Funny Death Messages Addon v1.0.1

Whenever you die in survival, you lose all your items, and you always rage or feel very sad because of it right? Well this addon can possibly cheer you a bit, or just crack you up, because everytime you die your death messages display hilarious descriptions of your death. It’s even more funny on multiplayer!

Upon installing this addon, your typical default death messages will be replaced with nonsensical corny jokes that have been made by me, insulting you kinda about your untimely and unfortunate demise (though it might cause you to rage more so Note: please use this pack with caution and make sure you don’t have a short temper :)).

Some messages describe your death as a result of a funny and coincidental accident, others being a reference to memes, and others being a direct reference to games, movies or any other media. Please do not take this seriously as this addon is made just for fun XD. Curious to see the rest of the death messages? Install the addon, try different ways of dying, and see what messages they yield :).

This addon is completely multiplayer compatible which allows you to have fun with your friends.


  • Tampering with the addon and then redistributing it to other people and taking credit for the addon is not an option, I made it and therefore the credits belong to me.
  • Redistribution of the addon (but not tampering with it) in any other ways other than this link in is permitted (it’s a ffa addon for Christ’s sake, no need for sharing restrictions), but credit me for it.
  • If you plan on doing a review or showcase on your YouTube channel,  or using it for a Minecraft Map, you can just credit me by putting up my IGN(AMathMC) or Username(AftamathGaming).
  • I am currently working at other stuff atm, but if you want to, bug me by sending your improvement ideas for the addon at my Gmail: [email protected]

Changelog View more


  • Changed "[killer] bowed [player]" to "[killer] aimbotted [player] to death"
  • Removed "Please Read!!!.txt" in the addon file
  • Added more download links


  1. Download the .mcpack file (don't worry it's a direct download no ads)
  2. Using your browser or a file manager, open the .mcpack file
  3. After being prompted which app to open it with, choose Minecraft, this should open your Minecraft app and go through with the installation
  4. Wait for a few seconds and voila,  the addon is installed within Minecraft
  5. Open either Global Resources in the Settings or World Resource Packs in a World and tap Activate to apply it.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16 (beta)

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22 Responses

5 / 5 (9 votes)
  1. Guest-3070999579 says:

    my friend just got YEETED out of existence, thats pretty normal xD

  2. Guest-2532542683 says:


  3. Guest-1230970445 says:

    really cool! If I want to edit the death messages for myself, what program do i use?

    • RFVBHU_1 says:

      f you want to edit the death messages for your self
      1. Download the zip file version of the Funny Death Messages Addon
      2. Extract all
      3. Open the ‘texts’ folder
      4. Open the en_US.lang file (If you are using a PC, open it with notepad)
      5. Edit stuff there (don’t delete %1$s, %2$s or %3$s since this indicates who is killed by what using what)
      6. Save the File (don’t change it into a .txt file)
      7. Create a zipped (compressed) Folder (name it anything, it dosen’t matter)
      8. Drag the folder into it (not the zipped one)
      9. Change the zip file into a mcpack file
      10. Open the mcpack File
      11. Done

  4. Guest-3534527739 says:

    Hey! I love this addon, it looks really funny. Is it okay if I feature your addon in a YouTube video? I’ll credit you in my description. 🙂

  5. Just fixed the Google Drive download since the link sharing setting was off earlier, apologies everyone! 😂 Have a good day and enjoy the addon

  6. Guest-6699136357 says:

    If someone dies to fall damage you should put [Player] didn’t stick the landing.

  7. Guest-3355017543 says:

    Very cool addon, i love it. If someone dies from Fall damage: Its over (name). You dont have the high ground

  8. Guest-5277266614 says:

    Please use this(“name” sleep with the dead fishes) when a Player Drowns

  9. Guest-7290448952 says:

    Me gustaría que habilite los mismos textos para el lenguaje español(este addon en español no funciona)

    • Disculpas, pero actualmente no tengo un traductor para estos, podría probar Google Translate, pero me temo que podría parecer un poco extraño (Google Translate no siempre funciona), y actualmente estoy trabajando en otras cosas en este momento – a través del Traductor de Google

  10. Guest-1053005127 says:

    Does NOT work !!!

  11. Guest-9810025392 says:

    make something for the void ” _______ was teleported to the shadow realm”

  12. Eldeston says:

    Whoops, forgot to rate it

  13. Guest-5113906141 says:

    it downloads as zip on mine when i click for .mcaddon file, can ya fix this?

  14. Guest-6146132517 says:

    Funny add ON also here some ideas when you die bY an ender man it will say ok kiddo never look at endermans eyes
    When you die bY lava it says [insert name here] has turned into fried chicken

    • Unfortunately Minecraft Bedrock Edition does not allow it to work that way, a mod that modifies the code that displays these death messages is needed for that suggestion to work. But good idea! If Mojang does update Minecraft for that purpose, I shall take this idea into consideration

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