Frozen Kingdom [Adventure] [Parkour]

The Frozen Kingdom is an adventurous map mixed with problem solving and parkour. It’s a quite big map which is split up in several different sections where in the beginning it will be a parkour challenge and next a maze. To keep things interesting it follows a storyline which can be read throughout the map on different signs.

A fun map which keep the adventure interesting because you never exactly know what to expect next.

Creator: SilverSheildCrafter34


  • Never break/place blocks
  • No sprint mods
  • Set difficulty off (in the beginning)

screenshot-2015-02-24-10-47 screenshot-2015-02-24-10-49 download

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6 Responses

  1. Brookesiebear19 says:

    Can you make it on media fire plz

  2. skittles says:

    can you make it available for Io iOS

  3. Newbie at parkour says:

    There’s nothing in the actually .zip file. 🙁

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