Future City [Creation]

Future City is jaw-dropping creation featuring several futuristic looking skyscrapers and other advanced buildings one would imagine exist in a large city maybe twenty years ahead in the future. Parts of the city has been built out in the water and the one thing connecting the entire thing together is a tube of some sort perhaps inspired by the Hyperloop.

There are tons of things worth exploring in the map so make sure to test it out for yourself as we only covered the surface!

Ported by: TheMcGamerz
Creator: Zeemo



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30 Responses

4.75 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. Nurik says:

    Why it isn’t the real one that zeemo built

  2. Nefox says:

    Can it be on .mcworld and not on zip because i cant use it on my windows 10 edition

  3. Nestor Centeno says:

    alguien me dice como se descarga?

  4. Nicole says:

    I like your books

  5. Abdul says:

    I can’t download anything that’s a zip file because I don’t have the app needed:(

  6. ARLOOL says:

    Can you update the map for the raised build limit?

  7. Jemi444 says:

    Please change the URL from zippyshare to mediafire so it don’t redirecting to another websites.

  8. Eray says:

    I can’t Download The Map 🙁

  9. Vapour38 says:

    Can you plz add a .mcworld link?Also,what version is this?Please reply someone

    • AirHalo590 says:

      Dude just use the documents app and look at the “.rar” and “.zip” for iOS guide for worlds I just did it with this world and I’m on an iPad using iOS

  10. Ogressive says:

    Hey, now the height limit is raised, how ’bout updating to where everything is as tall as it should be. And a .mcworld download link please. Thanks for even porting this in the first place(this is one of my favorite maps of all time in any version/edition of minecraft)

  11. xXDwaineXx360M says:

    Editor can we like just click so its easier to dowload pls..

  12. Rahul says:

    I luv this map, and i wanna download it so i can show my friends how great of a build u r and so they can download it but i dunno how to on my ipad, plz help me ?

  13. TheMCGamerz says:

    Thanks For Sharing My Map! 🙂

  14. Zeemo says:

    You can use my map, without any problem, but you must include CREATED BY ZEEMO. I do not see my name anywhere ??

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