Futuristic City

This map was created by TheVoxelBox and was the first map used in the Minecraft Marathon which is a gamers event. The map is a futuristic city and consists of skillful designs of buildings as well as interiors. Inside some buildings there are parkour maps which you can give a try.

fut1 fut2 download

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15 Responses

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  1. ThisKittenVlogs Offical says:

    Tapped download then it said google removed it…….is there another way

  2. HurricaneTortilla says:

    I cant download this map, it spthe file does not wxist because google took it down. Can you restart the file download again?

  3. IPourMilkBeforeCereal says:

    I don’t why, but whenever I try to download a map from MediaFire, the loading percentage bar appears, going to about a quarter-way through, but then stops with the loading percentage bar still there, and nothing changes. Is there anyway I can fix this? (I’m on iOS 11)

    Also, is this map compatible with MCPE version 1.2.10?

  4. Trent says:

    What if you’re iOS

  5. RageBubbleGum says:

    This map crash soo much what is going on on this map??

  6. Adam says:

    Is it for iOS 0.16.0? Can it be meta fire?

  7. MilkWithCookies says:

    The map is so big it lags me sooo crazy

  8. KittyStars says:


  9. michael says:

    it is cake parkour which is harder then regular parkour cuase you fall threw the cake if you stay on it too long
    I I

  10. ariff says:

    Hi..i download this map..open in mcpe v.0.9.5..it loading halfway then crash..why is it happening?

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