FNaF SL (MCPE Bedrock Edition Remake)

Hey you! Want a recreation of FNaF SL right here? Then check out this map! With fully crawlable vents and a wide-scale replica! Early access release for MCPE ( Bedrock edition )

Main Module

To be finished

Welcome to Circus Baby’s Entertainment and rentals recreated into Minecraft! Featuring crawlable vents! Thanks to Coptaine’s crawl addon (This map would not have been possible with the addon, check out the addon which the link will be provided in the description! I do not own it once-so-ever, all credits goes to Coptaine! )

Have an early access release of the map and take a gander! Report any bugs to me and anything that doesn’t feel right! I’ll make this map playable for all of you! Since this is my first map, I would love to see some criticism and tips to improve and fix my map! Please do!

Now enough of this chatter! Here is the download link to the map and  the MCPEDL Page Coptaine’s addon!

Changelog View more

! First Release !

Please report any and all problems of the map to me, thank you!


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  1. Tsuruugi says:

    uh, is there any animatronics, or jumpscares in this? im just asking, i can handle jumpscares, but if there aren’t, then i will try to find mods for that

  2. Rylan is pro says:

    I already have the advance sneak and crawl addon

  3. RatherLargePotato says:


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