Ford Mustang GT 2015 Addon Update

This addon adds to the Ford Mustang GT a muscle car that reaches a maximum speed of 160mph is a high power car can now be obtained in minecraft bedrock

Creators:Fernan and Team Infinite Minds 



How does it work?

The 2015 Ford Mustang GT comes to Minecraft Bedrock exists in several different colors, as it does not replace any entity now works for minecraft 1.9 and 1.8. Now you can use the Ford Mustang to ride in your minecraft worlds or even make races with your friends since they are very fast cars and are faster than a horse


It no longer replaces any entity
You can drive like a horse
Add Different colors

Changelog View more

It does not replace entities

it works for version 1.9 and 1.8


Supported Minecraft versions

1.8 1.9

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Installation Guides

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32 Responses

4.29 / 5 (17 votes)
  1. Thunderflame says:

    Why i can’t download this mod it went me to and it travels me to shortpe that said “404 not found /ford mustang is not found on this server” pls fix it and i will give it a 5 star rating i wanna download this mod real quick because i wanna see the model of this mod

  2. MCpillager12 says:

    The mobs are invisible.

    I am using Experimental Gameplay, so don’t ask me to enable it.

  3. Arshil says:

    Ive run into a problem with this addon. Although it is small and only adds the amazing feature of a car into the game, it still crashes some players with devices 1-2 years old. Please fix that, its a bit annoying and hard to deal with, and it shouldn’t be a problem with such a small but awesome featured addon.

  4. Arshil says:

    This addon works amazingly, although in my opinion the cars a bit too fast and a bit oversized, but otherwise it runs incredibly smoothly and I love it! I hope you can add more seats to it, it’d be hilarious!

  5. MacBook says:

    Please make a add-on car replace by car

  6. Misha says:

    I can’t sit into the car!

  7. ? says:

    its not working

  8. random player says:

    i cant find a key, where is it. i play windows 10

  9. MinecrafterBro5 says:

    The Jord GT. No. I didn’t spell that wrong. Look it up.

  10. cassie says:

    umm, it doesn’t work I me how does it download?

  11. GabeG says:

    why cant you replace it with a horse, it would be a lot easier to control the vehicle.

  12. Ender gamez says:

    5 stars

  13. Ender gamez says:

    I WILL give a 5 star

  14. Ender gamez says:

    Great addon! Fernancraft,can you make a ford gt for your next addon,illbe thankful

  15. Therix says:

    Oh, you’re one of those “We make the vehicle behave like a pig” guys.

  16. GTA4 Videos says:

    Please add Car Zonda R

  17. SkytheRavager says:

    Great Addon ! Keep the good work. Also can u make a Le Mans Car or a GT car?

  18. Ethan Justice says:

    Love it

  19. Danny_24680 says:

    What mob does it replace?

  20. Ahmed says:

    Car 🚗 mods 😮

  21. XD says:

    The car is…….weird

  22. Liton Chakma says:

    First!!!!great add on

  23. Kaleb says:

    Awesome addon!

  24. Ender gamez says:

    Really good. Love it!

  25. OG tic master says:

    you know you can control any mob like a horse right?
    the hole key replace carrot on stick is getting old :/

  26. Memes says:

    You never said what the key is

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