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Do you find the game tedious when it comes to crafting? Do you have everything for a recipe except for one hard item to obtain? Do you want an elytra without going to the end? Well say hello to Game Polish. This pack adds 20 plus recipes while still staying faithful to vanilla! Do you want a guaranteed elytra on your first trip to the end? Simple! just kill the dragon!  ***Requires experimental features***

This pack is great for those players who like vanilla, but want more. It is great because it adds 27 (More to come!) recipes which do not add any new items to the game.

I repeatedly found myself with tons of extra items and nothing to turn them into, so I took this problem on myself and now its here. So without further adieu, here are the recipes.


1. Craft 4 wild berries into 1 red dye [shapeless]

2. Craft 8 sugar cane and 1 water bottle into 4 lime dye [shaped]

3. Craft 2 wooden slabs into 1 wooden block (any kind of wood!) [shapeless]

4. Craft 4 wooden stairs into 4 wooden blocks (any kind of wood!) [shapeless]

5. Craft 1 gravel into 1 flint in a stone cutter

6. Craft 1 flint and 1 charcoal into 1 gunpowder [shapeless]

7. Smelt 1 sand into 1 glass in a blast furnace

8. Craft 4 iron blocks, 4 nether stars, and 1 dragon egg into a mob spawner (functionality coming soon) [shaped]

9. Craft 8 of any logs into 4 chests (Note: you can mix and match logs except for dark oak and acacia, they can only be mixed and matched together) [shaped]

10. Craft 2 shulker shells and 2 logs of any kind into 1 shulker box [shaped]

11. Smelt 1 rotten flesh into 1 leather in a furnace and smoker

12. Smelt 1 glass bottle into 1 glass block in a furnace

13. Craft 1 saddle into 3 leather [shapeless]

14. Craft 1 melon block into 6 melon slices in a stone cutter

15. Craft 1 wool of any color into 4 string [shapeless]

16. Craft 3 carpets of any color into 2 white wool [shapeless]

17. Craft 1 of any quartz blocks into 4 nether quartz in a stone cutter

18. Craft 4 gravel into 1 cobblestone [shapeless]

19. Craft 8 matching glass panes into 3 glass blocks of the same color [shapeless]

20. Craft 8 redstone dust and 1 blaze powder into 16 glowstone [shaped]

21. Craft 4 sugar, 4 green dye, and 1 water bottle into 2 slimeballs [shaped]

22. Craft 7 phantom membranes and 1 saddle into an elytra [shaped]

23. Craft 2 paper, 2 iron nuggets, and 1 string into a name tag [shaped]

24. Craft 3 diamonds, 2 diamond blocks, and 1 gold ingot into 1 diamond horse armor [shaped]

25. Craft 3 gold ingots, 2 gold blocks, and 1 leather into 1 gold horse armor [shaped]

26. Craft 3 iron ingots, 2 iron blocks, and 1 leather into 1 iron horse armor [shaped]

27. Craft 3 leather and 2 iron nuggets into 1 saddle [shaped]

But wait! There’s more!

The ender dragon drops a guaranteed elytra upon death by a player!

Shulkers now drop 1 guaranteed shulker shell, and drop more than before with looting!

More coming soon, please leave suggestions!

Changelog View more

Changed the feature image to be able toupload the pack

Added note saying you must turn on experimental features for this to work

Included a .zip file with the behavior pack and resource pack for manual installation

Added 9 new recipes

Removed 2 custom items

Deleted the resource pack

Fixed the file

Hopefully fixed bugs

Gave the download link the actual correct file, instead of the past versions file


IMPORTANTRequires experimental features turned ON

If you are updating, you no longer need the resource pack


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13

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31 Responses

3.58 / 5 (12 votes)
  1. Guest-9273909268 says:

    Some of these make sense, others are absolutely terrible ideas… 2 stars.

  2. Anonymous says:

    clicking the link does nothing. are you publishing via mediafire? if not, you should. if yes, please make sure the link is proper.

  3. Anonymous says:

    How do I get this on to my realm

  4. Dalton Cheek says:

    Hey bunshaman! I was wondering if you could add the ability to craft spawn eggs, maybe even make it a separate addon if you don’t want it on part of this one?!?!

  5. Solarice says:

    A nice addon but the recipe for Elytras feel a bit weird as with a little bit of luck you can get one as soon as you start the game. Elytras are kinda meant to be late game and the fact that you added an Elytra as a drop from the Enderdragon is weird because you can craft one very easily so it doesn’t feel rewarding. Other than that, very useful and adds a lot of better ways to obtain items without a really strict one way path to gain them. I mostly enjoy the name tag one as it is simple but still useful. I do think that adding a way to see the new crafting recipes in-game though would be nice.

  6. Julian says:

    There’s already a new mod for that 😉 check the front page

  7. Trashboy says:

    Doesn’t work. Not importing.

  8. Ty so much says:

    It does work just had to do some editing to get it in and turn on experimental mode
    P.s I love it

  9. Anonymous says:

    Ok wait, how in the hell do I even add this. It’s a .mcaddon file, cant you just make 2 separate ones for the behavior pack and resource pack? I legit cant figure it out.

  10. AKowwkksks says:

    Make so that we can craft saddle’s please

  11. Anonymous says:

    I can’t open the world when adding an add-on

  12. JustSomeGuy says:

    Great work! It all works just as described in 1.12 BE. The only down side that I didn’t see mentioned is that cheats must be enabled.

    Great add-on, most notably a use for gravel and saddles!

  13. Truzzle says:

    if you cold add the ability to turn smooth quartz blocks into quartz blocks this would be an amazing addon.

  14. I beg says:

    Please make it work I imported it but it doesn’t work!

  15. Phwee says:

    Did you enable experimental gameplay & apply the behavior pack in the behavior pack screen? And are you on 1.12/1.13?

  16. Poop says:

    It doesn’t work pls fix I really want it!

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