Fr0sty’s Ultimate TexturePack

I believe that Minecraft should be realistic but I also believe that it should be silly and more crazy because that’s what makes the game fun, that’s why I have created the ultimate texture pack that will rock your Minecraft world The ultimate texture pack intensifies the colours that are normally presented on your screen and it adds a fine outline and a couple of crazy colours for all items.

The spruce forest looks more evil

stone is a bright red colour great for building

obsidian has a more nether like colour  

spruce log is green and the leaves are a pinky red colour

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Whats Expected to change:

-I plan on changing model texture for all aggressive mobs (maybe the ender_dragon).

-Sky changes more real like clouds and sun.

-Please note this is my FIRST publicly released texture pack and based of of feedback you give me i will decide whether i will expand and make more texture packs


For windows 10/console just download the zip file and unzip/extract it then you can place the file in you Resource_packs folder in the com.mojang folder.

For mobile download the file then with a file explorer app or dropbox just import the .mcpack to the minecraft application.

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Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta)



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  1. An1mated says:

    Pretty good but its a little too vibrant, also I think all the woods should be different colours, oak: red, birch: green, dark oak: lava-ish outline with dark red ect… , mining is really hard with the bright red, I think it should be easy on the eyes with how common it is.

  2. Guest-3819629583 says:

    uh download is just a virus or i cant get to the download

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