Funiversian Militaries Skin Pack (10+ Skins)

Hello! Thanks for viewing my Skin Pack! I originally made these skins for some friends and myself. These are all military skins based between the 1940s and 1950s. I hope you enjoy them!

The Skins (In Order)

Funiversian Troop & Pilot

  • Funiversian Troop is based on WW2 era United States Military Police uniform
  • Funiversian Pilot is based on Cold War era United States Airforce flightsuits
  • The Empire of Funiverse is one of the largest military powers in The Continental Funiverse. Known for it’s history and influence in the world. It’s usually involved in most international politics.

Auberian Troop & Tanker

  • Auberian Troop is based on the Vietnam era United States Marines uniform
  • Auberian Tanker is based on the WW2 era Soviet Tanker uniform
  • The Empire of Auber is a small but prideful nation. It’s military isn’t the largest but has seen its fair share of victories. Even thought it is a small nation it still manages to get involved in major international affairs.

Pommetopian Troop

  • Based on the 1950s Canadian Military Police uniform

  • The Kingdom of Pommetopia is a fast growing, economic powerhouse. Know for it’s incredible infrastructure and innovative building methods. It’s military is one of the smallest for a major nation.

Percivalian Troop

  • Based on a mix of WW1 era and modern US Infantry uniforms
  • The Republic of Percival is a military powerhouse within The Continental Funiverse. It leads the world of military innovation with it’s cutting edge vehicles and weaponry. The only other nation that could stand up to this beast is the Empire of Funiverse.

World Assembly Peacekeeper

  • Based on an early United Nations uniform
  • The WA, or World Assembly is the biggest international group in The Continental Funiverse. A few nations consider the WA to be corrupt and evil. It ultimately dictates the rules of war.

Terebellium Troop & Nurse

  • Terebellium Troop is based on the Korean War era South Korean uniform
  • Terebellium Nurse is based on the 1940s United States Army Nurse Corp uniform
  • The Kingdom of Terebellium is a small nation recently formed from a civil war. The military is very small. While it is not known for having the newest and strongest weapons, it’s medical knowledge is amazing.

Volker Troop & Secret Police

  • Volker Troop is based on Wehrmacht uniforms
  • Volker Secret Police is based on a mix of the Schutzstaffel and Sturmabteilung uniforms
  • Note: I do not condone the actions or beliefs of any of these political groups and do not intend to support them with these skins
  • The Empire of Volker has a very strong military and prideful homefront. It’s government is considered one of the most corrupt in the WA. It often stirs up trouble with other nations and gets the WA involved.

The Creator

Hello! I’m Minnesota! I’m a small Youtuber and I love to create things for the games I play! I hope you enjoy my skin pack!

Other Content I’ve Made

My Youtube

Youtube Channel Discord

My Personal Discord (Role & Chats for MCPEDL)

Note: This was only uploaded to If you see this anywhere else it was without my permission.

Changelog View more

Hey hey hey, I got you some new stuff!

  • Added Funiversian Pilot Skin
  • Added Percivalian Troop Skin

Got you some more stuff again!

  • Fixed some errors on older skins
  • Added the Auberian Tanker
  • Added the Volker Secret Police
  • Removed Dropbox Download (I can't see how many people download it from there, sorry)

Hey hey hey, here is some more Funiverse Militaries!

  • Fixed more errors I found on older skins
  • Added the Terebellium Troop skin
  • Removed the Adfly link, I'd rather have 100 people be able to use the pack then have $100 in ad revenue.

I've had multiple things uploaded to other sites without permission, had to update description because of this.


Please remove any previous version of this pack before importing the newer version.
  1. Download the .mcpack (Make sure any ad block is off)
  2. Open the .mcpack
  3. Minecraft will open and it should say that it is importing at the top
  4. Once imported the skin pack should be ready for use


Supported Minecraft versions

1.11 1.12

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17 Responses

4.69 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. I’m glad everyone is liking the pack! Seeing as there are about 700+ download and a 4.6 rating! I can give you guys an idea to future plans regarding my Funiverse stuff. So far I have future plans to add a skinpack featuring civilian designs and a skinpack featuring Funiversian leader skins. Hope you guys are looking forward to them!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Amazing pack!

  3. Snowy says:

    Amazing skin pack bro

  4. RedFire says:

    Can you add Mediafire?

    • Funiverse Funiverse Minnesota says:

      I was asked this on discord, Once I’m back from vacation I plan on working on that after I get a few more skins added. 🙂

  5. Airu says:

    Nice skins! Can you make more please 🙂

    • Funiverse Minneota says:

      I plan to add some more soon, I’m busy for the next two weeks though

      • AwesomeNinja886 says:

        If you do plan to make some more, will there be Villagers? Just asking… Anyways, great job!

        • If you mean like civilian skins I’ve been thinking about making a separate pack that has the civilians of all the nations. It’s more of a side idea though as I have ideas for other packs and I want to finish this one first.

          • AwesomeNinja886 says:

            That would be cool, but I kind of thought of some Villager soldier skins as well, with a lore like this: a group of 3 Villages (you can choose the names) were under constant attack from mobs, Illagers, and the Empire of Volker (the last two often work together), and decided to band together and form their own 3-part nation: Testificatia (after the original name for Villagers). Testificatia joined the WA (though some nations were reluctant to accept it) and formed its own military to keep its enemies at bay, and though it is mostly peaceful it will involve in warfare if necessary. They are currently at war with the Illagers, and are also the most advanced Villager society in the Funiverse.

        • I’m going to be honest with you, my friends loved your idea so much that there is a good chance it’ll happen.

  6. Heplayz says:

    Pretty good

  7. BlockHead BETA says:

    These are amazing! Just what I have been looking for! Thanks

  8. Mason Roberts says:

    I have been looking for a set like this. Thanks! Do you have any oner military skins? Or maybe a Star Trek pack?

  9. BlockHead BETA says:

    Fantastic! These are awesome! So glad to see these, now they can be mine!

  10. Sir Chaton says:

    Very nice skins! More fond of Pommetopia imo 😉

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