Furnilla Add-on

Tired of using furniture and decorations that are not compatible with your favorite texture pack? Well, Furnilla makes it possible!

Adding new furniture, bathtubs, consoles, lamps and a fish tank, with which you can decorate using objects, that no other addon adds.

Decorate your home without losing contrast, Furnilla Add-On uses mostly existing Minecraft textures and recycles them very organically in order to have decorations with similar designs, use furniture, tables, chairs, flowerpots, even fans and consoles. videogames among many other things, something that may amaze at first glance is their animations and interactions, very useful to give realism as if they were real

This addon cannot be published without permission from Infinite Minds.

Re-uploading is prohibited to applications such as, McpeMaster

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Bug fixes in beta.

Now the addon does not need the experimental mode to work


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. ben10minecraftpe says:

    I am making serials, can I use minecraft pe de mod as an array?

  2. Coffeemug999 says:

    Are these blocks or entities,?

  3. Ataya says:

    It’s pretty cool if you want to make a city or a house

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