Fortnite Loot Llama Add-on

With this add-on it adds to our Minecraft the llama of Fortnite Battle Royale, so when breaking them they can drop blocks, weapons, food or materials that can help us in survival mode.

How does it work?

Llama will appear in our Minecraft world even though there is little chance of one appearing, We can also appear them from the creative mode. We have to destroy the llama so it can drop objects on us.


Items that release the flame:

Brick blocks

  • Probability: 60%.
  • Release: 32 – 64 blocks

Wooden blocks

  • Probability: 60%.
  • Release: 32 – 64 blocks

Iron blocks

  • Probability: 45%.
  • Release: 32 – 64 blocks


  • Chance: 60&
  • Release: 16 – 32

Enchanted golden apples

  • Chance: 60%.
  • Release: 1 – 4 Items


  • Probability: 60%.
  • Release: 16 – 32 Items


  • Probability: 60%.
  • Release: 1 – 3 Items


  • Probability: 35%
  • Release: 1 – 2 Items


  • Probability: 35%
  • Release: 1 – 2 Items

Iron Armor and tools (enchanted)

  • Probability: 25%
  • Release: 1 – 2 Items

Diamond armor and tools (enchanted)

  • Probability: 15%
  • Release: 1 – 2 Items

Mini Reward Llama

Items that release the flame:

Iron nugget

  • Release: 16 – 32 Items

Gold nugget

  • Release: 16 – 32 Items

Pirate Llama

Items that release the flame:

Emerald blocks

  • Probability: 45%.
  • Release: 32 – 64 blocks


  • Probability: 35%
  • Release: 1 – 2 Items

Iron Armor and tools (enchanted)

  • Probability: 25%
  • Release: 1 – 2 Items

Diamond armor and tools (enchanted)

  • Probability: 15%
  • Release: 1 – 2 Items

Silver Llama

Items that release the flame:

Iron Ingot

  • Probability: 45%.
  • Release: 32 – 64 Items

Iron blocks

  • Probability: 45%.
  • Release: 16- 32 blocks


  • Probability: 35%
  • Release: 1 – 2 Items

Iron Armor and tools (enchanted)

  • Probability: 25%
  • Release: 1 – 2 Items

Golden Llama

Items that release the flame:

Gold Ingot

  • Probability: 45%.
  • Release: 32 – 64 Items

Gold blocks

  • Probability: 45%.
  • Release: 16- 32 blocks


  • Probability: 35%
  • Release: 1 – 2 Items

Golden Armor and tools (enchanted)

  • Probability: 25%
  • Release: 1 – 2 Items

Changelog View more

Changes in the texture of the llama.

Four new llamas were implemented:

  • Mini Reward Llama
  • Pirate Llama
  • Silver Llama
  • Golden Llama


  1. Download Resources .McPack.
  2. Download Behaviors .McPack.
  3. Apply the packs for a world.
  4. Enable "Experimental Gameplay" in the world settings
  5. Create the world.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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79 Responses

3.28 / 5 (32 votes)
  1. Guest-3689668720 says:

    lol this just gives me a html file which I cannot compress it to extract it so i can’t get this mod can u make a mcaddon version

  2. Guest-7292407564 says:

    Save the world variants? lets go!

  3. A EPICGAMER says:

    I love this addon but can u change the health so it is 1 hit.

  4. Once again, y’all be tripping. These aren’t from Fortnite Battle Royale, they’re from Fortnite Save the World, which is a much superior mode of the game. Probably won’t download but looks good!

  5. Guest-6366528337 says:

    Why fortnite in minecraft 🙄🙄🙄

  6. Dip says:

    Going with the flow

  7. M.M.16 player says:

    So glad I grew up with this :
    Minecraft llama
    And not this:
    Fortnite loot llama

  8. Guest-2107673185 says:

    ”oh no, someone made a fortnite addon into minecraft, and I shall give a bad comment to underappreciate the creator for making this trash addon” get that bs out of here, you don’t sound like a smart person hating a game you looks like a fking idiot

  9. Guest-6852112255 says:

    ”OMG GUYS WHY IS THIS DUDE MAKING FORTNITE THINGS IN MINECRAFT???!! OH LORD FORTNITE BAD LOL GET OUTTA HERE STUPID CONTENT CREATOR!!”. ;” and here we have a triggered 12 year old kid in his natural habitat”. For real tho please don’t hate on the creator he put a lot work to it so i’s really not that necessary to hate on other people’s hard work

  10. Guest-9936408575 says:

    Man fortnite fanboys are triggered of 1 stars saying a lot of childish stuffs like saying trash threating people tell them to harm themselves man fortnite are more toxic when I post this comment fortnite fanboys will be triggered say any cray things to make me feel bad but nope also fortnite fanboy is kinda the one killing the game they love by being annoying selfish brats demanding v bucks or they attack the person real life and do giggidy things to fashion shows being a predator and might end up doing in real life come at me fortnite fanboys you just cant handle criticism like suzy lu wait that’s means you’re suzy lu’s fanboys ,

    • Guest-4765972322 says:

      the the f u c k even is giggidy.
      also your typing so fast that you dont even realize your not making sense so your comment doesnt even matter.

    • Guest-8720395087 says:

      fortnite save the world is a better gamemode than battle royale.

  11. Guest-9832398096 says:

    Parfait. Cela nécessite plus de bonnes notes

  12. Guest-6081189452 says:

    Perfekt. Detta behöver fler bra betyg

  13. Guest-3413720470 says:

    Perfecto. Esto necesita más buenas calificaciones

  14. Guest-2502339203 says:

    This addon is awesome! My 10 year old brother really like this addon! Five stars because you need it for real. Dont stop making addons!

  15. FirelordEddie says:

    No me gusta Fornite pero es un buen addon 🌟 🌟 🌟

  16. Guest-6343504749 says:

    Sorry your getting bad rating just because nine year old’s hate Fortnite. Honestly I don’t play Fortnite and I don’t like it but im not ripping on this addon.

  17. Guest-7397504791 says:

    intricate addon

  18. Guest-7516198264 says:


  19. Guest-4648632765 says:


  20. Guest-8365945235 says:


  21. Guest-5806485861 says:

    Great addon! I personally dont play fortnite but this is still a great addon!

  22. Guest-5067149941 says:


  23. Guest-3395697338 says:

    This addon creator is a fkin joke he makes “slendytubby” and fkin fortnite mods get outta here with ur horrible addons!

  24. Guest-9882206214 says:

    No cringenite in Minecraft

    • Guest-8048797950 says:

      Hating this addon just because it’s fortnite doesn’t make you look cool it just makes you look like an idiot

      • Guest-1431544032 says:

        he didn’t do anything look cool fortgay fanboy the 1 star is because it’s cringe also you trying to look cool but you’re a fortgay 9 year old fanboy who like to worship a e girl you simp diimwit

    • Guest-7912444506 says:

      Hey shitthole,, youre just a pathetic 14 year old who is “depressed” we’re talking about fucking mc, get a girl or somee shit, oh wait you cant skinny faggot

  25. Guest-2973315828 says:


    • Guest-7027263840 says:

      Not epic you 9 year old get out of here and go back to your own trash game
      you cant be in this territory kid!

  26. Guest-9670653818 says:

    Leaving a 5 star to counter the unjustified 1 star. I got you fam

  27. Guest-3021983877 says:

    What the fk you just bring into this blessed land FORTNITE IS TRASHHH
    I wish I get rate 0 star

    • Guest-1040468658 says:

      “Oh no, someone added something from a game I hate for no legitimate reason. I shall give an unjustified bad review without even trying it.” Get outta here with that bs bruh

      • Guest-4335116419 says:

        Shut up kid if u play fortnite and minecraft you’re just an idiot there are 2 types of people fortniters and minecrafters you cannot merge them or this abomination happens!

      • Guest-7296107957 says:

        Ever think they have a reason to hate fortnite? dont jump to conclusions, kid.

    • Guest-1650160302 says:

      Ironic fortnite even exists at this point people

    • Guest-8893270696 says:

      Shut up you disgusting degenerate

    • Guest-4459975445 says:

      Your trash.

      • Guest-4092200106 says:

        Kill yourself if u like fortnite and download this!

        • Guest-9809328181 says:

          What people can’t have a fking opinion How would you like it if someone told you to kill yourself just because you like a game this is unacceptable behavior insulting people for their opinion is not gonna make you look cool so I recommend to either shut the #### up or get off this site your making this community look bad

    • Guest-3190898035 says:

      Why the fk were you brought into this blessed universe

  28. Guest-3424996980 says:

    No this is cursed
    Never cross Fortnite – a poop game with Minecraft – a god tier game

    • Guest-5432431274 says:

      Fortnite is a good game and so is minecraft. Plus only 5 year olds use the word “poop” to describe something.

      • Guest-9898978800 says:

        Nah fortnite is nothing compared to minecraft kid go away ur probably like 9 and 200 pounds sitting in ur moms basement playing fortnite and spending ur moms card on vbucks

        • Guest-7580479495 says:

          Ok first of all. That is not true I dont live in my moms basement I live in my own house. second of all I weigh 52 pounds and im 24 years old. im probs way older than you 11 year old scum.

  29. Guest-7472574360 says:

    Omfg just stop this is trash fortnite shouled not be put with minecraft what is this abomination im disappointed in you this is horrible

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