennard and bidybab from fnaf sister location?

  76. Brayden says:

    Now that I’m on verision 1.0 the models are broken
    Can you plz fix that

  77. FazbearsPizza1-3 says:

    You forgot Fredbears Family Diner

  78. Anonymous Person says:

    You missed out one of the animatronics in the sister location, You forgot Bidybab

  79. Brayden says:

    Could you make sandstone slabs look like a slice of pizza? If so I would appreciate it very much! GREAT JOB ON THE ADDON 😄

  80. Coolboy says:

    It’s so cool

  81. John says:

    Cheete, i have a addon i maked and i want the villagers to have the same look and size as players please i hope you replie…

  82. Freddy says:

    i want the mod

  83. J says:

    My game is crashing HELP!!

  84. Brianaplayz169 says:

    Why is it so difficult to do the installation?.. I’m hate it 🙁 i want that removed and put next to the normal addon installation… i HAtE IT SO BAD!!!, >:(

  85. Editor says:

    Fixed again but twice…

  86. Me Me says:

    Who’s “Funtime” in the SL pack?

  87. SonicTheHedgeho gamer says:

    You should make the armor different costumes

  88. _TheGlitch_ says:

    Night 1 12:00 am

  89. Xbow003 says:

    Hey cheete if you can plz make a gun addon using stuff like snowballs eggs and of course the bow and maybe you can use splash potions as a gun like thing

  90. Cheete says:

    Forgot to mention that the iron ingots look like pizza :p, your going to need new screen shots because of the testure fixes and updates inside of the original pack.

  91. Derp says:

    Hey, nice add on. Since you are really good with replacing lots of things at once could you make an Undertale add on? I’m not pressuring and you can replace whatever you want with whoever you want, thanks!

  92. robermax000 says:

    Hey, this is a great add on, since you can make things like this can you do an Undertale one please?

  93. SampleShrimp says:

    Lol help I can’t download the behavior pack!!!

    otherwise this is my fav. Addon

  94. BrianaPlayz169 says:

    I wonder how I made these emojis…. :0

  95. BrianaPlayz169 says:

    Thanks… 😀

  96. Doggy says:


  97. BrianaPlayz169 says:

    I talk to much but please answer this………

    • Cheete says:

      Sorry, I’m not making it. Besides it just looks like Bakugon with slugs. Anyways, it’s harder than ou think to create addons, especially getting them released and textured. Currently I’ve gotten alot of requests, and I’m pushing forward on the Undertale addon. It isn’t a mod is what people forget.

      But, if you do have anymore ideas, I’m not saying not to share them. I try to reply to everyone so don’t expect a quick response 🙂

  98. BrianaPlayz169 says:

    Plus about the matching thing umm… Make what they drop from normal mimecraft to be tamed with there drop.. Even if the wolf doesn’t drop items make it tamed with golden apples.
    Please tell me what i could talk about next……..

  99. BrianaPlayz169 says:

    On the slugterra addon i talked about please add the wolf mechal.the slugs.for the slugs
    Please replace the zombie pigmen as the infuruns.stray as ice slug.endermen as
    Negshade.wolf as healer.skeleton as light.blaze as lighting.and all of the mobs as slugs
    BUT and the leash as a cube.and the bow for blaster and the arrow as a random slug in a cube. Make the wolf mechal tamed with iron ingots and rideable like a horse taking not fall damge as a cat..make the slug be tamed with a matching item and defend you with their powers happening.
    Sorry this is a long sentence but i need the advice and if its happening.

  100. BrianaPlayz169 says:

    I’m wanting to get a new addon please. I don’t just say to Force you but please?
    Sorry. I make lots of comments.

  101. BrianaPlayz169 says:

    Oh make 100,00 addons from minecraft. That’s your extreme task. If no make 10….

  102. BrianaPlayz169 says:

    Please make a slugterra one PLEASE plus make fnaf addon better and more
    Realistic with make a mcworld 1 to 2 to 3 to 4. DO It dont fail us now
    Ill cry if not :,(

  103. Molly Quartz says:

    Why can’t I tame the Fnaf ,can it be a dog next time

  104. Cheete says:

    If you like this addon follow me on Twitter please

  105. Cheete says:

    Honestly you guys have great ideas, but why not try to explore them yourself? Try to make addons, I know minecraftgarage has a great tutorial! Most of your ideas on here are complicated but this one is as simple as changing the texture and giving the mob abilities. I will attempt at it but consider it.

  106. Nyah cat makes maps for mcpe says:

    Can you make a doge add on

  107. Fireballcatgirlz says:

    How do u make mods(addons)

  108. JoshRyan66 says:

    It works very fine!

  109. Cheete says:

    You guys need to stop complaining, in the next update I will be adding the following: 3D skin Animatronics Pack, life size (original) pack, FNAF 2-4 textures, and SL ;), hostile animatronics pack, possibly different drops, possibly seperate/different tame items, Aside from that please appreciate what you have for now.

    Thank you, Cheete.

  110. Jegre says:

    Please make a map it was great

  111. Nyah cat makes maps for mcpe says:

    Why does Bonnie not have a nose or Freddy

  112. G Salemander says:

    Does it work on iOS?

  113. Sage Gardner says:

    you should make Fnaf 2 characters

  114. Powerless says:

    Well, here is a bit of a stumper for you, Cheete. The “animatronics” behave as they should but they still have the vanilla model. The textures are correct but not the model. Here are some screenshots of the glitch: It seems Villagers don’t like changing their models. I tried another add-on that was supposed to change the villager models too, but it didn’t either.

  115. Derpface says:

    What mobs are being replaced?

  116. maisong says:

    This is an awesome add on. Could you by a chance make a Doctor who add on. The Dalek would replace the creepers. The cyber men could replace zombies. Racnoss replace spider. Doctor replaces some villagers. Husk gas mask zombie. These could infect the other villagers. K9 could replace the wolf. Companions optional. Change the texture for paintings to be like the Big Bang tardis. Silence replace stray. Odd replace skeleton. Weeping angel optional. Sonic screwdrivers could replace the different types of swords. There could also be Ace’s bat to replace the sword even though that is not as popular. Sonatarans, Jadoons, Sycorax, Clockwork droid, Slitheen. I can go on and on. Zygons would be cool also. Adipose could replace silverfish. Silverfifh could also be cybermata. Leave in the comments which would you like. The Toclofane could replace bats. Snowmen could replace snow golems. What a coincidence. The comment section could say what Doctor who enemy could replace the wither or Ender dragon ( when it comes out on iOS because that is what devise I am on). Davros could be an option. Autons… don’t forget the Autons. The master could get squeezed in there somehow. It would be cool if there were also some creatures from the newer seasons with Peter Capaldi. I hope this is not to stressful to read all of this. Just having a response should really make my day. And if you happen to be able to do this add on, could we work together on it. If you need any more info, just let me not. Allons-y

  117. metalmilisha says:

    This mod xD

  118. Parsley says:

    Stilllll doesn’t workkkkkk

  119. Troll dude 101 says:

    How do I spawn one to tame??

  120. CrystalMCPEPlayer says:

    Hi. I loved you FNAF Pets mod. Also can you please make a How To Train Your Dragon mod for ios please. Can make the dragons rideable. Thanks

    • Cheete says:

      That addon is near impossible modeling wise, truth is I’m not as experienced wit it. I will also attempt this one but I can’t guarantee a great addon. The most I can d for you is using another addons model and retexturing it. But it sounds interesting.

  121. Karlzach says:

    It will be cool if there is a toy version of it!😀

  122. Kyla & Bailey says:

    It works but do you have a map?

  123. Nyah cat makes maps for mcpe says:

    Can you fix it they turned in to giant villagers

  124. Nyah cat makes maps for mcpe says:

    Yay thanks

  125. Ilvatjuh says:

    Can you make teen titans go pets(vilangers) and vilans (zombies)

  126. Anonymous says:

    Can you use better modals

  127. ScarletDevil57 says:

    Kudos to the creator of this! Scared the heck out of my friend with it. I wonder if someone will make another version of this, but instead the animatronics are always hostile…

  128. TheGoldenTrex says:

    Literally thank u

  129. TheGoldenTrex says:

    omg finally one fnaf addon thx so much i wish i could just support this guy 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  130. Aydan says:

    Can you decrease the villager size from youtubers and animatronics plz

  131. Cheete says:

    If you guys like this addon I woukd recommended my other addon Cake Mode:

  132. Ecksdee says:

    I can’t wait until I get to play some good MC:PE addons!
    *reloads page*
    FNAF Pets Addon
    *trollface appears on screen*

  133. Chrisplayer TV says:

    Finnaly someone heard my call,Awesome:)

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