Published on April 03, 2020 (Updated on May 09, 2022)

Funky Font

All this does it change the font to something a little more funky. The font is a little squigly. I Hope you enjoy it. Please dont post this anywhere but

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  1. Changed the in game images as they were from Minecraft Version 1.16
  2. Changed the Min Engine version from 1.16/0 - 1.18.0
  3. Changed the featured image
  4. Changed the Title from Better Font 02 - Funky Font
  5. Added both .mcpack & .zip for download
  • Changed The Feature Image To Match My Other Submissions
  • Added A LinkVertise Tutorial Video
  1. Changed Installation Instructions
  2. Added A Universal LinkVertise Tutorial Video
  3. Removed .zip From The Download Option
  • Edited LinkVertise YouTube Link
  1. Updated The Link For The LinkVertise Tutorial For Better Viewing


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