New UHD Textures | | FuseRealism Resource Pack

This texture pack was designed for people who love realistic styled Minecraft. I decided to create a resource pack with high resolution textures (100+ textures). All textures are in 256×256 resolution.

This Resource Pack Has Hundreds of Ultra Realistic And Seemless Textures Including:

  • Tree barks Including Log Tops
  • Nature Textures Grass, Snow, Dirt, Etc….
  • Tiles, Planks, Floors, And Terracottas
  • Plants And Leaves
  • Ambient Sounds Birds Chirping, Wind, Etc…
  • New Colored Glass

If You Don’t Hear Any Ambient Sounds Make Sure you have Music Volume On Highest.

It’s highly recommended to use shaders with it. This improves the overall quality of the resource pack.

NOTE: This resource pack is still in development. There are still some bugs so don’t complain in the comments

Note: the Download Link is now Monetized. Please Don’t Mind the Minor Inconvenience, it is for my financial support. ❤

Added Many Nether Blocks Like Quartz, Netherrack, And Much More.

-Added Armour Models

-Added Saplings And Fixed Some Foliage Issues

-Now Here’s a Beautiful Picture Of My FuseRealism

^ Very Edited

Changelog View more

-Added Many Nether Blocks Like Quartz, Netherrack, And Much More.

-Added Armour Models .

-Added Saplings And Fixed Some Foliage Issues.

-Fixed The Coloring Of Many Blocks Like The Oversaturated Sand.

-Fixed The Ores, Made them Pop out a little more

-Added TrapDoors

-Added Saplings

-Fixed The Leave Textures, I Didn't Mask the Texture When i first Made Them.

-New Bed Textures

-Fixed The Bevel on Block Like Gold, Diamond, Iron, And Emerald Block.

-Added Magma, Tons of Items Including All The Tools And Weapons, Food And Much More!

-Fixed A Ton Of The Textures Like Mossy Textures, Dirt, Grass, Andesite, Diorite, Granite, And The Gold And Iron Blocks!

-Add Magma, Wet Sponge, All The Flowers, Polished Diorite, Andesite, Granite, And Ender Pearl.

-Added Brick, Cobblestone, Sandstone, Ice, Grass Block Side, Grass Block, Gold Block & Much More.

-Fixed Horrible Looking Textures Like Leaves And The Logs.

-Added Colored Concrete Powders

-Changed Glass Textures

-Add Sand [i Accidentally Deleted The Sand Texture In The Past]

-Heavily Reduced File Size 300MB --> 40MB

-New Stone Textures

-New Ores Have Been Changed With Now More Detail!

-Added New And Improved Ores With Higher Quality.

-Changed The Stone

-Added High Detailed Hardened Stained Clays!

-Added Other Textures Such As Wheat Stages, Monster Spawners, Nether Bricks, And Concretes

-Made The Download Universal And Now Works With Any Version On Any Device!

-Improved Sand Texture.

-Added New Textures Sand, Dark Planks, Brushed Iron, Grass Path

-Added New Blocks Such As Sponge, Grass Path, Stone Bricks, And Mahogany Wood.

-Fixed Horrible Looking Leaves.

-Added Colored Glass (Borderless And Clean)

-New Mobile Version

-Better Optimizations

-Bug Fixes (Blurry Rendering) On Mobile

-New Planks And Replaced Stripped Logs With Old Planks.

-Added New Ambient Sounds Wind Through Trees And New Bird Sounds.

-Updated Logs And Made Them More Realistic

-Bug Fixes With Leaves

-Added Log Tops And Leaves

-Added Coal Ore And Coal Block

-Changed More Glazed Terracotta Textures

-Fixed Seams With Logs And Wool

-Added Bricks, Tiles, Floors And Paving Stones!

-Compressed File Size to 70MB Was 110MB

-Added Bedrock, Ice, Tiles, And Clay

-Changed Snow, Sand, Glazed Terracotta Textures


-Changed Feature Picture

-Added Fern, Grass

-All Wools

-All Ores

-Added Wools

-Added Ores

-Added Some Plants Fern,Tallgrass, Double Tallgrass

-Rendering Fix With The Grass Texture

-Changed The Glazed Terracottas


Put Resource Pack In Resource_Packs

Launch Game

Have Fun!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16


256x 512x

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344 Responses

4.34 / 5 (172 votes)
  1. Guestyz says:


  2. EatNYeet says:

    This is wonderful. Absolutely beautiful! I only have a few issues with this:

    -Nether Update textures have not been added
    -Water and lava have not changed
    -Doors are the same
    -Soul sand has a green line
    -Cobwebs make everything, for some reason, extremely dark

    Overall, this is a great texture pack. I’d just like to see everything fixed and updated. I understand if you’re busy and you may not have the time. Or you’re fixing issues and updating as I speak. Please though, if you can update and fix textures, that would be awesome!!! I’m going to keep checking on this to hopefully see a better version! Thanks for your time.

  3. Cool

    Best Texture:
    Minecraft Java Edition:Umsoea
    Minecraft Bedrock Edition:FuseRealism

  4. Flameroo says:

    I love the pack only little gripe I have is that the leaves and thicker trees could need a little seamlessness in the shadowing

  5. Unknownperson says:

    Thumbs up for me

  6. Leader Scroller says:

    This IS my life is ruined, why everything addons around here is just 1.14? I have, why this addon required 1.14 but not 1.16?

  7. Guest-3123280254 says:

    I maybe sure

  8. Guest-1835959511 says:

    Hi Occult, can you please add more textures like marble and update the pack? Also when ray tracing comes to mobile can you add textures like iron doors and trapdoors with reflections?

  9. Guest-8204629847 says:

    Its good if you combine this to sildurs vibrant shaders i hope this thing will look RTX

  10. Guest-8483678373 says:

    This is a very good texture pack but alot of blocks are missing/untextured so can you please fix that in the next update?

    Thanks, Nicolas

  11. Guest-2276533175 says:

    When I use it my all minecraft texture become corrupted

  12. Guest-3970359320 says:

    The world is all

    black fix it

  13. Guest-4232024965 says:

    Nope not good mobs don’t blend in tools are too small all of the iconic things are not good

  14. Guest-6345843577 says:

    Not good at all. Please delete it and Make realistico pack for MCBE because i see the potential in you..

  15. This Is The Best Texture For Minecraft Bedrock Edition EVER! No Lag and Super Realistic Textures! 5 Start ***** :3! The Minecraft Java Edition Packs Are too Realistic and Lagging but This Is NO LAGGING!!!! The Best Texture Ever!

  16. Guest-1323246402 says:

    Why is this shader fuzzy, and water has lines. Please improve!

  17. Guest-4956272462 says:

    Everything is so good man, but why leaves are looking so bad? I mean, texture is good but there’s no texture at edges and it makes it very ugly… I hope you can understand, English is not my first language. Also, torch has no textures, just default textures. Thanks!

  18. Guest-4171474663 says:

    This texturepack will be awesome when nvidia launch the ray traicing

  19. Guest-9216086466 says:

    What shader do you use

  20. Guest-1724342057 says:

    Me: Cool textures.

    Jumbo Jumbo: NOOOO


  21. Guest-8936089703 says:

    Please do something with the leave textures the way it was made kinda bugs me when exploring a beautiful world with this texture pack and then seeing the leave textures ruin my immersion

  22. This is like umsomea, but for android

  23. Guest-2361176089 says:

    hey whats this for a shader?

  24. Guest-1569934085 says:

    When will there be an update for PC users to download the sound pack. I want it!

  25. User-1027300336 says:

    Help me for a sec why does mine keep popping a notification saying low on memory while I have 70GB left

  26. User-4896533770 says:

    If anyone is asking about the sounds just go to your file rename it from .zip to .mcpack

  27. You can make the Sounds to be a mcpack pls! I LOVE THE TEXTURES!

  28. Mooky says:

    Could you consider making it also 128 128 and 64 64 ples? I have low end device

  29. Sameer Vashist says:

    May I ask a question please?
    Which shaders are shown in the video please tell me!!

  30. DragonFlane says:

    May i ask question plz?

    Does this support 2gb ram 4.4.4kitkat of not make an update some fps booster
    i relly need this Pack

  31. Anonymous says:

    With the old version of Fuse realism no one was able to join you. Is this fixed now?

  32. Morgan says:

    is the sound pack suppose to be a .zip

  33. Anonymous says:

    For the Win 10 crash, put everything valuable on a usb stick/skydrive, then reset the device. I had to do this too when using this pack.

  34. Fortacccount says:

    I would consider downloading the resource pack if you could find a way to change how the leaves look as of now

  35. Anonymous says:

    It will work if you do it correctly,if it doesn’t follow my tutorial.
    1. Install the mcpack.
    2. Apply the pack in settings/global resources
    3.Create a new world or add the resource pack to an existing one.
    4. Enjoy your shaders!

    • Tay. says:

      I’m having a problem. I have the old fuse realism pack so I deleted that and installed this one, but now when I load into my world none of the blocks show up and they’re invisible. If anyone knows how to fix this please help. Thanks-

      • Guest-6138415056 says:

        The invisible blocks always happen when I put on a shader or a realistic texture pack….maybe it’s your device

        My IPad only has 2GB Of ram

  36. BoxCatMC says:

    Try to reinstall minecraft

  37. enderstick76 says:

    Just uninstall Minecraft for Windows 10 and reinstall this.

  38. SycheHD says:

    What is the shader? I really like it 😮

  39. Totally Herbivore GaIIimimus says:

    Epic i say👍

  40. Beam says:

    When you add mobs texture​s

  41. David Creen says:

    First off: great texture pack. There are some bugs with this new update. When I loaded Minecraft, some of the textures such as the flowers and the smooth andesite did not load. I looked into the files on the pack and found that several files were named wrong such as “stone_andesite_smooth” being named “stone_andesite_polished” and “beetroot_stage_0” being named “beetroot_stage0.” Overall amazing texture pack, just check the names of the texture files

  42. Jane says:

    I downloaded it, and it still be the old version. Nothing changed. (I play on Windows10)

  43. Kodon says:

    Why in my window 10 not work? 🙁

  44. Vans says:

    This is not mcpack file, not for w10

  45. Stuff539 says:

    I think you can fix it by turning on developer mode in Settings. Update and Security, then For Developers. Select Developer mode. Wait for it to download.

  46. Xammax says:

    can you make a java edition of this?

  47. ThisJobYT says:

    Why is the texture pack a .zip file??

    • Person says:

      When I booted it up after loading, I thought, YAY A NEW ACTUALLY COOL TEXTURE PACK!
      But when I saw it, some textures were missing like the torch or andesite. The whole pack is good overall, but I thought you fixed the textures.

  48. RipeRee says:

    dude i can’t download it on mobile, it wont let me copy to minecraft.

  49. JackyFloop says:

    I make videos, I’m a youtuber with 500+ Subscribers, I will help you promote your texture pack for absolutely free! Thanks for the amazing texture pack yo! YouTube channel – JackyFloop

  50. goat says:

    um i download the texture pack today and it gave me an error when i played it on windows 10

  51. ArduousArrow954 says:

    This is probably the greatest texture pack I have installed because 1. It’s frickin beatiful and 2. It doesn’t lag my game AT ALL! But there’s just a couple things that I don’t really like. The mossy stone bricks texture has way smaller bricks than regular stone bricks, and there’s a lot of blocks that don’t have an updated texture at all. Overall gg great texture pack.

  52. oQ Hysteria Qo says:

    Whats your recommended shader to use with this pack?

  53. BrokenLuvHeart says:

    Hello, when do you suppose your magnificent pack will be completed? I understand your schedule is only an hour of your time to work on this project but, I still wanted to see if you knew a estimated date of completion?

  54. wayne46 says:

    need some help to download the texture pack please

  55. wayne says:

    any chance there can do a video how to install on xbox one please

  56. Dedicated fan says:

    Apparently, the only files I can detect are Front, Textures > Blocks , everythings else is empty when imported to the minecraft root on console. I do think this is only an issue with my transfer but after countless tries I can’t figure where the problem comes from. When imported into a zip file, the TP is full, when transfered in a file, almist empty. If I’m not alone, please notify me.

  57. Dedicated fan says:

    As I follow every updates of this masterpiece, I will keep you informed of some difficulties I will encounter as an Xbox user. For the 1.1.5*, it seems that the textures (not the main files) are missing when imported to the minecraft root. I do think this is only an issue with my transfer. If I’m not alone, please notify me.

  58. thirteenc says:

    Great resource pack

  59. MarlonAS says:

    Hello Friend! Your texture pack seems to be amazing, I already downloaded it but a problem arose: / When importing it, it says that I have opened an error, it says that the manifest could not be read or something like this: c Can you help me? The Minecraft version of me is the BETA. (Windows 10 obviously: v) I hope you take the time to answer my problem .. A big greeting!

    – PD: Sorry my bad english, my from is Venezuela :’)

    • The unicorn says:

      she/he never answered….. girl I can make a sad film of these never replied from owner or youtuber comments… oooohh I have a title the lonely and awaiting comments…. oh girl! \anyways I also seem to wonder if the creater even remembers that she/he remembers that they have made this or even bothers to check this! oh and respect women and never discrimanate them because they are different everyday they do alot for this world! just saying…. Bye!

      • The unicorn says:

        and this does not work just checked! If you are scrolling down to see if this worked well you are at the right place of you are at the downloaded version of windows 10 or windows 10 its gonna say failed to import! and obviously that means DO NOT DOWNLOAD

  60. MarlonAS says:

    Hello Friend! Your texture pack seems to be amazing, I already downloaded it but a problem arose: / When importing it, it says that I have opened an error, it says that the manifest could not be read or something like this: c Can you help me? The Minecraft version of me is the BETA. (Windows 10 obviously: v) I hope you take the time to answer my problem .. A big greeting!

  61. One4est1 says:

    I downloaded the pack on xbox and when I put it on my world it also put “EmattpoYou’s Pack Version 2.1!” On aswell. Any time I apply your pack it force applies that aswell. Idk if it’s a bug or what. Great pack but until fix 3 stars.

    • Guest-9616713115 says:

      Hey, it seems they used the tutorial UUID, so that made it so you *might* be downloading mine instead, somehow. It is a bug. The owner of this pack should change the UUID, and so should I. Minecraft is really buggy.

  62. TheRichCreeper says:

    Wow its cool and nice.I Suggest that you must add a resolution of 32×32..plss

  63. Lamarplayz says:

    Can you make the glass borderless?

  64. nikolin says:

    This is my favourest texture.but something wrong with me when i used this texture shows Resource Pack Fallback Low memory. Textures will have reduced level of detail.
    When my minecraft’s version was 1.12,that was no problem,but when I updated minecraft to 1.13,the texture fallback problem appeared.

  65. nikolin says:

    something wrong with me when i used this texture shows Resource Pack Fallback
    Low memory. Textures will have reduced level of detail.When my minecraft’s version was 1.12,that was no problem,but when I updated minecraft to 1.13,the texture fallback problem appeared.

  66. usman says:

    Thanks for providing. Looking great . waiting for upcoming fixes and addition!

  67. Dmor says:

    Why when putting it on realms does it instead install a Donald trump tutorial resource?

  68. ehh says:

    can u like change the leaves block? it’s kinda buggy and most of the time can’t see it with shaders on okthxbai

  69. Anonymous says:

    can u like change the leaves block? it’s kinda buggy and most of the time can’t see it with shaders on

  70. Curse8787 says:

    The glass is transparent I hate it

  71. BANGFROK says:

    Now this texture don’t have a lite version?, so bad

  72. Kiui says:

    Best realistic pack, but the sand’s texture is gone. Hopefully it will be fixed next update!

  73. DelTaco24 says:

    It’s ok but I really hate how it takes forever to load. It took it over 30 to install and then 20 seconds to load my city. Wtf?

  74. Ilovemcpedlpacks says:

    Help meh download this my Minecraft is broken because when I download it i see failed to download texture pack help me please! 🙁

  75. TheReview27 says:

    This resource pack is absolutely amazing. Really enjoy playing Minecraft with this on Xbox, alongside shaders like ESBE. I understand that it is still a work in progress before all of the textures are completed, but it’s looking amazing so far. Keep up the good work!

  76. Abraham Bautista says:

    Is the block of the last photo sand? why doesn’t it appear to me like that

  77. ACE says:

    Hey man I have removed all traces of the old copy of this and updated it with the new link you gave us and installed it and none of the new textures are not working for ex the new ore and sand is still the same as it was in the old version please fix

  78. Lights Savi0r says:

    The new ores and the new red sand looks amazing. If it isn’t too much trouble to ask, can you work on mossy cobblestone next? Once again, great texture pack and I love seeing it grow so fast.

  79. eZ Zxmbie says:

    AMAZING! This is the best texture pack I’ve seen. I can’t wait for full release. Any update on when it will be fully released?

  80. Yellow says:

    This texture pack for iPad SUCKS when I try to download it on media fire it just shows a survey

  81. AndrewKJU7 says:

    You mixed clay and dirt textures

  82. Ddd says:

    I like it but logs seem to be too bright and gravel connection needs little bit improvement.. Overall it’s amazing!

  83. CravenTuber says:

    Hey does it work on mobile? My game crashes when I try to put it in my world. I have a really good phone but it doesn’t work. Anyways really nice shaders.

  84. ACE says:

    Please please finish this pack off there are so many unfinished realisic texture packs on here it’s unreal just want one that is fully finished I know things like this can be time consuming but just keep at it bro this is really good work you have done here and looks even more beautiful with the ESBE 3.0 shader my xbox game has never looks so perfect

  85. Raph says:

    Does the Mossy Stone Bricks and Mossy Cobblestone have an updated texture? Cause I’m not seeing it when I use it, but other than that, this texture pack is amazing

  86. AlexGuitar says:

    Thanks for the update!! (formerly Alex here). However, the sand texture reverted back to the default texture and glass is still an invisible block. This is my favorite texture pack. Keep up the amazing work.

  87. Captain0202 says:

    It wont download, it says Unknown Pack ID. Idk if its a problem with your texture pack download or Minecraft

  88. Abxrynx says:

    Can you do a tutorial on Android, or does it work on Android?

  89. love the texture pack keep up the goog work says:

    love the texture pack and i am very excited for 1.1.3
    Keep up the awesome work

  90. MaterializedYT says:

    Glad to see your texture pack is doing well my man, keep it up, still use it to this day!

  91. Anonymous says:

    This is looking good. Although when viewing the glass from underneath. You can see a line.

  92. Jax Brandes says:

    Does this pack use the ambient sounds add on by the big onion institute? Or did you make the ambient sounds yourself?

    • i Went On To Youtube And Searched Up Forest Sounds/ Ambient Nature Sounds Then i Downloaded The Videos And Then Touch Them Up Make Them Sound Better And Then Made A Sound Definitions File. the Defintions File Tell The Game To Play Those Sounds
      BTW The Sounds Replace The Creative Music And Game Music…..

  93. How close is this to having every texture?

  94. Salad Snackbar says:

    Works fine on the PC only negative for me is the grass texture is a little much on the eyes but thats not a major issue looks epic!!!!

  95. DzikraR says:

    please make a grass side block texture (don’t make a full grass block) only advice: 3

  96. Henrique Rossi says:

    Best shader to use with FuseRealism on mobile?

  97. Henrique Rossi says:

    It’s great but I have Snapdragon 845 6GB RAM and I can’t download 512x version, (“128x version for low end devices only”)

  98. Carlos says:

    Es un gran trabajo amigo, te doy una sugerencia sobre los sonidos ambientales probé un pack que se llama faithful Shaders, y la verdad es que sus sonidos son muy buenos deberías de tomarlos para ponerlos aquí en el tuyo, el pack está a la vuelta de estar completo solo le faltan buenas texturas a las puertas, hornos, mesa de trabajo, espadas, hacha,pico, pala, y otras más que tú sabrás, el mejor Pack de texturas!!

  99. Abraham says:

    Deberían de hacer que se vea más realista la espada, la mesa de trabajo, el horno, etc, estaría perfecto esta textura

  100. Blake says:

    I love this texture pack, I have been looking for a high res texture pack that works on iOS for ages.
    But could you please update the mobile version a bit more often

  101. Player says:

    Pls fix it i couldn’t see the main texture just lite one because it says memory is low decreased graphics and texture pls how to use this pack perfectly good

  102. Player says:

    Um sorry i only gave 3 stars because when i tried it it only says texture pack fallback to low memory decreased graphics and texture

  103. etdywsrw says:

    When i move around the pixels move and it looks weird and grainy, great texture pack though!

  104. MysteriousOne:1 says:

    Please fix the download link for Moblie. I’ve loved your pack for the first sight! That’s amazing.
    Btw wonder if you could lower the res for Moblie version? I think my phone couldn’t handle 512x , so please fix the download link at fast as possible. I can’t wait to try this pack!

  105. JasoniatorGamer says:

    I have a problem with tall grass at the bottom it had a texture but on the top it has tha mincraft texture please fix this😣

  106. Octoboi says:

    I loveeeee this texture pack but the only downside is the grass, on my laptop it moves around weirdly, same as wool. Please Help!

  107. Simon Van Sever says:

    I would give it a 5-star when it’s going to be completed. I love the ultra realistic textures of the blocks, but I only think it’s sad not all blocks have been done yet. I have a mix of default textured blocks with your texture pack, and I think it looks a bit weird. I hope you’ll finish it soon, this is one of the best texture packs I have seen so far. You’re doing an amazing job, keep up the good work!

  108. JonnyNof says:

    The Stone Blocks and variants should not be of different brick types. I.e. The mossy stuff is tiny bricks and when placed in conjunction with regular stone blocks which are much larger it just looks very jarring. Use the larger stone block and add some moss in the seams and on the surface a bit.

    I like this overall but as I’m working on a large stone city it just won’t work for me with those differences.

    Otherwise good work, keep it up.

  109. Robert says:

    How do I find thge download URL for xbox one?

  110. Ace says:

    How big will this pack be by the end of it because this is epic and one of the best texture packs to date thanks so much minecraft on the xbox has never looked so good btw use ESBE 3.0 SHADER with this pack looks brilliant

  111. akbarIndo47 says:

    You should change the grass texture because that is too dark

  112. Charlie says:

    The cobblestone have no texture

  113. Billy Bernardo says:

    Whats the shader you used for mobile?

  114. connor says:

    hey what are some good shaders to use with this for windows 10?

  115. Arkhos says:

    I am unable to use it on mobile I tried every single way from guides till reinstalling it doesn’t works please help me

  116. Not Markus Persson says:

    My only request is that you add doors. It’s hard to build a house without doors

  117. Anonymous says:

    My minecraft keeps crshing cus i downloaded it

  118. Ziggio says:

    Hey can you add a separate download for the sounds? They are super duper nice and the best out there. Just wish i could use them with different texture packs also.

  119. Alex says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank youuuu for making a realistic texture pack. I’m on xbox and this is something I’ve been waiting for since the beginning. Just wanted to mention that the grass path doesn’t work (still has the original texture), the leaves are still the same as before, and the regular glass is literally an invisible block. Was it intentional? Amazing pack though!!

  120. Kenturo899 says:

    It’s so good the texture is really realistic but some of the blocks are still na retexturred and some have low resolution but still it’s so good. Im hoping for a fix! Good job creator 🙂

    • SurvivalMike says:

      You don’t need a fix, you need an update cuz this pack is still in development and a lot of textures are not implemented. I’m looking forward to the new updates and more amazing texture

  121. Quantumx Blazze says:

    Add dirt to grass, without it just looks odd

  122. ThePugLoverHQ says:

    It doesnt work i have everything needed but it kinda worked i guess but the tall grass is weird for me so pls fix this very very soon thank you have a good day trying to make some updates on the McPack

  123. Daxon says:

    Cool but can you please add dirt to the grass blocks?

  124. Anonymous says:

    Can you please do items also at some point.

  125. Big_Man_kev says:

    it doesn’t work on my laptop or my laptop. it looks good on the images

  126. Seneca says:

    Works perfectly fine for just me, but when I use this on my Realm on Xbox. My friends get Native American boys for skeletons that drop burritos and indivisible zombies that drop tacos???? Most beautiful pack have ever seen. Just wish could embrace it fully and share with friends.

  127. Tyler Parsons says:

    Could you make a 256x texture pack for mobile beacuse my s10 with its 8 gigs of ram can’t handle 512 but I know it can handle 256.

  128. Answer mah question says:

    Do i have to redownload it again if it updates?

  129. The1Colorblinder says:

    i really like but when im like 1 far from block its blurry . Do you know whats the problem?

  130. Wibby says:

    Hi fusion, your texture is perfect, but i have 6GB of RAM in my phone, and i’ve download your texture, but here is the problem, when i run it, the texture say “low memory, the details will be decrease” can you help me with this problem? Because i really wanted to use your texture. Thank you before

  131. SeranaXx says:

    Amazing! Thank you! Can’t wait to see the rest of the blocks updated with this awesome texture pack. Everything looks great and runs fine. Thanks again!

  132. Someone says:

    This texture pack is amazing but whenever I try using it, it says resource pack failure low memory , deatils will be decreased is there any way to fix that or are you working on it

  133. Sans Undertale says:

    Most of the stuff is awesome, however some of the blocks are like random 8-bit style textures that are low quality, any idea what might be going on there?

  134. mtchozawa says:

    pls fix the “resource pack low memory , deatils will be decreased.” :(((

  135. DSMC (again) says:

    Does this require a high spec phone? Coz i have a very cheap phone Which has 2gb ram

  136. Just Me says:

    I dont know why but some textures are downscaled

  137. Iloveit says:

    This is amazing but i can’t hear ambient sounds on xbox

  138. Patrick says:

    Which Shaders does work with this great textures at the Win10 Version?

  139. Luke says:

    Hey, is there also a MC Java version avalible i really like this pack and it would be a great on on pc!

  140. Zombie Slayer says:

    I apologize for the duplicate comment, I thought it didn’t accept the first one. Anyways, I just wanted to also mention that you did an awesome job on the Nether music. It is extremely creepy and disturbing and I love it!

  141. Bigpizzapete says:

    Bro this is the best resource ever plz retexture these ones tho : emerald ore swords and tools vines parrots and some saplings thanks 20000000000 stars thx 😊😊😊😀

  142. Tosif says:

    I does not work on my phone
    It says “texture pack failure”

  143. Robin Peschek says:

    I have a question which shader you must use

  144. King D.Com says:

    I’m trying it on Xbox, File downloader, but it doesn’t work, any advice?

  145. Steep says:

    Does this have connected glass in it?

  146. SiHO colus says:

    Looks very good! I Download and unpack that for Minecraft Bedrock on my Xbox One 👌🏻😂👍🏻

  147. anxq says:

    I loved the textures but the others aren’t textured like
    -Cracked bricks and etc

    Btw what shaders go with it for mcpe NOT win10? I have mystic shaders

  148. Wah says:

    Oak and jungle trap doors are both I guess chopped off. Orange glazed terracotta, yellow glazed terracotta and brick blocks are misaligned. Also, the red glazed terracotta is sharp on the end, if you know what I meant.

  149. Did you take photos with a camera to do this texture pack?

  150. Lucas Cabral says:

    In my opinion the swords and tools could be improved, but in the overall its a very beautiful texture, i really loved it!

  151. BigNoob7 says:

    Best Realistic Texture pack on Bedrock Edition. Only thing is the block breaking has wonky hing where if you break stuff in survival, the cracks in the block are there but have a darkish black filter over them, this. I think you accidentally did that while making the pack. If you don’t understand please try doing it yourself in survival and see. This might be an issue i might have caused, if so sorry about that. Defintely a 14/10 pack though wish i could give it 20 stars instead of 5.

  152. Anibal says:

    Im on ios n it downloaded n everything n i apply it but it doesn’t do anything

  153. Chossen says:

    Umm it isnt working for ios i think everytime its supposed to import to the game when i press copy to minecraft nothing happens

  154. RizkyR says:

    hmm ok good update but i still look pixel item… i not coplain this is info

  155. Wah says:

    Uhh, did you update the files yet? It’s at 92.2 MB and also the new textures aren’t even there.

  156. toga says:

    The .Mcpack link does not work anymore, the download works but it won’t import into MCPE.

  157. Cristian🤪 says:

    last update was awesome 👏😎
    But this one just keeps glitching and it doesn’t show up I really hope u can fix 🙏

  158. iiAntqnio_ says:

    “Download not working” :O

  159. Kakononhp says:

    I can’t install the mcpack because it is named .Mcpack with a capital m

  160. Infamous says:

    Works on my xb1 thanks!

  161. Mr says:

    Got it working on my xbox one. Thank you looks nice. Not sure about the chocopic shader im using makes it look a bit bright in some places, but thats not on you. Again thanks!

  162. SSB Beat says:

    The texture pack is awesome!! The clouds are missing that’s all I’m using the texture in windows 10 Minecraft v1.12 i really look forward to future projects you have keep up the good work

  163. Zombie Slayer says:

    This is by far the most amazing and most beautiful Resource Pack I’ve ever seen! Keep up the amazing work and looking forward to future updates.

  164. Zombie Slayer says:

    This is one of the greatest resource packs I have ever seen! The Textures look amazing and beautiful. Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to future updates.

  165. ods says:

    Soooo goood but a door have no texture and the cooble stone its vanilla butt is the best texture pack

  166. Mr. Human says:

    Ha! This is even better than Eclipse 2k, even though my one is higher res your one is still complete! Great job!

  167. Anonymous says:

    Ugh is it for iOS bc it won’t work please do something and don’t ignore this at least try to change it for iOS

    • Deadløcked Music says:

      Dude it IS for iOS just click the download button, if there is an ad afterwards skip it, wait for it to go to the mediafire page and click download again.

    • Deadløcked Music says:

      And if you’re talking about waiting for it to download then OF COURSE you have to wait you’re downloading an 85 MEGABYTE texture pack.

    • Wah says:

      Yes, it is for Ios. Have you tried refreshing Minecraft by double-tapping the home button and swipe up Minecraft to refresh it?

      • Kenturo899 says:

        It’s so good the texture is really realistic but some of the blocks are still na retexturred and some have low resolution but still it’s so good. Im hoping for a fix! Good job creator 🙂

  168. Marlern says:

    The texture pack is great and the resolutions are stunning! However there are few textures missing like paths and the top of logs, great pack nonetheless!

  169. Marlen says:

    Brilliant texture pack, using with UltraMax Shaders, However there are textures missing like paths and the top of logs, but ignoring that it’s probably the most realistic pack I’ve ever seen!

  170. Ayy Lmao says:

    Crossbow retexture when?

  171. NomicEXE says:

    What’s the shaders used in the photos? Thanks.

  172. Anonymous says:

    The zip doesnt work

  173. Mitchell says:

    Link is dead

  174. Michael says:

    The zip file doesn’t work

  175. Captain0202 says:

    What shaders do you use? Btw the Texture Pack is great!

  176. ScubaDiving Squirrel says:

    I’ve always wanted a 512×512 texture pack on bedrock edition that was extremely realistic. Thank you so much for creating this!

  177. ShepLord591 says:

    It only had like 20 textures in the files

  178. argonaut050 says:

    This is the only realistic pack that catches my eye. Other packs go for a dark gloomy base but i like the vibrancy of this. 5 starred

  179. Xammax says:

    What is the shader pack used in the screenshots? Otherwise, it’s a great project! Keep it on!

  180. Recon says:

    whats the shaders you used

  181. AshishX says:

    The Best With Shaders👍

  182. JaymzLkLr says:

    Oh man! Great job on this texture pack! It looks really nice on my Win10 version of Minecraft.

  183. TheDarkTubby1234 says:

    The shader isn’t working but the textures are correct.

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