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Published on April 07, 2015 (Updated on April 07, 2015)

Fruit World Mod

The Fruit World Mod adds five delicious fruits to the game. Collect the fruits, eat them and craft useful tools of them. Most of the tools which you can craft are more powerful than normal tools so it's definitely a nice addition to the game.

Creator: UltraPeachMC


All the fruits can be obtained in different ways by breaking leaves, vines and so on. The fruits can be used for crafting tools and of course eating.

Eating any of the fruits will heal you two hearts.


Every time you break one block of leaves there is a chance of getting some bananas.

The bananas can be used to craft a banana hoe. The main advantage with a Banana Hoe is that it got no durability.


Strawberries are obtained by breaking vines. The strawberries can be used to craft a Strawberry Shovel. The shovel got no durability and digs super fast.

Dragon Fruit

To obtain the fruit you must break cactuses. The fruit can't be eaten just as it is. First you need to craft it into some Dragon Fruit Slices. For every Dragon Fruit you will get 5 slices.

You can also use the fruit to craft a Dragon Fruit Pickaxe. The pickaxe mines stone and cobblestone almost instantly, but any other ores it mines quite slow. It also got no durability.


Apples are an original feature of Minecraft PE so you obtain it just as you always have done - by breaking leaves. When you've got some apples and some sticks you can craft an Apple Axe. The axe is must more efficient at breaking wooden blocks than a normal axe.


Break grass to get rockmelons. The chance of getting some is quite high. The rockmelons cannot be eaten just as they are. You need to craft them into Rockmelon Slices first.

To craft a Rockmelon Sword you will need 2 pieces of Rockmelon and 1 stick. The sword has durability and does 5 damage each hit so it's not that overpowered.

Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Rockmelon Slice (486) - 1 rockmelon
  • Rockmelon (487) - break grass
  • Dragon Fruit (488) - break cactuses
  • Dragon Fruit Slice (489) - dragon fruit
  • Strawberry (490) - break vines
  • Banana (491) - break leaves
  • Apple Axe (492) - 3 apples + 2 sticks
  • Rockmelon Sword (493) - 2 rockmelons + 1 stick
  • Strawberry Shovel (494) - 1 strawberry + 2 sticks
  • Dragon Fruit Pickaxe (495) - 3 dragon fruits + 2 sticks
  • Banana Hoe (496) - 2 bananas + 2 sticks

The download is disabled, can u fix that please?
“It got no durability.” Who wrote this
This might be late but is this available for IOS?
Hi would your make a addon like this?
I mean you
I think the dropbox is broken
It's because he's getting too many downloads. I've asked him to add more mirrors. Right now waiting for him to take action on this. :)
why if i choose option fruitworld.js i cant download ?
Tap on the blue "Download" button while on the Dropbox website to download.