Fused Vanilla Shader VDark

This is a separate version of my fused vanilla shaders. It has all the features the VLight one has but also new ones like saturated colors, better water, stars etc. This shader is only recommended when you want to stay close to vanilla while still want some shader features. It is also pretty FPS friendly.

Credit  DOALThis is a pretty SIMPLE shader and there isn’t much of a lighting difference when compared to vanilla. It is still in progress and there is room for some improvements.This shader has pretty much all the things basic shaders have like:

– Waving Leaves

– Waving water

– Saturated and not too bright colours

– Saturated and yellowish torch lighting

– Realistic and moving Sky

– Realistic sun and moon

– Increase in number of stars with twinkling animations.

– Animated Flowers

– Animated Crops

– Animated other plants like lily pad and saplings

– Better and clean water

– Shadows (OPTIONAL)


Here are some pictures

Day time:


(The world gets a yellow tune)

Night time:

(Stars, for now, only work on mobile, will add to win 10 soon)




For waving animations and more , kindly see the video:

As you can see there are not that drastic changes , just some good ones to make the game more beautiful yet still staying pretty simple.


I used ESBE 1G as a template but only for the renderchunk.fragment(only 1file) and still most of the code IS mine. I have recieved permission from the administrator of ESBE1G  :

Credits to NARI for giving me permission. His channel!

All the flipbook animations are made by me and so is the rest of coding and stuff. The creator of the cubemap is HYBRED, credits to him for letting me use it. Check out his channel!

There is a BUG in current version of minecraft that when texture packs are applied to new worlds dont work. To fix it simply remove the pack GO BACK and apply it again. It will work.
You are not allowed to publish this shader with/without any changes without my permission.IF YOU WANT TO MAKE A VIDEO WITH/ABOUT THE SHADER THEN GIVE LINK TO THIS PAGE NOT DIRECT DOWNLOAD LINK. You are also not allowed to publish it on any other website or app. If you want to use something , you need my permission so contact me on discord.

The animations for flowers,crops and other plants except leaves and grasses are FLIPBOOK ANIMATIONS and hence will not work with other texture packs when they are placed above this one.
This shader will work perfectly fine on Low end devices with 2gb ram , might also work on 1gb but I didn’t try.
For more information or just have questions or want the direct download link, then contact me on discord:
Ahmad Ramzan#9525
It might take me a while for me to reply.

Changelog View more

Added credits for NARI

Thats all, here are some free wordsΒ 

Fish potato luigi mars


When you click on the link you will be redirected to linkgenie, from there just follow the steps then you will be redirected to adfly. First wait for 5 sec then click SKIP AD do not click allow or enable notifications. If a page other then adfly opens, close it and go to page with adfly picture. Then a pop up will keep coming saying allow notifications, CLICK BLOCK OR DENY. DO NOT CLICK ANYTHING ELSE. It will come a couple times and page will refresh a couple times and you will be redirected to Meadia fire from there just Download it and open it, it will import to your minecraft automatically.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.16



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23 Responses

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  1. iKi27 says:

    Nice, but this shader has one thing it lacks, which is underwater wavy effect

  2. THUNDERMAN says:

    I know, i think you can fix that
    Mojang just make harder code
    Like, i want make all crops and flower moving like leaves and grass but i hate trapdoor and other thing is moving too

  3. Fused Bolt says:

    I have changed my discord tag, its now
    Fused Bolt#9525
    Contact me if you want to tell something or want direct link.

  4. THUNDERMAN says:

    Please fix when the sunrise and sunset the light of torch is looking yellow and after sunrise and sunset the light back to normal
    And sorry with my english

  5. JustKoolish says:

    Can someone dm me the Mediafire link on discord (sahib#2312)? Adfly never works for me, my antivirus just says ‘Malicious Content Blocked’ and then it leaves me no choice but to close the tab. Thanks in advance!

  6. BlackPlay456 says:

    Simply beautiful, I do not use shaders since in theory most without for the high-end, I appreciate that you have an edition without shadows (since the edition with shadow causes a big drop in FPS on my mobile with 2GB of Ram) I hope that You follow it update, but if I have a little doubt, and that is that when I have activated your shaders the zombie piglin is again the zombie pigman, I do not know if it is 100% your shader, but I have the certainty that my game had updated wing zombie pigman for the zombie piglin, great job keep it up and hope the shader is not abandoned

  7. danetck says:

    i wish my pc could handle this πŸ™ everything is invisible except for mobs

  8. mat1986 says:

    If the VLight version was so good, this shaders are SPECTACULAR. Nice contrast at night and beautiful at day. And combinated with HD textures the result is wonderful. Nice work πŸ‘πŸ‘

  9. RedDragonFish19 says:

    Can u make a pack just have animated flower and sapling pls

  10. I’ve been wanting this kind of shader so far, most of the shaders i used are ultra ones and i must say that this shader is the best for me. And what you are saying about there is room for improvements is totally true i suggest adding those shadows beside blocks, and if you do this shader is no difference beetween those ultra shaders.. Sorry for bad english πŸ™‚

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