FunPark! – A Minecraft Amusement Park

Have you ever wanted to visit an amusement park in Minecraft? Well, now there is a way! Featuring 5 unique coasters, you can tour this amusement park with your friends.

This map features a multitude of rides. As my first map (don’t judge), I attempted to create a ‘theme park’ feel in Minecraft, complete with villagers riding the roller coasters. Don’t worry, you can ride them too (pictured below: Dragon Flight coaster)!

There are rides for everyone!

There is also a brand new waterpark area!

If you like what you see, please download this map. It is compatible with Bedrock Edition.

If sharing this world via social media or Youtube, please give credit, and include a link to this page.

Changelog View more
  • Added waterpark area
  • Relocated Pendulum Ride
  • General fixes to different rides


After downloading the file, open it, and it should automatically import the file and launch Minecraft.

Note: If the world does not appear to function (Level Import Failed), then change the .mcworld into a .zip format, and extract the contents. Paste the folder into your Minecraft Worlds folder.


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. Guest-2435753934 says:

    How to change it on Android mobile?
    Plz tell.

    • DSL3125 says:

      For Android Mobile, you don’t need to change it into a .zip, as you could just import it as a .mcworld (open the file and it auto-imports). However, if you want to, you could use ES File Explorer or a similar app to do that.

  2. Guest-1223532227 says:

    How to change it to .zip on Android mobile?
    Plz tell

  3. Guest-2124950144 says:

    Want to try this map. Looks good

  4. savijhero says:

    for some reason, it is failing to import for me.

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