Game Polish 2.1.0 (Vanilla+)

This addon is for those who think that Minecraft is lacking some parts, but want to keep the game mostly vanilla. I felt that way too, so  I made 200+ changes involving crafting recipes (like converting slabs to blocks), loot tables (like the dragon dropping an elytra), and stack sizes without adding a single new block or item! (Experimental Features Required)

Where to start!

Anything changed will be in bold like this. Also check the changelog.

New Recipes

1 – 34. All slabs can be crafted back into a whole block. Place 2 slabs in a pressure plate shape. [shaped]

35 – 65. All stairs can be crafted back into whole blocks. Place 4 stairs in a 2 x 2 square for 3 whole blocks [shaped]

66 -71. All wooden trapdoors can be crafted back into 3 whole blocks [shapeless]

72 – 77. All stripped logs can be crafted back into 1 un-stripped log [shapeless]

78. Craft 8 logs of any type into 4 chests [shaped]

79. Craft 2 shulker shells and 2 logs of any type into 1 shulker box  [shaped]

80. Craft 4 wild berries into 1 red dye [shapeless]

81. Craft 1 saddle into 3 leather [shapeless]

82. Craft 3 leather and 2 iron nuggets into 1 saddle [shaped]

83. Craft 2 iron blocks, 3 iron ingots, and 1 leather into 1 iron horse armor [shaped]

84. Craft 2 gold blocks, 3 gold ingots, and 1 leather into 1 gold horse armor [shaped]

85. Craft 2 diamond blocks, 3 diamonds, and 1 gold ingot into 1 diamond horse armor [shaped]

86. Craft 1 wool into 4 string [shapeless]

87. Craft 3 carpets of any color into 2 white wool [shapeless]

88. Craft 8 similar glass panes into 3 glass blocks of the same color [shapeless]

89. Craft 2 paper, 2 iron nuggets, and 1 string into 1 nametag [shaped]

90. Craft 4 gravel into 1 cobblestone [shapeless]

91. Craft 1 gravel into 1 flint in a stonecutter

92. Craft 1 flint and 1 charcoal into 1 gunpowder [shapeless]

93. Craft 4 iron blocks, 4 nether stars, and 1 dragon egg into a mob spawner [shaped]

94. Craft 1 melon into 6 melon slices in a stonecutter

95. Craft 4 sugar, 4 green dye, and 1 water bottle into 1 slimeball [shaped]

96. Craft 8 redstone dust and 1 blaze powder into 16 glowstone dust [shapeless]

97. Craft 1 block of any type of quartz into 4 nether quartz in a stonecutter

98. Craft 2 blaze powder and 1 stick into 1 blaze rod [shapeless]

99 – 102. Craft 1 fish and 1 water bucket into 1 bucket of the fish [shapeless]

103. Craft 8 snow and 1 water bucket into 1 ice + an empty bucket [shaped]

104. Craft 5 gold ingots into 1 minecart [shaped]

105. Craft 5 iron and 2 logs of any type into 1 hopper  [shaped]

106. Craft 4 wool, 4 live coral, and 1 empty bucket into 1 sponge [shaped]

107 – 109. Craft 2 bamboo and 1 charcoal, or 1 coal, or 1 redstone dust into 4 torches or 1 redstone torch respectively [shapeless]

110. Craft 7 cobblestone, 1 string, and 1 redstone dust into 1 dispenser (this wont appear ingame, you must do it yourself) [shaped]

111. Craft 2 slowfalling potions, 1 saddle, 1 ghast tear, 1 string, and 4 phantom membranes into 1 elytra [shaped]

112. Craft 8 gold blocks and 1 gold apple into 1 Notch apple [shaped]

113. Craft 3 redstone dust, 2 sticks, and 3 stone into 1 repeater [shaped]

114. Craft 1 nautillus shell into 32 prismarine shards [shapeless]

115. Craft 3 iron swords, 1 diamond, and 1 heart of the sea into 1 trident [shaped]

116. Craft 1 blue ice into 9 packed ice [shapeless]

117. Craft 1 packed ice into 9 ice [shapeless]

118 – 123. Craft 4 leaves of the same type into 1 sapling [shapeless]

124. Craft 2 sticks, 2 gold ingots, and 4 stone into 1 bell [shaped]

125. Craft 1 crafting table into 8 sticks [shapeless]

126. Craft 8 stone and 1 blaze powder into 16 netherrack [shapeless]

127. Craft 1 blaze powder, 4 netherrack, and 4 bones into 4 soul sand [shapeless]


128. Craft 2 logs of any type into 16 sticks  [shaped]

129. Craft 9 string into 1 cobweb [shapeless]

130. Craft 1 prismarine into 4 prismarine shards in a stonecutter

131. Craft 1 dark prismarine into 8 prismarine shards in a stonecutter

132. Craft 1 prismarine bricks into 9 prismarine shards in a stonecutter

133 – 134. Craft 1 sand or 1 red sand into 1 flint in a stonecutter

135. Craft 1 nether wart block into 9 nether wart [shapeless]

136. Craft 6 logs of the same type into 8 trapdoors of the same type [shaped]

137. Craft 8 sand and 1 red dye into 8 red sand [shaped]

138. Craft 8 of any color of [concrete powder, concrete, wool, carpets, terracotta, stained glass, or stained glass panes] with 1 dye into 8 blocks of your choice with the same color (its hard to explain) [shapeless]


1. Smelt 1 glass bottle into 1 clear glass block

2. Smelt 1 rotten flesh into 1 leather

3. Smelt 1 sand into 1 glass in a blast furnace

4 – 5. Smelt 1 magma into 1 magma cream in a furnace OR blast furnace

6. Smelt 1 cobblestone into 1 stone in a blast furnace

7. Smelt 1 stone into 1 smooth stone in a blast furnace

8. Smelt 1 sugarcane into 1 lime dye in a smoker

Stack Sizes

1 – 3.. All potions stack to 64 (Please Note! Do not attempt to brew potions with stack sizes more than 1. The game will automatically shrink it down to 1 potion per slot!)

4. Eggs stack to 64

5. Enderpearls stack to 64

6. Snowballs stack to 64

7. Saddles stack to 16

8 – 11. All minecarts obtainable in survival stack to 16

12. Totems of undying stack to 16 (NOTE: All totems in a stack will be consumed upon use)

13 – 16. All horse armor stacks to 16

17 – 27 All records stack to 16

28. Book and quills stack to 64

31 – 36. All boats stack to 16

Loot Tables

1. Ender Dragon drops 1 elytra upon death from a player

2. Shulkers drop 2 shells upon death

3. Zombies, skeletons, and creepers have the same chance as a wither skeleton at dropping a head

4. Zombies, Skeletons, Spiders, and Creepers have a chance of having their spawn eggs in dungeon chests or mineshaft chests

5. Husk spawn eggs can spawn in desert temples

6. Stray spawn eggs can spawn in igloos

7. Endermen and Silverfish spawn eggs can spawn in end city chests, or stronghold chests

8. Drowned spawn eggs can spawn in shipwreck treasure

9. Sheep, Pig, Chicken, and Cow spawn eggs can spawn in a butchers chest

10. Sheep and Wolf eggs can spawn in a shepards chest

11. Cow and Mooshroom spawn eggs can spawn in a tannery chest


1. Right clicking a slime while holding sugar will turn it into 1 slime ball [20 sec cooldown]

2. Right clicking a magma cube while holding a slimeball turns it into 1 magma cream [20 sec cooldown]

Check out my 1.14 beta add-on!

By downloading this pack you agree you will NOT claim this pack as your own, you will NOT distribute this pack with your own link, and you WILL credit me with this MCPEDL link.

Contact me for issues through discord at Bunshaman#8206 and check out my other packs

Changelog View more

Changed the links to media fire after people had troubles with adfly



136. Craft 6 logs into 8 trapdoors

137. Craft 8 sand and 1 red dye into 8 red sand

138. Craft 8 blocks and 1 dye into 1 blocks of that color



78. You can now use any logs rather than a mixture between 8 minecraft:log's or a mixture between 8 minecraft:log2's

79. You can now use any logs rather than a mixture between 8 minecraft:log's or a mixture between 8 minecraft:log2's

105. You can now use any logs rather than a mixture between 8 minecraft:log's or a mixture between 8 minecraft:log2's

128. You can now use any logs rather than a mixture between 8 minecraft:log's or a mixture between 8 minecraft:log2's

95. You only craft 1 slimeball, rather than 2 now

78 took a lot more work than you might think. I had to make 256 different, yet almost identical recipes in order for that to work.



1. Removed crafting recipe for grass

2. Removed crafting recipe for mycelium



If your version ingame says 1.2.0 after downloading, or you are getting an "import failed. duplicate pack detected." Please try these steps

  1. Open Minecraft
  2. Open settings
  3. Click "storage"
  4. Click "behavior packs"
  5. Click "Game Polish"
  6. Click the trashcan to delete it
  7. Retry the download (Current version is 2.0.0

You will be directed to AdFly. Please wait 5 seconds and accept notifications if you are prompted to. You will then be redirected to mediafire which you can download from.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14 (beta)

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112 Responses

4.32 / 5 (51 vote)
  1. Anonymous says:

    Can’t download on Xbox

  2. Rei says:

    Please Make A Mediafire Link!
    I Can’t Download The Mod

  3. Anonymous says:

    Really what vanilla is missing.

  4. Cody Mangus says:

    Does this fuunction in realms? I can’t seem to get it to work

  5. Dragolosse says:

    Maybe nerf the spawner craft? Use dragon egg hurt dude… 🙁

  6. Arya says:

    1 bottle(when smelted) = one qubic meter of glass

    Aah yes it all coming together

    Very realistic

    But still good mod =)

  7. Dennnnnn says:

    possibility to use sticks instead bamboo to make scaffolding plzzz

  8. Macyizero says:

    I was just working on a similar pack! But this pack is awesome! I do have a lot of different recipes and suggestions for you tho. Craft coal block with charcoal, craft live coral by adding bone meal to dead coral, and also, I have some loot table tweaks as well.

  9. MarkStorm says:

    What if you could use the mob heads that some of the mobs drop and craft them with regular chicken eggs to get their spawn eggs? 🤔

  10. My snap is pineapple_man13 says:

    I just want to have more streaks so please just approve the comment

  11. My snap is pineapple_man13 says:

    This addon is just plain stupid and doesn’t make your game that much better unless you’re a baby that likes to get things the easy way instead of working for it, and also the crafting recipes are terrible like you get less of the item(s) than what you would normally get, there’s recipes that are completely useless, and there’s crafting recipes that don’t make any sense at all like the hopper, glow stone dust, shulker box, blaze rod, torches, elytra, trident, a lot more that I don’t feel like saying because you get the jist. 1 star

    • bushman says:

      You’re complaining about an optional add on about being too easy? Well boy do i have the solution for you… just don’t download it? Yea, I did try to make the game kind of easier, so I like to think I did that successfully if you’re complaining about it :).

      I have done the math, and nowhere should you be able to profit off of any of these recipes (except the fish bucket ones because they drop bones upon death, but whatever no big deal) so please tell me which ones you’re talking about so I can fix it.

      About the recipes that don’t make sense? The hopper and shulker are simply for saving time, so you don’t have to craft the chest and THEN craft everything else. Blaze rod and glow stone? Blaze rod is for if you accidentally make too much blaze powder, does not hurt 1 bit as you aren’t profiting, and the glow stone dust? yea you right. but i’m keeping it in. Elytra? I’ve been contemplating removing it. Trident? You can already find tons of those so I don’t see why a recipe involving a diamond should be a bother to you when you can find plenty for free if you spend 1 minute in the ocean. Please keep saying more because I really don’t get the jist.

  12. Alesscreeper says:

    It’s ok, but some crafteo pass and make the game too easy like that of the elytras or the trident that should be difficult to obtain, compared to others such as diamond horse armor that are useful and a little difficult to get , but that use diamond blocks for crafting (although 21 diamonds is not enough, for horse armor it is very expensive)
    (I’m sorry for my English)

    • bushman says:

      You are right about the horse armor, but I made it as a “last resort” kind of thing. As in, I am still motivated to go and find my own armor, rather than having to craft my own. If it was dirt cheap, then I would not have to explore as much, taking away the fun.

      Same thing for the trident. You should be able to get plenty with no problem if you spend a minute in an ocean with a looting sword.

      Elytra? Well… you’re right. I put it in for the passive players who don’t want to beat the dragon, but it just doesn’t make sense

  13. Anonymous says:

    If you can make a spawner out of a dragon egg, does that mean you can get more than one dragon egg?

  14. Haterofthisaddon! says:

    BORING!!!! add new blocks and mobs and stuff!

    • bushman says:

      Not going to happen. There are dozens of other packs which all add new blocks and items. This is simply to make vanilla a little more fun, while not adding new blocks/items because some people (like me) don’t want too much new stuff

  15. Kevin says:

    Can it use in realm?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Make it so soup stacks in stacks of 16

  17. jakob says:

    Please change how the chest is made. I now have to cut down 2 trees instead of 1 to craft a chest. I does not save time! >:(

  18. Anonymous says:

    The elytra crafting recipie diesnt work

  19. Synthia says:

    So somethings don’t work in multiplayer, like the changes to stackable items, and what can stack. For example saddle and snowballs with get stuck in my friends inventory and that can’t do anything unless I kill them to remove them. Also if stack potions in brewing stand, once done it will remove the stack and leave one, thus Deleting the rest. Don’t know if can be fixed but none the less awesome mod, really improves minecraft.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Great mod, tho some things don’t work when online with friends, mainly stackable items. For example snowballs now stack more than 16 and will get stuck in my friends inventory, unable to move or split them. I’d have to kill them to get them out. Also stacking potions in brewing stand, when they finish will get rid of all stack and replace it with one, thus deleting the rest. Don’t know if fixable bit amazing mod none the less ^^

  21. Zachary says:

    Cool but where do you download it? I’m on iOs

  22. Godó Sámuel says:

    I’d like to suggest that charcoal could be crafted into block of coal as well for I don’t see how isn’t that possible yet.

  23. MythicTy says:

    I think it’d be a good idea to have a crafting recipe for a dragon egg that’s really expensive, so that way you can make multiple spawners, using expensive items. Maybe 4 diamond blocks, elytra, Totem of Undying, dragon’s head, and maybe 2 nether stars? That way it’s difficult to get, but also you’re able to make multiple spawners.

  24. CaptainMaps124 says:

    Here’s the rest of my suggestions:
    3. Improve the boat recipe by removing the wooden shovel like in java and add a recipe where making a boat out of logs gives you 4 boats.
    4. Smelting netherracks into netherbricks can be done in a blast furnace.
    That’s all my suggestions for now.

  25. British Water says:

    Can you make a version without the UI

  26. CaptainMaps124 says:

    I suggest strays to drop wither skeleton skulls like 179 – 181

  27. Iwanggz says:

    Can you add note for this addon when download the. Zip

  28. Anonymous says:

    Works an absolute charm on Xbox, thanks for making it. <3

  29. CaptainMaps124 says:

    I suggest a better barrel recipe. To help a little, here’s an equation
    1barrel = 6sticks & 2slabs
    2planks = 4sticks, that kinda means 1plank = 2sticks
    3planks = 6slabs, that also means 1plank = 2slabs
    If you add that together, then that means 4planks is = to 1barrel
    4planks = 1log = 1barrel

  30. Fdbq says:

    Great addon! Making spawners is a bit hard though, any chance of a nerf?

  31. Aw says:

    Is this realm compatible? If so, has anyone been able to get this to work on a realm? I have tried just about everything I can think of but can’t get it to work

  32. Jakob says:

    106, 108, and 105 dont seem right. The rest are actually well done. As a request will you have mobs have a rare chance (slightly more rare as their heads) to drop their spawn egg? Because i would like to spawn zombies during a PvP.

  33. CoolAwesomeMiners says:

    Bushman, can you please add a feature in which sponges can be smelted in a blast furnace? It would be awesome to smelt wet sponges crafted into dry sponges quicker than using the furnace.

  34. Aysira says:

    Your are not really playing minecraft correctly without this addon!

  35. Anoymous says:

    Crafting recipes aren’t working for me.

  36. James says:

    you should make there a way of making a dragon egg or every time u kill the dragon it drops the egg

    but still 5 stars

  37. Maria says:

    The link is broken, I guess. :3 the link brings me to a henta! game. Please fix the link. I really want to try this mod. Thank you.

  38. Ekansh says:

    Just another suggestion but by following your nether recipes could u make a recipe for netherbrick like 8 bricks + a blaze powder = nether brick

  39. Shadowlord011 says:

    Can you make a Gmae polish:loot tables that is just the mob drops?

  40. bushman says:

    The recipes are the way they are because it doesn’t seem realistic if it’s in an H shape, you know? I don’t know, personally i think it’s weird lol

  41. bushman says:

    I hear your feedback, I will be changing the link asap

  42. George says:

    I am on windows 10 and can’t get through adfly. Plz, release a Mediafire link. other than not being able to download it looks like a good addon.

  43. Danny says:

    It doesn’t work… I’m playing with it, and I can’t craft any of those recipes. :/

  44. Dharkon says:

    Please make a link straight to mediafire. My browser is saying adfly is unsafe and wont let me through, i want to try your mod, but i cant 🙁

  45. Some Random Guy On The Internet says:

    Quite Good!

  46. isu1001 says:

    We play Hard Mode Skyblock. I only have one tree and soil, but I think it would be good to add a lava combination. I love this add-on you created. So I think it would be very good to have a lava combination.

  47. Unknown Youtuber says:

    Well this is creative idea 😉

  48. A user says:

    Great! But, I use an AdFLy skipper, is that allowed?

  49. bushman says:

    Yes the link will redirect you to adfly. Just wait the 5 seconds and click “skip ad”

    You’ll be redirected to the media fire link

  50. Anonymous says:

    Please provide direct mediafire link for xbox users, we can’t get past adf.ly at all

  51. danny says:

    Doesn’t Work for me…

  52. AgentF47 says:

    Amazing Update. Suggestion on the previous version you should link it to new post. For people know its Updated

  53. Fyn says:

    Really wanted to download this mod, but the download is a link shortener which never allows you to access the actual download, all it does is repeatedly display ads, really disappointing, and along with that, a lot of the websites it leads you to are very dangerous. Wouldn’t recommend even trying to download this mod unless you have an AdBlock (similarly to me), or have pre-installed software on your device which protects you from accessing unsafe sites.

  54. The PIZZA BOI says:

    Please make an addon where all java features are also in bedrock! Good addon anyways 10/10!

  55. Melonsmelonswatermelons says:

    I guess playing Minecraft for a long time does make people think about how to change the game with Addons and/or mods. (This is an Addon, I know, not a mod, btw.) Well, it also must have taken you a long way from boredom to create so many changes. Well, hopefully it gets greater.

    Also, keep it up and I hope this Addon inspires other Addon creators.

  56. Sixcrowd says:

    Meidafire link plz i want use it but i can’t

  57. Runny says:

    So cool!

  58. Connor says:

    Ive been following this pack since the beginning. Nice job dude.

  59. Anonymous says:

    Link is TRASH

  60. brayton Melovidov says:

    can we get a media fire link cause im unable to access the current on any of my devices. if it weren’t for this problem it would be a 5 stars cause its an amazing add on

  61. Batman says:

    The link doesn’t work it pops up as all red saying its not safe can we get a media fire cause link. Its an amazing addon i have previous version and i would love to continue with the current version

  62. UrMumGae says:

    Can you make the link media fire?

  63. alexa says:

    Can you add it to minecraft from Xbox One?

  64. TechnicBee says:

    Wow I just finished getting the first game polish xd

  65. Connor says:

    Cant even download because the links dont allow me to get to the mediafire thing

  66. RustedBlackhawk says:

    I have been looking for something like this forever! Thank you so much! But, can you make an easier way to obtain the spawner, maybe a custom enchant like “Spawn touch” which has a 50% chance of dropping the spawned when mined. Also, if you have an egg and a nether star in a crafting table as well as the main loot of a mob, it could craft a spawn egg

    • bushman says:

      Custom enchants aren’t possible at the moment 😀

      I intentionally made it hard to obtain because it would just be super op to choose where you want a spawner to be

  67. DevergsMC says:

    Omg. Thx for making a v2.0!. I love this addon. Also, can you change the horse armor recipe into the same recipe as the leather horse armor (eg. Iron horse armor: 7 iron ingot in a “H” shape). I can change it myself. But, for some people. It would be a great thing to have (sorry for bad english)

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