Furniture Moreniture (Hotfix)

What if furniture was in Minecraft, you may using it as a decoration. Fancy and handy, you now could craft a furniture for your Minecraft World. This Add-on give a furniture for you to use. There so much thing you can do, lets see what i added :

Furniture Table

This is a furniture table, it can be use for craft a furniture. To use this table, hold ( Mobile ) or right click ( PC ) to open.

There should be a UI like this,

From this, you can trade a furniture with planks, stick, wool, and others.

How to get Furniture Table

Craft a crates by using 6 planks and 3 sticks. After that, break the crates and you should get your furniture table.


This is the tools that added to this Add-on

Hammer : Use this tool to remove furniture by hold ( Mobile ) or right click ( PC ). To get this item use /give @s furniture:hammer or craft it in furniture table.

Rotate : Use this tool to rotate by hold ( Mobile ) or right click ( PC ). To get this item use /give @s furniture:rotate or craft it in furniture table.

Pipette : Use this tool to copy by hold ( Mobile ) or right click ( PC ). You cannot craft this item, to get it use /give @s furniture:pipette command.

Table Variant

This is the table that are added to this Add-on. there are 3 tables available, small table, wide table, and coffee table.

Chair Variant

This is the chair that are added to this Add-on. there are 3 tables available, small chair, chair, and pillow chair. To use interact, hold ( Mobile ) or right click ( PC ) to sit.


This is the decorative, you could decorate with this rocks, log, or others. Function of this furniture will be add soon !

Oak Log : You can sit on this decorative

Some furniture or decorative can be stack. to use this feature, see the picture down below :


Please do not steal, use, or modify any code, this is PROHIBITED. If you use it, you’re add-on will be reported. Using a single line of code is forbidden #stopmilkingouraddon

Please give credit with the MCPEDL, no shortener, no Mediafire.

Changelog View more

1.0.1 Change-log :

Bug fixes,

- Fix major problem when furniture facing weirdly, now the furniture will always face north when spawn.


- Change furniture table trades,

- Added TV both old and modern.

- Added Fish Bowl,

- Retextured hammer, rotate, and crates,

- Some furniture can be place on top of each other.


1. Extract the files,

2. Move it to you " resource pack " and " behavior pack " folder or import it to Minecraft.

3. In Minecraft, make sure to turn on the add-on.

Turn on experimental gamplay !


Supported Minecraft versions


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39 Responses

4.9 / 5 (21 vote)
  1. Zgoly says:

    Creator of this addon, can you give me your twitter?

  2. Zgoly says:

    Oh thank you! This is the best furniture addon. It is a pity that there is not enough furniture. Hopefully you will keep updating this addon as it is 999 cooler than the leading “furnicraft”. I really liked that there is a hammer, and the coolest thing is the rotate of the furniture. (omg rotate 45 degrees in the form of an item is very cool and comfortably) Definitely 5 stars.

  3. can you do a
    gaming desk
    gaming pc
    gaming keyboard and mouse
    headphone deck or whatever that’s called
    and a gaming chair

  4. I’ve seen many Youtube videos have a mediafire link. Please remove it, this is forbidden for some purposes. If you want to give a credit, just link the MCPEDL link not the mediafire.

  5. SansFrezcake 15 says:

    Can you add a mannequin with the same features as the armor stand with many poses :v

  6. SansFrezcake 15 says:

    Can you add a street decoration (TRAFFIC SIGN)

  7. SansFrezcake 15 says:

    Can you make a chair with a pillow that you can color,

  8. SansFrezcake 15 says:

    Can you make poster/picture. that Image Created by Public

  9. SansFrezcake 15 says:

    can you make some poster or picture

    And some new modern Furniture

  10. SansFrezcake 15 says:

    Wow this Addon so perfect for my survival
    Nice addon dude!

  11. joaw says:

    this is one of the best furniture addons i have ever seen! congratulations, you are doing an incredible job …

  12. itismemayro says:

    Could you add sofas? 1,2 and 3 block-long sofas,
    A stove, a sink, a fridge, a computer old and new, office chair, fan,videogames
    Thanks if you do add them

  13. CocoTero says:

    Can you more variants for the fish bowl?
    My ideas are:
    Pufferfish Fish bowl
    Clownfish(not the tropical fish) Fish Bowl
    Salmon Fish bowl
    Cod Fish bowl

    And please add some visible water for the fish bowl, because the fish bowl is the best furniture

  14. CocoTero says:

    Thank you for adding the fish bowl!

  15. itismemayro says:

    So cool!

  16. Miguel YOR7 says:

    I love the addon, please in the next update (if you can) add sofas, TVs (of those old ones), a fish tank and a camera (:v)

  17. Next update will be added more furniture and fixing a bug when you place a furniture it facing weirdly. Hopefully soon !

  18. danetck says:

    Hey i really need this for my creative world but I dont know how to turn it on. i went to storage and it said there was some type of error.

  19. KAR ESM says:

    Al intercambiar con la mesa no retiene los materiales y los regresa al inventario lo puedes arreglar πŸ™„

  20. Information :
    – If you want to use zip, just extract it
    – If your want to use Mcpack just rename it to .mcpack

  21. JustB00red says:

    Really cool furniture, can u add fish bowls with a 3D fish? like a clownfish just spinning on a glass bowl

  22. I might use this for a (private map I’m making so don’t worry about me using your pack in public maps)

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