This addon adds a rocket that sends you to the moon where u can get new ores to craft weapons with. I plan on adding more planets and ores in future updates.

Rocket Ship Recipe: place it and break it

walk into the rocket ship entity to enter the moon. When you get sent to the moon for the first time you game will lag while the moon is generated.

Dark Matter Sword Recipe: 25 DAMAGE Dark matter is found on the moon.

Changelog View more

+ added images

+ added moon

+ added dark matter

+ new images

+ moon planet

+ dark matter ore


enable experimental mode

the game will lag when generating the planet


Supported Minecraft versions


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43 Responses

3.36 / 5 (25 votes)
  1. Guest-5302501959 says:

    Please build more like pick the planets

  2. Guest-3876320732 says:

  3. Guest-7270429845 says:

    How do I install the original Galacticraft on Minecraft v 1.16.60 on iPad?

  4. Guest-1874714573 says:

    And that structure looks horrible anyway.

  5. Irish Jevil says:

    I am getting hecking tired of people bashing on this poor person for just recreating a very popular and good mod. Mods like this is helping the Minecraft bedrock mod community. More mods like this could eventually make bedrock mods as good as Java mods. The things the Creator could do is give credit to the Galacticraft creators, make the moon look more like the overworld in terrain generation, and basically all the things Galacticraft did but with the creators own take. Hope this helped. :>

    • Skyrkazm says:

      I really liked this comment, and the honesty in it. Yes, addons have limitations, yes they are aware of its limitations, but there is still a lot of potential in addons with the few I’ve tried and how they can improve overtime. They still need to credit the original mod though, that’s the only issue I have with this. At least trying to recreate something in of itself is very ambitious and may give others more confidence to try to make crazier things.

    • Guest-4942948664 says:

      This is not a recreation of Galacticraft, this is an addon made by someone who is not even close to being skilled enough to make anything near the level of Galacticraft. If you release something to the internet, you should be ready for people to not praise you for it.

      • Guest-9250625908 says:

        They tried to recreate the mod but the bedrock version has limitations and you expect it to be perfect. they made an attempt don’t hate on it.

      • KevinPlayZ287 says:

        Why not try making it urself before hate commenting

    • Guest-2001649050 says:

      If you hate on this addon you have no life cause your are wasting time complaining that a remake isn’t as content rich as the original mod if you don’t like it don’t download it if you want them to add more content tell them if you hate it cause you can only go to the moon well just wait till he updates that

  6. Guest-9426404837 says:

    It’s quite decent actually! But at one point, it is indeed to copy a popular name a mod from java. But it’s understandable if you’re trying to re create it, just give proper credit, for your own good

  7. PoyrazOyunda122 says:

    It’s pretty nice, I hope this addon to go further.

  8. Increíble addon realmente es muy bueno para las cosas que suelen hacer en bedrock EDITION xd sigue actualizando quizás y llegue a ser un mucho mejor addon en el futuro!

  9. Guest-7897203243 says:

    Having Galacticraft as the name is an insult to the original mod. All the mod adds is a game-breaking sword, a poorly textured rocket, and an endstone shell. Definitely should have spent more time developing the mod into something worthwhile.

    • TryHardJibs says:

      I agree with you, Mr./ Mrs. Guest. Moreover, I feel like this addon’s idea is too ambitious because it is impossible for addon creators to implement real dimensions into the game. In other words, it is only possible to create “fake” or pseudo dimensions in the form of biomes and structures into Minecraft.
      This criticism may seem to be harsh, but I’m just trying to tell the creator that recreating Galacticraft in Bedrock seems to be a bit too tough for him, for he should think about the limitations of addons and make content that can meet the standards of addon creation in MCBE.

      • I have to agree.
        Fully porting Galacticraft to Bedrock Edition is impossible at this point in time. This addon is mainly for testing purposes and will be expanded once Minecraft Bedrock Edition supports more modded features.

        As for the “poorly textured/modelled rocket” it’s literally a recreation of the one FROM GALACTICRAFT. So by hating on the model, you are hating on Galacticraft itself.

  10. Please add more planets .

  11. Literally the closest thing to a new dimension in mcpe! Awesome job dude your stuff is top notch stuff!


    – Custom Mobs that spawn on the moon
    (Maybe have mob spawners spawn in the ground that spawns them in)

    – Mob low gravity

    – More ores maybe

    – Space like weapons such as laser guns for example that you craft out of material such as dark matter

    – Some sort of dungeon type thing such as crashed space ships and satellites which house alien eggs which hatch when a player is close. Boss spawn block in it that you break to spawn a Moonlike boss

    e.ct lol I have more but I’ll leave it at that for now

  12. Guest-2183636969 says:

    Another fake addon who actually adds nothing. Is it for beta

  13. Guest-5846889144 says:

    Agrega aliens
    Sirve para la 1.15?

  14. Guest-9404775155 says:

    Add mars,and fuel for rocket(like coals)

  15. Jeremy2001 says:

    Amigo, muy buen complemento, pero agrega mas cosas, no solo una espada y una nave, es muy buen concepto, y se que cuesta, pero estaria bueno algo mas realista, como el galacticraft de java, toma esa idea y hasta con la tuya, y haras un mod muy amado, gracias

  16. Hey 👋 I’m absolutely loving this Addon and the concept is great but it’s a little confusing. Whenever I go into the moon, it tps me straight to the end. And there’s no way to exit. My suggestion is that you should remove the end portal and add maybe remove the roof and make it perma night. Just a few suggestions tho, great addon 👍

  17. Guest-1275595304 says:

    You should add aliens

  18. Guest-6807399797 says:

    How you make the moon is a new dimension ??

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