Friendly Creepers Addon

Friendly Creepers is a must-have addon for anyone who is tired of getting blasted by creepers. It’s probably the number one mob which have killed me the most times and usually it happens out of nowhere. For example, in one moment I’m mining and in the next moment I have lost all of my stuff. If this happens often to you as well then get this addon!

Creator: Deedubbs, Twitter Account
Updated: 11 November, 2016 (full changelog)

How does it work?

Creepers now have a happy face and instead of being hostile they are now neutral. This means that the they will only attack if they are being attacked first. But even then they aren’t dangerous as they cannot explode anymore. They will just puff up and just when it looks like it is going to explode it just stops.

Put them one on a leash, have it follow you around or tie it to a fence post.



Do you need help excavating a mine? No problems. Bring a creeper with you to the area and then use flint and steel to ignite the explosion.


Changelog (v0.0.2)

  • Creepers are now leashable
  • Optional texture pack which makes creepers look happy


  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Download Resource .McPack (optional – makes creepers look happy)

Click here to download a .ZIP for this addon.

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25 Responses

4.57 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. Update says:

    Ûpdâtê ît plêâsê

  2. Mason says:

    Hey can I make a video on this?

  3. William Linton says:

    i am so gonna make a friendly creeper world 🙂

  4. Creeper aww man says:

    Big smile

  5. Anonymous says:

    How do you tame it

  6. Redstone_convoy says:

    Can you please make a friendly zombie and spider add on please

  7. Arthur Gaming says:

    But if they explode will they die ?

  8. Bruh says:

    Cool. Can you make when you hit him, he’ll turn into sad face and explode

  9. _Luna_xox says:

    YESS I’ve been waiting for this the day I got blown up (I get blown up every day) Omg they are happy and everything and when they try to explode they look like a cupcake 😊😊😂❤️❤️

  10. Joseph Eleyinte says:

    Hello Editor, many thanks for the reply.

    I am through with the app, and I hope you don’t mind if I should send it to you? I can send both .apk and .ipa file.

  11. Widow_Maker1 says:

    Thank you for this! I hate creepers and this add-on make the game more enjoyable.

  12. Spider Z says:

    oh. and remember me when you make one 😉

  13. Ethan says:

    Please make the creepers tamable. I want a creeper that follows me and blows up baddies by summoning primed tnt!

  14. MrCreepFace says:

    A cool optional feature would be to make friendly Creepers have a rare chance of spawning instead of normal ones.

  15. Joseph Eleyinte says:

    Hello Deedubbs great work! I love your mods. Keep it up. And kudos to the Editor of this site for incisive reviews as always.

    Dear Deedubbs, can I use this addon as part of a collection in my new app?

  16. MCPExpert says:

    can you make a zip file? im in ios version

  17. Deedubbs says:

    There’s nothing worse than placing those last few decorative blocks on your structure when out of nowhere you hear “hissss”, and then it’s too late.

    Thanks for the brilliant review! 🙂

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