Ford F-350 Addon

The Ford F-350 is a heavy-duty pickup truck made to get any job done. Despite it’s massive size, it is quite nimble, while still being able to hold everything you need to complete your next project.


This add-on includes a ton of different types of the Ford F-350, specifically the extended cab, long bed variant. I’ve tried to keep it within Minecraft’s style, as I believe over-detailing can make a mod look out of place in Minecraft’s aesthetic.

It’s worth noting that the sport versions go faster than all the other versions, with the fastest version being the one I made for myself, an all-blue F-350 Super Duty.

All versions included:
Retro Base (Black plastic bumpers, grille, and light covers
Base (Black trimmed bumpers and grille)
Retro Duty (Ford Excursion frond end swap)
Duty (Black trimmed bumpers and Lariat tailgate)

Dump (A dump truck bed)
Utility (Generic box utility bed)
Logger (Tailgate fence)

Customs (Requested):
Retro Base, Utility Upfit, Purple
Base, Utility Upfit, Orange (RAC)
Duty, Blue/Silver
Sport, Logger, Pink (Pride)
Sport, Red
Sport, Black



Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13

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Installation Guides

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54 Responses

4.39 / 5 (18 votes)
  1. Guest-9169841960 says:

    Hey, I found that installing it on Windows 10 has a certain way going around files regarding bedrock. I get the .zip for windows and then rename it to .mcaddon and I dont use .mcpack because I found that doesn’t help. Hope I helped all of you with the problems! If not I might experiment with fixing it

  2. Guest-7982020769 says:

    I like the addon, but I tried to donload the resource/behavior pack and it said “Not a valid zip archive”
    What tf does that even mean and how do I fix it?

  3. Guest-6724003926 says:

    which mob do they replace

  4. Brock says:

    How do I spawn it

  5. Ethan Llamas says:

    Ha! The pink one has LGBTQ flags over it!

  6. Jackson says:

    How the heck do u kill the truck after you spawn one in? I put a couple in my world and now I don’t know what to do with it since I can’t kill it. Help. But it is still very cool . But help

  7. Drew says:

    Can you make a f-450 but with duallys and different varients

  8. rhuiz says:

    i want a ford crown addon like standard and police and taxi the standard colors:red green blue yellow pink brown purple black white and maroon and light red

  9. rhuiz says:

    Can you make the ford crown victora addon there are 21 variants like red blue green yellow and brown and orange and pink and lime and violet and maroon and black and white and there is also an police and taxi variant so can make it please

  10. ZWH MM says:

    Can u make a big rig and it’s trailers???

  11. Rockeous says:

    OooOo I just looked up Vauxhall VXR8. Definitely add one of those if you get the chance to add one in your Vauxhalls. (Just recommendation like always) Oh and the 1992/1991 Lotus Carlton will be epic! Thank you so much for the work you are doing I am your biggest fan right now! (I will try and help people in the comments to save you some time)(I will probably comment in all of your add-ons)

  12. Anonymous says:

    Can you make a way to craft them because I want a way to get them in survival without going in creative mode

    • Rockeous says:

      Anonymous, if you would like something like that, we would be going into mods; not add-ons. I am 90% (Jettacar correct me if I am wrong) that you cannot make a crafting recipe for a spawn egg. If you want one for survival mode I suggest the Grumman LLV (non standalone) that replaces horses, mules, donkeys, and all horse variants.

  13. ZWH MM says:

    There is a pink LGBT variant in one of your cars

  14. Rayan says:

    Hello! As the owner of a Corvette Z06 I highly recommend you make one. It would improve a minecraft experience

    • Rockeous says:

      Rayan, Jettacar (from what I have noticed) appears to enjoy making older cars such as 2008 Ford Escape, Grumman LLV, and is working on a 1997 Lotus Carlton. Maybe he will take this into consideration but he is one content creator in with about 20 requests so give him time to read comments and find good ones. He might end up going for older cars first though.

  15. ZWH MM says:

    Can u make Fordcrown victoria civilian,taxi and Police car addon???

  16. Console Gamer says:

    You really like the F350 😀

  17. ZWH MM says:

    Can u add machine gun added variant like Far cry 5 in this addon?

  18. Naxy_21 says:

    Can you make an Addon with a van where we could sit down to several?

  19. SPLIT_VW says:

    I have a question, how i destroy the cars? I can’t kill them.

    • Rockeous says:

      So I used a healthbar addon to see their HP. They have 9,000+ health. I kill them by sharp 5 diamond sword and /effect @s strength 120 25. Hope this is useful for you!

  20. jettacar says:

    Go right ahead! No credit is required, as long as you don’t claim you made it yourself.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Can you make ford mustang add on?

  22. Mc Gamer says:

    Can you make a aurplane and military airplane addon. The nilitary plane would be cool if it dropped bombs and shoots bullets

    • Rockeous says:

      Jettacar, the owner, has been very busy. I am sure he takes our ideas into consideration. Personally, I want a Bugatti Chiron or some sort of sports car. Others want a limo etc.. He can’t make all of them and I would be happy with what he has made so far. Keep up the good work Jetta car!

      • jettacar says:

        Thank you for understanding! I’ve actually brought into consideration a limo, but I’m currently working on a Vauxhall Carlton, with one of the versions available being the Lotus Carlton, a ridiculously fast sleeper sedan.

        • Sam says:

          Can’t wait for the Vauxhall Carlton!

        • Rockeous says:

          Right now you are definitely my favorite content creator for MCPE! Idk if above that was you saying I could add the cars but I will. There will be some signs and such acknowledging you for your work. Keep up the good work Jettacar!

          • Rockeous says:

            OooOo I just looked up Vauxhall VXR8. Definitely add one of those if you get the chance to add one in your Vauxhalls. (Just recommendation like always) Oh and the 1992/1991 Lotus Carlton will be epic! Thank you so much for the work you are doing I am your biggest fan right now! (I will try and help people in the comments to save you some time)(I will probable comment in all of your add-ons)

        • rhuiz says:

          i want the variant color like red and dark green and light blue and gray and maroon and also los Angeles police variant and new york taxi varaint

          • Rockeous says:

            Dude stop commenting that; you have said that 5 times. Now stop. We get it, okay? Calm down. Just wait and see on what he will make, okay?

  23. Bachhh says:

    How do I spawn in the car?

    • Rockeous says:

      Put in the resource and behavior pack. Then, go to the creative inventory. Go to spawn eggs and scroll to the bottom. They will be on the bottom.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Herobrine os not making any sense

  25. ItzWhorlsYT says:

    Innovative, works, but most of them look the same. Could you make a lamborghini one adventador mod? That would be cool.

    • Rockeous says:

      ItzWhorls, read my comment on the block above. Like I said, Jettcar is super busy. I understand your opinion but 2 stars because he didn’t make the car you wanted is a bit disappointing. Also, these cars are personally for HIM. He is uploading these out of the grace of his heart. You should be lucky he makes anything for us at all!

  26. What addon maker did u use?

  27. Rockeous says:

    This add-on is amazing! I have one request tho. May I use this in my server?

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