Forgotten Blocks (Unused Minecraft Blocks)

Here is a showcase of unused Minecraft blocks that exist before and became unused presently. There is 10 list of unused blocks like Nether Reactor Core or an Invisible Bedrock you must see!

This maps contains 10 different unused features that some exists during the early days. Some blocks that exists today (like portals and lit furnaces) has actually it’s own block form, but it is unused as well. There is also a quiz if you read all of the content inside the map.

Info Update Blocks

Portals used as smaller version or decoration.
The blueprint of a Nether Reactor


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. Guest-8282653115 says:

    What about Crying Obsidian?

  2. Thetopmemer says:

    Also what nbt editor did you use?

  3. Javo_145 says:

    It`s too good. What type of editor do you use?

  4. Thetopmemer says:

    How did you get those blocks?

  5. Minelogic says:

    Any suggestions? You can reply here!

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