Friends Addon

 Do you feel very lonely? You do not have friends? Do you want to have “human” company? Are you forever alone, introverted, or simply antisocial?

Well then this addon is for you, my dear and alone friend

Well, to start, you should know that there are 2 new entities, which are:

– Steve

– Alex

These two entities are able to appear in any biome belonging to the overworld, with an 87.5% probability of spawning in a chunk near you.

Without further ado, we delve into Steve, the first entity.


Steve is the male entity that this addon adds, with the texture of a steve default without any news regarding that.

Steve will always appear equipped with an iron sword and will attack all hostile mobs except the ghasts and the Ender dragon for obvious reasons.

Steve can be tamed with any food the player can consume.

Once tamed, it will follow the player and attack all monsters near the player

So now let’s move on to the basic stats.


Exp drop: 7

Health: 20

Movement speed: 0.25

Inventory slots: 9

Time for drowning: 20 seconds

Attack damage: 4 (+6 for iron sword=10)

Attack speed: 1.5

Attack range: 30 blocks.



Alex is the female npc that adds this addon, with the default texture of alex that Minecraft adds.

Alex will always be equipped with a bow, so she will only attack from a distance.

Alex will attack absolutely every mob in the monster category except the enderman because he can teleport.

Alex can be tamed with any food that the player can consume.

Once tamed, it will follow the player and defend him from any monster.

So now let’s move on to the basic stats.


Exp drop: 6.5 

Health: 20

Movement speed: 0.22

Inventory slots: 9

Time for drowning: 20 seconds

Attack of bow: 3

Attack speed: 2 

Burst attacks: 2

Burst attacks reload: 0.25

Attack range: 30 blocks


This has been everything from this addon, remember that any situation can be explained to me in the comments to see if I can solve them ^-^

Changelog View more

- Fixed Steve's life error.

I was wrong to say that it has 25 life points, when in reality there are only 20.

- Installation guide added to Mcpedl page


1- Choose your download file, either .Zip, or .Mcaddon. It will send you directly to mediafire.

2- Download the file. It does not have virus, calm

3- If it is .mcaddon, just press the recently downloaded file in the notification bar, or if not, go to your file explorer, go to the downloads folder, and press the file you just downloaded.

If you have done it correctly, you will be redirected to Minecraft

4- If it is .Zip, then go to your file explorer, unzip the zip point, and it will give you two folders, the behavior pack and the resource pack.

You must move them to their respective folder, that is, the Resource pack in the Resource packs folder, and the behavior pack in the Behavior packs folder.

Just open and close Minecraft and you will have the addon.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 1.16 (beta)

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15 Responses

2.71 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. minecraftbedrockeditionwindows10 says:

    i cant get them to appear and i dont see any spawn eggs

  2. fuchink says:


  3. Benja Wolf says:

    Can I make a video with your permission? By the way your addon is very cool 😀

  4. ShadowXX says:

    Isn’t this the Fake players addon? And before you ask, no, I’m not talking about their skins. No, I’m not talking about the model either.

  5. VTNTM says:

    I can’t summon them.

  6. Chad Man says:

    This seems pretty stolen if you ask me

    • GygaZaid says:

      Dude, alex and steve’s skin texture is all over the place. And if you ask about the npc model, no, do not steal it from the Fake players addon, addon maker has that function, I don’t remember very well if it is for everyone or exclusive to those of us who have the membership, but at the end of the day there it is

  7. IcEWaRRiOr says:

    Did you steal this from the Fake Players addon?

  8. A Super Cool Dude says:

    It’s ok, but you should nerf Steve because he does too much damage

    • A Super Cool Dude says:

      Also you should reduce his health to 20 because it doesn’t make sense that the player and Alex have 20 health while Steve has 25

      • xXMoisesMartin25Xx says:

        It makes sense, Its For Balancing Reasons. Every NPCs sometimes will do some stupid stuff so if Steve only has 20 health, he will most likely die faster (Alex’s 20 Health Is Also Balance Cause She Uses A Bow)

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