FPS+ Client v5 Update!

Are you lagging so bad in mcpe? where in it is impossible for you to play in servers? or even in your normal world? Then i suggest you to use my Client . FPS+ Client will surely boost your fps ! by optimizing your game and more .

  This Client focuses on increasing your fps , which will explain why this client does not add new guis , particles and more.


-Whats New? , Better optimization , cleaner , lighter!(1.5mb size), removed modes that will just cause lag , new info panel! , separated PvP versions from the pack , renamed the modes , you can use other texture packs without worrying of lagging! and more!

Cleaner Main Menu


1.FPS+ SUBPACK ( Renamed the Default v1 of FPS+ Client)


1.Clear Water


2. Removed Water Fog


3.Java style hotbar and invisible hud


4. Removed all particles.

and more particles

5. Low Black Fire ( No animation)


6. No lava animation


7.Full bright / nightvision


8. Removed Splash particles , and reduced the rain particles

 ( Im playing on pocket edition , not on pc)

Others :

1. removed stars ( not really a major change because you can just turn off beautiful skies)

2.Optimization of blocks

3. Removed the white circle for non split controls players. ( The white circle when u break stuff)

2.FPS++ SUBPACK ( Renamed MaxFPS Mode and its better )

– Has features from FPS+ but has additional features that could increase your FPS.


– Totally removed all the particles , from rain particles to particles from mobs!

– Tallgrasses and normal grasses are now very short which boosts fps

– All flowers are now smaller and reduced its texture to also boost fps

– Grass blocks are now grass blocks

– Clean Glass

3. FPS+++ SUBPACK ( Renamed 4×4 Mode) 4×4 is now legit 4 by 4 pixels , before it was just 16×16 that was made to look like 4×4 , expect increasing of fps on this one.

– Same Features with FPS++ but textures of blocks are 4×4 ( more fps ):

PvP Version of FPS+ Client

– Same Subpacks with the normal version , but has PvP aspects like Particle Multiplier , Java Bow ding aound effect , blaze hit sound effect , PvP wools , Outlined Ores , Short Swords , Clear GUI and more!

Blood Crit Particles Has been changed into Heart Crit Particles( For PvP Version of FPS+ Client)




– The Client-resourcepack now has Visible Controls since people from my discord wanted it.

NOTE: v5 still might  contain bugs , tell us about it in our discord server and we will try to fix it.


JOIN MY DISCORD SERVER ! ( Currently have 529 Members! )

My Discord Server

Changelog View more
Why do you guys keep accepting the updates but not reposting it ? ;-; ;-; ;- :(


- Cleaner

- Lighter( 1.5 MB!)

- Removed some modes since my resource pack focuses on increasing fps

- New News and Panels Button!

- Renamed some packs and modes

- More Organized

- Better opitmization

and alot more !


V4 Is here !!


- 4x4 , and 4x4 PvP Mode ( FPS BOOST)

- Added Visible Controls Version of my client !!!

- New Fixed Links!

- Added the Bundle Pack Version

- New RGB Mod !

- Better way of using my pack ( if you dont rlly want to heat up your phone easily especailly if its a low end device)


- New Bow indicator and shortswords on PvP mode and Pro Mode

- New Quick and advanced settings

- New link becayse other people said that the other link didnt redirect them


- New Modifications!

   - Default

   - MaxFPS

   -PvP Mode

   - Pro Mode !



( Follow all the instructions in linkvertise and it will redirect you to mediafire)

1 Download the file

2 Open the file in the downloads section by tapping on it or you can press add shortcut on homescreen and press it there and itll install the client automatically.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.16



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  1. What file is the thing that removes the stars?

  2. blood eye says:

    stop being a kid swearing and mad with your own frustration make you look stupid be a decent human being piece of trash.

  3. ItsEystreem641 says:


  4. Rubix says:

    Interesting, so the sword is a long sword and a PvP sword at the same time? Not bad.

  5. Guest-8037273101 says:

    I cannot bypass adfly it brings me to firaham.com instead of mediafire

  6. klutzyy says:

    I forgot to add the new link when i submitted the update and why did the admin did not repost this lmao anyways here are the links

    FPS+ Client v3 – https://file-link.net/137059/fpsplusclientv3

    FPS+ Client v3 Bundle Pack – https://file-link.net/137059/fpsplusclientv3bundlepack

  7. klutzyy says:

    Im sorry if the link doestn work for now , ive just submitted better and working links awhile ago , so lets hope mcpedl will accept it . For now you can join my discord server to be able to download them directly with no ads or somthn.


  8. Guest-1613235236 says:

    Link wont work pls dont use adfly its giving me malwares

  9. Guest-9388852934 says:

    Also doesn’t redirect me to download of the zip file, I know I’m going threw ad fly correctly cause this isn’t the first time. I understand if u can’t fix it as its probably ad fly’s fault. But it is still very annoying and I can’t use ur pack. But it looks good tho.

  10. Guest-9275175489 says:

    can you add a layer of water when above its hard to run when you think you are going down hill

  11. klutzyy says:

    Join my discord server so that you get to test the future updates of this client early !


  12. Guest-8177056273 says:

    Can you add invisible item frames?

  13. Guest-2325001752 says:

    can you add a no adfly link? i can’t get the download

  14. Guest-6400391071 says:

    Lol is this the demo? Cuz it says unlock full game…

  15. Guest-1559885504 says:

    it doesn’t redirect me to the download

  16. Guest-1434214883 says:

    Man thank you soooo much finally ican play without lag keep up the good work

  17. Guest-6372585008 says:

    its good but can u add back hit crictical particles please i need them im a pvper

  18. Guest-8560109965 says:

    i think this texture a way better for pvp if you dont like other pvp texture. Keep Up the good job here

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