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Published on September 17, 2016 (Updated on September 17, 2016)

Friendly Creeper Addon

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Cool! I've always loved creepers except for the fact that they kill me by blowing up!
Hey, How i can put the addon in Minecraft?
Why does it need to have hat and TNT on it’s back?
I need a behavior pack for my game
It keeps on attacking me and anyway there is no behaviour pack
I like it, but make the tanks faster!
Ok so I downloaded it and it didn't attack the husk or the witch it attacked me xD it might be because I'm using iOS lol
I used the mcpack file and only got the texture!?
Asked the creator to update it.
It is already the 1.0 update and this is not updated? Please update it! I would also like for the friendly creepers to be in a creeper village map, if you would like to make it.
How do u use it without a PC? It's a zip folder so I need a computer but don't have one ?
Try the .mcpack file.
I cant download all of these! >;C
Try the .mcpack link.
Does it work on local multiplayer?
Just five star quality
Oh golly! I CAN'T WAIT! THIS WILL BE MY FIRST ADD-ON EVER! I'm a Windows 10 User.
It won't work Windows 10 is on 0.15.8 and this is for 0.15.90/0.16.0
I don't have Windows 10, only Pocket, but I will get it for my Mac :) and this add on DOESNT work
Yeah, exactly. It will only work for 0.15.9/0.16.0+.
Unfortunately that means that it won't work on my kindle fire hd either
Perhaps not right now. But when 0.16.0 is available for you it most likely will work.