Freddy Craft

Do you like fnaf? If so then we have something in common, but I also like minecraft so I decided to make my own addon based around it but I decided to do something I have yet to see, make the animatronics craftable

This addon adds in characters from the iconic game franchise Five Nights at Freddy’s, it’s been done before but I added a twist, it allows you to craft the animatronics

Crafting recipes:


Iron rod


Bow tie

Freddy Fazbear







Get steel by trading with William and Henry

Use steel to make faz-coins and gen 2 endoskeletons

Use Gen 2 endo for toy animatronic

Toy Freddy

Toy Bonnie

Toy Chica

Toy Foxy

Puppet Mask

The Puppet

Balloon Boy

Dark Remnant


Walkie Talkie

Scrap, this will also drop from the withered animatronics

Withered Crate

Destroy it to get 1 of 4 inactive withered animatronics

Withered Freddy

Withered Bonnie

Withered Chica

Withered Foxy

Mediocre Melody Crate, crafted like the withered Crate but with steel instead of scrap and will drop 1 of 5 Mediocre Melodies 

Orville Elephant

Happy Frog

Mr. Hippo


Nedd Bear

Golden Star

Rockstar Crate, use this to get inactive versions of the rockstar animatronics

Rockstar Freddy

Rockstar Bonnie

Rockstar Chica

Rockstar Foxy

Trade with Dave Miller for the Fazbear book

Book Crate, use this to get inactive versions of the book animatronics

Twisted Freddy

Twisted Bonnie

Twisted Foxy

Twisted Wolf

Lonely Freddy


Get phantom slime and inactive plushtrap from Dave Miller

Illusion Disc, made with steel, black dye, and redstone

Nightmare Freddy

Nightmare Bonnie

Nightmare Chica

Nightmare Foxy

Phantom Crate made with phantom slime

Phantom Freddy

Phantom Chica

Phantom Foxy

Phantom Mangle

Phantom Balloon Boy

Phantom Puppet




Nightmare Mangle

Nightmare Balloon Boy


Funtime Crate

Circus Baby

Funtime Freddy

Funtime Foxy


Get Fredbear and Springbonnie suits by trading with William and Henry



Get Pure Remnant and Pure Dark Remnant by smelting down their iron forms, this will only work in the blast furnace not the normal furnace

Fredbear’s Hat

Nightmare Fredbear


Shadow Freddy


Kill Springtrap for a item called the Corrupted Circuit Board, use it to make glitchtrap


Golden Freddy

Micheal Afton and Helpy, they spawn in Fazbear hills with William, Henry, and Dave

Micheal Afton trades inactive Lefty

Helpy Trades the Posh Pizzeria animatronics from Fnaf 6


Music Man

El Chip

Funtime Chica

Bidybab, get the inactive version from the funtime crate


Minireena, get the inactive version from the funtime crate



Kill Funtime Freddy for the bon bon item


Changelog View more

-Added Lefty

-Added Posh Pizzeria animatronics

-Added sister location custom night characters

-Added Ennard, Bon Bon, Minireena, and Bidybab

-Added Micheal Afton and Helpy

-Added Nightmare and Nightmare Fredbear

-Added Fredbear and Springbonnie

-Added Glitchtrap

-Added the Shadow animatronics

Next update: a few obscure characters that I missed

-Added Halloween animatronics

-Added Funtime animatronics

Next Update: Golden animatronics and shadows

-Added Phantom animatronics

-Added Nightmare animatronics

-Added new trades for Dave Miller

Next update: halloween update animatronics and Funtime animatronics

-Added book animatronics

-Added Rockstar animatronics

-Added Dave Miller

Phantom and Nightmare Animatronics next

Added the mediocre melodies

Next update: rockstar animatronics and book animatronics

Fixed Texture bugs for the puppet mask and dark remnant

Added Withered Animatronics

Added- Springtrap

Added- The Puppet

Added- Balloon Boy

Added new items, a few have texture glitches but I'll fix them as soon as I can

Added the toy animatronics

Added William and Henry

Added new biome



Supported Minecraft versions


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30 Responses

4.29 / 5 (14 votes)
  1. Cookiesnug says:

    I can’t wait to continue this addon, I’m actually having fun creating it

  2. E_Dude says:

    Do they attack

  3. Cookiesnug says:

    Yes I will add golden freddy and the withereds, and no I will not add showtime versions

  4. E_Dude says:

    Can you add showtime versions please?

  5. GR3G0R says:

    This addon is great I luv the idea of making animatronics with parts

  6. Beam006 says:

    Where’s golden freddy puppet balloon boy withered animatronics can you add it’s plz

  7. Cookiesnug says:

    Also this is slightly based off a block launcher mod about fnaf and based on the java mod with the name freddy craft

  8. Cookiesnug says:

    Thanks, I also remember the old days of block launcher, I miss it to a certain degree, I grew up with pocket edition

  9. Darkend19 says:

    Sorry forgot to rate

  10. Darkend19 says:

    I actually like this addon this addon brings me back to that very old fnaf mod.At that time you had to get blocklauncher with the correct version for it.I had so many memories with it until blocklauncher slowly became useless.
    So thanks for making this addon.

    P.s Wish you luck on your addon.

  11. Edgyy says:

    Gay ass fnaf fanboy

  12. Cookiesnug says:

    How about you make an addon, let’s see how good you could make it since you’re so much better

  13. Cookiesnug says:

    Heres an idea, shut the fuck up, I will not make them custom models and you dont have to download, I’ll make the addon the way I want to, I’m making it because I think it’s a cool idea to make then craftable and I will go in depth in the way that you craft them later down the line


    We dont need new fucking biomes and ingots in a fnaf addon and no just because it has custom biomes and ingots and whatever else people think is cool in addons wont actually make it good and unless you actually have something veeeeeeeeeery ultra creative up your sleeve then your just adding this stuff in an attempt to make the addon seem more appealing and hope people download it because custom stuff is cool


    I hate these easy way out “im just gonna take some fnaf skins from skinseed and slap them on some default player models and just use the “I wanna keep them minecraft style” excuse because im way to lazy to make a half decent custom fnaf model” addon
    Basically the “minecraft style” is just an excuse for people to lazy to make custom models and dont want to admit it and yes there are just addon creators that don’t know how to make custom models but if someone specifically says they wont use custom models because its not minecraft style (which they are anyway) then thats just lazyness

  16. Cookiesnug says:

    las cámaras que funcionan no son posibles

  17. German person says:

    Conseguiria adicionar Câmeras de segurança?

  18. Cookiesnug says:

    Just you wait, if you don’t think it’s good right now then wait, next update will contain new ingots, new mobs, and a new biome

  19. SilentRenno says:

    I don’t care if its good or not, I’m just glad that when i downloaded it, it did’nt make me watch any adds.!!! thanks! XD

  20. Cookiesnug says:

    I am not gonna replace them with new models, I made them in the minecraft style so they will stay in the minecraft style

  21. Matrich says:

    You can remodel them with another realistic model
    But not bad good work

  22. Satria Rex says:

    ._. You should replace the new Minecraft and your new addon model, how many years are you late? ._.

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