Focon Wars

This world offers you to discover different types of PVP online, you can play with your friends to test your skills. This is a real game that combines both fun and action. Read on to find out more.

Different places :

   For beginning, the map is composed in three different parts: The Spawn, The “Before Game” Room and finally, The Game.

The Spawn :

It is not an important place although it is imposing, it is only the place where players are welcome. When you enter the map, follow the direction of the panel to teleport to the following place: The “Before Game” Room. 

The “Before Game” Room :

  This place allows many things before starting the game. It consists of several rooms. You’ll find information in the first one. In the second, you will find the different kits available to play the game. In the third, through which one enters by opening a door, serves to turn the music in the game on or off (yes, there is an ambient music). The last room is simply used to choose your team.

The Game :

   That’s just where the fight between the two teams takes place. The two teams each have a castle that face each other. Enchantment tables are hidden somewhere, the middle limit is made with lava. It’s a closed place. No one can get out of it, so you can’t change teams. 


Rules of the game :

    Both teams have a treasure (the location is indicated at the teleport location after the team’s choice). A pickaxe allows you to dig to take it. The goal is to then re-collect it at a certain place (it’s up to you to find the perfect place) but however it has to be hidden in a safe is visible. That is, a player has no right to keep it in his inventory (except when he hides it) or to bury it and then fill the hole with dirt. If you decide to bury it, you must fill the hole created with the broken block at the beginning that was used to dig up the treasure. 

Your goal is to find the enemy team’s chest before it finds yours. 

[ If you play multiplayer, you are advised to use the skin pack to have the skins of both teams. Each member must take the skin of his team to distinguish the latter two. ] 

     You can see in the middle to the right of your game the number of people already in the teams. This prevents numerical inequalities. 



Kit Focon :

– diamond helmet ×1

– elytra ×1

– diamond leggings ×1

– diamond boots ×1

– bow ×1

– arrows ×1280 (20 Stack)

Kit Soldier :

– iron helmet ×1

– iron chestplate ×1

– iron leggings ×1

– iron boots ×1

– iron sword ×1

– shield ×1

Kit Adventurer :

– chainmail helmet ×1

– chainmail chestplate ×1

– chainmail leggings ×1

– chainmail boots ×1

– diamond sword ×1

– saddle ×5

– warped funguns on a stick ×1

+ mending enchant (put it on the cane) and you are also able to ride Strider. 

Kit Aqua :

– turtle helmet ×1

– leather chestplate ×1

– leather leggings ×1

– leather boots ×1

– trident ×1

– wooden sword ×1

– totem ×5

+ mending enchant and riptide (impulsion) enchant. 

/!\ For enchantments, you have to press the button twice, the second time you have to take the object to Enchanted (Trident or Fishing Rod).


New entities/mobs :

Draker and Protector

    These two mobs have exactly the same abilities, however their skin is not the same and they are enemies. If you leave them side by side, they will kill each other. They have 50 hearts and also attack me all players without exception. They’re parked in a pen. Even if they attack you, they are ridable.

Focons and Furies :

   These are flying mobs that you can ride and direct, you can shoot with an bow or crossbow even in full flight. However it is difficult to leave them without dying without the proper kit. Some fly free while others are parked in a paddock.


Any questions? Any ideas? For more information, join our Discord server :


    Before playing this map, you must read the LICENSE.txt file that appears when extracting the .zip file from the map.



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