FuinhaFun – Add-on

This add-on is still under development and aims to create new items and add items from existing items such as saddle, horse armor and others … There are new items, sounds, recipes, exchanges and etc…

Inspired by Resident Evil.

Available Languages: Português, English, Spanish, Chinese and Russian.

 Would you like new cosmetic items in your world? This addon creates recipes for items that did not exist before and adds new items, as well as modifying item spawns in chests, new items in trading with villagers, and custom sounds.

New Items:

Magic Cupcake 
Type: Food
Effect: Recover All Hunger


Type: Miscellaneous


Essence of Fire 

Type: Miscellaneous 


Mayo Null 

Type: Food, Miscellaneous 

Effects: Instant Damage, Wither Effect 


Enchanting Potion 

Type: Potion 

Effetcs: Regeneration, resistance, 


Enchanted Egg

Type: Miscellaneous 


Null Egg 

Type: Food, Miscellaneous 

Effects: Fatal Poison 


Sea Stone 

Type: Miscellaneous 


Dust of the Ender 

Type: Miscellaneous 



Type: Food 


Type: Potion 
Effects: regeneration 

Green Herb 
Type: Food 
Effects: regeneration 

Red Herb 
Type: Miscellaneous 


Blue Herb 
Type: Food 
Effects: Remove Effects 

New Mobs:

Creeper Green Herb 

This Creeper can be found on OverWorld, it is the same as the normal creeper, but slightly faster than its non-mutant brother.

By killing he has a chance to drop a medicinal herb.


Creeper Red Herb 

This creeper can be found on OverWorld and Nether, it has a higher speed than its siblings and is much tougher and rarer than everyone else.

By killing he has a chance to drop a medicinal herb.


Creeper Blue Herb 

This creeper can be found on OverWorld and The End, its speed is considerably faster and has a moderately longer life.

By killing he has a chance to drop a medicinal herb.


Chicken Null 

A very special chicken has some interesting features, such as:

She hates competition, any peaceful entity near her she will kill.

She doesn’t like to be teased so don’t attack her as she will attack back.

It can be found on the Nether and is fire resistant.

It has a slow effect when attacking.


Wild zombie 

A zombie that doesn’t burn sunlight can be found in the swamp, dark forest,taiga and jungle during the daytime, its eyes glow at night and attack anything that moves, especially animals.


New Recipes:



Killing turtles will reward you with their shell.


Dust of the Ender:

It can be achieved by killing Enderman or trading with a Wandering Trader.


Wandering Trader:

It is now possible to sell and buy with the hawker, exchanges are more expensive than with ordinary villagers and he has all kinds of exchanges.


There are two secret items that have no use like these items:


I still intend to put new items, create new exchanges and make new mobs, it does not even make sense that I added this add-on and I really want to continue, if I have positive feedback and I have new ideas I will try to put it in the add-on! Some bugs is not because of my add-on is from MC’s beta! Hope you like it!


Email and Paypal: [email protected] 

Discord: 4rqu1v0xD#1501

Speak: Portuguese BR

Helper: FelipeBdC

Changelog View more

New added items, food, entity changes, texture swapping, new recipes, bug fixes and improvements!

New Items:

  • Essence of Fire
  • Bat Hair
  • Enchanted Egg
  • Sushi (food)
  • Magic Cupcake (food)

New Recipes:

  • Packed Ice
  • Blue Ice
  • Monster Spawner
  • Spawn Zombie
  • Spawn Skeleton
  • Spawn Spider
  • Spawn Blaze
  • Essence of Fire
  • Enchanted Egg
  • Sushi
  • Magic Cupcake

New exchanges with Wandering Trader:

  • Enchanted Egg
  • Sushi
  • Magic Cupcake

Entities changed:

  • Bat
  • Iron Golem
  • Snow Golem

Texture altered:

  • Dust of the Ender

Improved or corrected revenues:

  • Shulker Shell
  • Name Tag
  • Chain Helmet
  • Chain Boots

Some bug fixes and improvements.

  • Fixed wrong recipes.
  • Improvements in the functioning of the magic cookies.

New Recipes:

  • Wither Rouse;
  • Corals;
  • Corals Fan;
  • Corals Block.
  • Gunpowder
  • Flint

Entities Drops:

  • Scute - Turtle


  • Bat Rair

New Items:

  • Spray;
  • Green Herb;
  • Red Herb;
  • Blue Herb;
  • Mixed Herbs.

New Sounds:

  • Sounds of Steps;
  • Pop;
  • Wood Click;
  • Ignite;
  • Creeper;
  • Evocation Illager;
  • Vindication Illager;
  • Wither;
  • Zombie;
  • Zombie Villager;

New Trades:

  • Armorer Trades
  • Cleric Trades
  • Farmer Trades
  • Fisherman Trades
  • Wandering Trades

Resident Evil Theme 1.0.0

New recipes have been added:

  • Red sand;
  • wither potion;

New entities added:

  • Creeper Green Herb;
  • Creeper Blue Herb;
  • Creeper Red Herb;
  • Chicken Null;

Bug Fixes.


  •  Wild Zombie .


  • Drop:

           - Vineyards ;

           - Rotten meat ;

           - Random Tree Seedlings.

  • Do not burn during the day;
  • Attack the animals:

            - Pigs

            - sheep

            - Cows

            - Chickens

            - Parrots

            - Llamas

            - Horses

            - bees

            - Wolves

            - Cats

            - Turtles

            - Foxes

            - Ocelot

            - Pandas

            - Mules

            - Illagers

  • Biomes that can be found:

            - Pantano

            - Jungle

            - Taiga

            - Forest


  • Blue Herb and its blends now remove effects;
  • Illagers now attack monsters;
  • Enchanted Egg Texture changed;
  • Sounds of footsteps in the grass has been removed;
  • Fixed Russian translation.
  • Bug fixes on the site page.
  • Added in .ZIP and .MCADDON images of recipes.
  • Added a text note inside .ZIP and .MCADDON.
  • Mal funcionamento com as imagens do site, estou tentando corrigir.


  • New sounds for the herb creepers;
  • Zombies Pigmans has new sounds;
  • Dungeon Chests and Sunken Ships Have New FuinhaFun Items;
  • Wandering Trader has new exchanges;
  • Wither skeletons now use other types swords;
  • Wild zombies drop seeds;
  • New Thunderstorm Sounds;
  • Red Herb Creeper has 100% Drop;
  • Decreased the frequency of wild zombie spawn;
  • Decreased the frequency of null chicken eggs.

bug fixes and sound improvements.


Supported Minecraft versions


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108 Responses

4.56 / 5 (43 votes)
  1. David says:

    Very good addon, but can you let the wild zombies not attack the villagers? Thank you very much!

  2. Gfishr024 says:

    This addon is epic and i hope their ia more to come i only have a few request
    1. Use shears on herb creepers to guarentee drop but after sheared you have a 5 second timer until it explodes
    2. Add a new mob that drop different essence or loot like an imp
    3.peaceful flying mob that drops a good item but hard to find
    4. Make wild zombiew faster and apply weakness to player
    5. A new weapon maybe a staff that helps with stuff like crops or a strong weapon with special crouch abilities
    6. New boss, maybe a rooster null, a giant rooster that is neutral until you hit it or a chicken null
    That is all i can think of

  3. Gamer120000D says:

    Podrias hacer un addon de chocobos

  4. Anonymous says:

    Que es eso verde con lo que se craftea la shulker box?

  5. Aardwoof says:

    Yo, this is so cool! Maybe you could make the medicinal herbs placeable for gardens and such?

  6. Anonymous says:

    bruh credit stardew for the textures

  7. Modded Survival Lover says:

    Amazing addon I really love it! Maybe could you add new sounds when we swing our swords?

    5 stars I really like it the recipes are fair and the sounds are nice!

  8. CrypticDawson says:

    I can’t see any of the crafting recipes, all the images won’t load in and the crafting table won’t show half of them.

  9. Rinku says:

    You can give me the direct link without going through that site. since I can’t download your plug-in

  10. Kirito SAMA says:

    What is the name of Grass’s voice because I want to remove the walking sound

  11. Wao Bo says:

    Hello These Craftable Items Does These Have Recipes? Sorry my english bad

  12. Andan says:

    Hey man, the behaviour pack wouldn’t load in only the resource pack, it said that the behaivour pack has a “duplicate pack detected” but i only had one pack downloaded. Please fix this so that if others have this problem they don’t need to struggle like i did trying to find out whats wrongl Please Respond

    • 4rqu1v0xD says:

      Thanks for the feedback, I believe you already had the updated version of the addon, because 1 or 2 days before the site updates the addon page the download link already downloads the updated version, example: If you download the day before the update probably will already have the updated version, to know if you are up to date your package just see if the versions are correct in minecraft, in OPTIONS / STORAGE and select the texture or behavior package, the current version is 1.1.0 and usually it will jump to 1.2.0 or 1.1.1 or 1.2.1 …
      I hope it helped you!

  13. Anon says:

    Hey man, how do you use the zip ?

    • 4rqu1v0xD says:

      Hello, I do not understand your question, the ZIP version is to download the package and do the manual installation and the MCADDON version is to install the automatic package.
      Any questions just comment here!
      Thank you for downloading!

      • Mekahonics says:

        When I click on the link that I am derected to I dont see a skip add button to download your addon please tell me when u fixed if please i really wanna use your addon

  14. Potato chip says:

    Hi could you add or make a dragon Addon I really love this Addon tho

    • 4rqu1v0xD says:

      Thanks for the feedback, but creating entities is not easy at all and requires a lot of patience, creativity, time and intelligence, as it is very difficult to create a 100% 0 entity, even more complex entities like a dragon, but I can try anytime do.

  15. Mo says:

    I’m a parent trying to download this for my kid. On my PC, when I click “skip ad” and/or “don’t allow notifications”, it just takes me to another ad. On the iPad, it takes us to “VPN Update” ad and just spins, “skip ad” is not even an option. She would really like this add on, but we can’t find a way to get to the download.

    • 4rqu1v0xD says:

      I’m sorry about that, I’ll try to help you!
      I recommend using the mediafire link and using MCADDON mode, when you enter the ad site you wait for 5 seconds and click the jump arrow, BUT! It is very likely that you will open another window, you close the advertising window and click the arrow where I did, “skip ad” something like: “skip ad>” you click the “>” arrow, I hope you can! I want to explain how to download the addon here on the page.

  16. Akai says:

    What does this addon do like explain the uses of each item

  17. Gregori says:

    Please, help me! What and where should i install? Thx!

  18. Jostin says:

    Una pregunta, como lo descargo es que se en donde poner las carpetas de zip en especial la de codigos

  19. Alwen says:

    I love that sound bro

  20. Theunknown9984 says:

    Can u make it a medafire link plz

  21. kiuta says:

    is it clay block? for shulcer shell

  22. Anonymous says:

    Es de los mejores addons que he visto y probado, lo uso en mis mundos casi siempre porque enriquece la experiencia de juego.
    Pero lamentablemente en la version 1.12 del juego no sirve el crafteo de las shulker shells, fuera de eso es un 10 de 10, gran trabajo!

    • 4rqu1v0xD says:

      Gracias por los comentarios, y estoy muy contento de que hayas disfrutado de mi complemento, solucioné el error de la corteza de shulker, solo estoy esperando la autorización del sitio para publicar la nueva actualización, que estará llena de más cosas.

  23. El padre Pula says:

    ¡Un amigo! Soy fan de Stardew Valley y Resident Evil, es una moda especial, ¡así que no dejen de desarrollar este proyecto! Hay más sugerencias; si es posible, ¡añade una implementación al estilo Pokémon! Este tipo de trabajo debe ser apoyado, especifique su paipal. Nosotros le apoyaremos. Con todo respeto, el padre Poole

    • 4rqu1v0xD says:

      Gracias por los comentarios, no tengo la intención de dejar de actualizar el complemento, sin embargo, estoy haciendo las cosas lentamente, y Pokemon es uno de los pocos juegos / animes con los que no tengo mucho contacto, pero vi mucho cuando era niño, así que agradeceré su sugerencia. y quizás poner algo de esta serie querido para todos.
      Acabo de actualizar el complemento, agregué nuevas entidades y nuevos elementos, ¡solo estoy esperando que el sitio publique la actualización!

  24. Jerry says:

    Add mediafire please

  25. Laurence says:

    Hello, your add-on seems very great but i have some troubles. I tried to install it but your add-on modifies only sounds in my world. I want to use it in a multiplayer world (realm) but i don’t know how to get this to work if even in a local multiplayer this add-on doesn’t work to me.
    May you help me please?

    • 4rqu1v0xD says:

      Thanks for downloading, At the time you were creating the world did you put it to play in trial mode? Minecraft does not have support to add the items created by the addon in the creative menu or in the recipe menu, unfortunately I have no way to help, but

  26. Soul.fb says:

    Is this yours?It may have been stolen.

  27. no one says:

    Make sand(and red sand) craftable and, add that you need to use experimental gameplay in the description of the mod and this is 5 stars easily.

  28. GunGun says:

    How do you craft a shulker shell? It looks like you use a clay block but it’s not working help please

  29. Jesus says:

    Estoy en la y no me sirve el addon, los crafteos no me sirven ni tampoco me salen los nuevos objetos

  30. C.Sz says:

    Br? Ae \o/
    Achei bem interessante, vou dar uma olhadinha.
    Fico feliz vendo brasileiros fazendo add-ons e postando aqui no mcpedl, contínua com seu ótimo trabalho! 😀

    • 4rqu1v0xD says:

      hahaha Obrigado!
      Eu estou ainda aprendendo a fazer addons, mas acredito que estou conseguindo, obrigado pelo comentário, pretendo continuar sim, só preciso aprender mais a mexer com o sistema de addons do Minecraft. 😀

  31. Bruhh says:

    Is there a world that comes with it?

  32. Твой фанат says:

    Очень хороший аддон . Он очень крутой.
    Добавляй много всего !

  33. Anonymous says:

    Adorei o addon! Você poderia adicionar ferramentas rápidas e úteis que fossem criadas com a junção dos itens mais raros, como no mod avaritia

  34. Ramboyi says:

    This is an amazing addon thank you for creating it. If your looking for ideas high teir enchanted book’s like looting V would be an amazing feature just make sure its expensive to craft.

  35. PseJanz says:

    Pls update your addon its been so long and there is still no update maybe add a use for the ender dragon egg

  36. nightclawthenightfury says:

    good addon but when i try to access the wandering trader to get end dust the game crashes please fix?

  37. Wolf4 says:

    What block combines with end dust to make Shulker shell

  38. Anonymous says:

    wow I really like your plugin I hope you keep updating it in the future (sorry for the spelling errors I use the Google translator because I speak Spanish)

    • 4rqu1v0xD says:

      Puede comentar en su idioma original, quiero actualizar el complemento cuando tenga nuevas ideas y sé cómo ponerlos en práctica, porque todavía estoy aprendiendo a manejar complementos, ¡gracias por los comentarios!

  39. Jely710 says:

    Just a random idea how about using some rare items, you can craft a “Jelly Orb” or something that can summon a pet jellyfish that is alien-like and floats around and fights monsters with you

  40. XeNoX says:

    Please upload full file in .zip and i get an error when downloading saying unauthorised access please fix and also tell us how to use the custom crafting!!!

  41. Anonymous says:

    Muy bueno, agruega armas y armaduras porfavor

  42. Guest says:

    The texture are was from Stardew Valley!

  43. David says:

    Works on 1.11?

  44. thom I moht says:

    This is actually a super good addon! +1 Vouch

  45. Anonymous says:


    I love your addon 🙂

  46. JesHer says:

    Esta muy bien, estaría aún mejor si hubiera crafteos de todos los spawn eggs

  47. Glen Childers says:

    A couple of the textures are from Stardew Valley, it seems. The Sea Stone (Ghost Crystal) and the Magic Cupcake (Strange Bun).

  48. Jhoseph says:

    En verdad esta increible el addon, lo subiré a you tube y te daré los creditos para que recibas el apoyo de muchas personas y continues así.

    • 4rqu1v0xD says:

      Thank you, I’m very happy for your support!
      I plan to keep this add-on always up-to-date, but I’m still learning to tinker with this MCPE add-on system.

  49. PseJanz says:

    Thiss is awesome, dude this is great thanks for making this i really needed this.

  50. Psejanz says:

    Greatt addon dude this is awesomee thank you for making this!

  51. Anonymous says:

    Dudee thiss is awesomee great addon

  52. JesHer says:


  53. Anonymous says:

    Make Ruby add-on

  54. Anonymous says:

    Great addon

  55. Daito says:

    Dude this is amazing if you really devote your self to add alot of stuff
    Pls add custom weapons like scythe or a shooting new range weapon new entities and stuff im so exited for the updates pls make it come true

    • 4rqu1v0xD says:

      I plan to add many new things to the add-on, however I’m still learning to mess with the MCPE add-ons system! As soon as I start to better myself in the system I intend to add many new things to the add-on!
      Thanks for the positive feedback. <3

  56. Anne says:

    Pack name does not describe the pack intention. Other than that, its nice!

    • 4rqu1v0xD says:

      hahaha, really, but it was an homage to my cat that had the name of “Fuinha”, he died and I decided to honor him with this addon.
      Thanks for the positive feedback! 😀

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