Galaxy UI Pack v1.0 (Minimalistic Dark Mode + PVP Convenient Textures)

A minimalist, futuristic, and dark resource pack that is dark-aqua themed  bundled with PVP Convenient textures such as Lowfire, Arrow Indicator, and Short Swords. All without affecting most of the default textures of the game.


– Dark Aqua UI

Smooth Font

– Lowfire

– Arrow Indicator

– Short Swords

– Revamped Hotbar, Status Effect Icons, and Mobile GUI

[ Classic & Pocket UI-friendly ]

— Dark-Aqua UI —

Game Menu:

Play Menu:


Toggle Lowfire and Arrow Indicator:

— Gameplay UI —

In-Game UI:


Arrow Indicator:

Revamped Hotbar:

Revamped Status Effect Icons:

Short Swords:

Mobile GUI:

Pocket UI Profile:


If you are going to showcase this resource pack on any platform, please leave a link directly to this MCPEDL Page. Thank you!

Changelog View more
  • "Pocket" UI Profile fixed.
  • Short swords added.
  • Revamped Mobile GUI.
  • Replaced Dark Mode UI with Dark-Aqua UI (self-designed).
  • Changed texture of EXP Bar.
  • Updated download file.



Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16



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39 Responses

2.83 / 5 (6 votes)
  1. Blue7S says:

    Add clear ui to the inventory and everything in game only please

  2. Pikaboy says:

    the download brings me to a thingy and its blank it dosent work you should use a adfly link because adfly works better

  3. SuperSnuggy2009 says:

    When I download just takes me to a news today thing

  4. Guest-7245290925 says:

    thank u

  5. Guest-9479959678 says:

    bro i love this texture pack its great i ive searched for so many mineccraft etxtures an d finally a good pvp on that doesent gglitch and lagg

  6. Guest-5899240885 says:

    the effects icon on the right side of the screen is broken, it shows the gui.png thumbnail

  7. Anonymous says:

    Doesnt work, it fails to import

  8. Guest-9277222886 says:

    Awesome pack!!! I was wondering if it had night vision included, not because I really need it, but because I could see perfectly in the dark.

  9. Guest-3363321893 says:

    Led me to website where it said it had my ip I ignored it and uh… thanks btw for the pack

    • poley says:

      I don’t keep any of the viewers IP, probably just an ad where it displays your public IP address, don’t worry about it! Just don’t interact with the site at all!

  10. Guest-4549595952 says:

    Just keep skipping the ad and you’ll be on a website called ToneDen

  11. Guest-8997234144 says:

    hey, so if you continue with the steps as normal, it will prompt you to download a searchbar engine, not the texture pack.

    • poley says:

      It shouldn’t do that, but I’m guessing it’s from the ads and you clicked one of it, sorry about that! Just be sure to close tabs that are popping up and you should be good to go!

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. Guest-7802876959 says:

    Maybe you could change the settings to look like Java edition settings like Astral V4 does

  14. Guest-8853499261 says:

    That hotbar looks nasty brooo

  15. Guest-4324547434 says:

    This Pack is amazing!

  16. Zach Marc says:

    Ugghh i thought the buttons were dark blue my eyes have tricked me again, anyways good pack my man!

  17. Guest-7109883052 says:

    can you update a sword become a short sword

  18. Anonymous says:

    bad link

  19. Guest-2376725630 says:

    Adfly LİNK

  20. Guest-8296746263 says:

    Could you post a mediafire link? I am unable to download the current link.,..

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