FNAM Universe Addon

This is a collection of some of my fan games like Five Nights At Maxie’s and The Abandoned:Warehouse, The Abandoned:Pizzaria and Five Nights In Factory, this addon will add in your worlds the antagonist animatronics from the fan games! 

Becareful the animatronics can chase you anytime!

Each character are from these games: FNAM 1,2,3,4,Overnight and The Abandoned:Warehouse, Five Nights In Factory 

They also have their own spawn eggs they don’t replace any mob and they can’t be found anywhere, you can also summon them with functions, also this addon will get updates you can also download the games here:


Download FNAM 1

The Abandoned:Warehouse

Download Here

The spawn eggs will have some kind of these short words their meanings are this

FNAM:Five Nights At Maxie’s

TAW:The Abandoned:Warehouse

FNIF:Five Nights In Factory

TAP:The Abandoned:Pizzaria

Changelog View more

•Added new characters from The Abandoned:Pizzaria!

•Maybe this might be the last update

•Now each character have it's own animations and "almost a jumpscare" 

•Added the characters from FNAM:Overnight 

•New updates will come soon!

•Added 3 new characters 

•Fixed the characters hitbox 

•Some improvements

•New title to avoid confusion


•Once you have downloaded the addon in Windows 10 click on the dirt icon and for mobiles click on the file with a file manager!

Use Experimental Gameplay from the world settings to make this addon work!

Also if the characters don't appear at first time just reload the addon again, or delete the world and try again on a new one because that's a Minecraft bug!


Supported Minecraft versions


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5 Responses

5 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Wyattiscool says:

    Cool!!! Love it 😊

  2. Bendy_Faztattle says:

    Can you add FNAM Overnight characters?

  3. Bronco Dalton says:

    How much health to all the mobs have?

  4. soomeone says:

    Tbh this is a bit misleading because of the title

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