Game Polish [1.14 Beta Edition]

This pack is meant to be an addition to my addon Game Polish. Or you might say, an addon to an addon. This edition only has changes dedicated to betas up to version (So not much!)


This pack is solely dedicated to versions 1.13-1.14 so it is pretty small.



1. Uncraft 1 honey comb block into 4 honey combs [shapeless]

2. Uncraft 1 honey block into 4 honey bottles [shapeless]

Stack Sizes

1. Honey Bottles stack to 64

Question: How would you feel if you did not get glass bottles while crafting honey? If you did not, then you could craft stacks at a time. Leave feedback below

Loot Tables

1. Adult bees have a 75% chance of dropping 1 honey comb. Each level of looting has a 50% chance of dropping 1 more. (You can get 4 with looting 3)


You will be directed to AdFly. Please wait 5 seconds and accept notifications if you are prompted to. You will then be redirected to mediafire which you can download from.

By downloading, you agree to give credit to me and to link this Mcpedl page when sharing. You will NOT distribute this as your own or with your own links.

I highly recommend using Game Polish 2.0 with this.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 (beta)

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3 Responses

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  1. Curvedrhyme5660 says:

    Can u use it in 1.12/1.13?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I play with game polish on every world if mine so when i started using the 1.14 beta it was so annoying that my honey bottles werent stacking but everything else was. But now thats fixed so … five stars from me

    • Anonymous says:

      You might notice if you try to craft a bunch of honey blocks at once that it will only craft 1 and then put the glass bottles in the recipe, how would you feel if you did NOT get the glass bottles?

      Theoretically, you should be able to craft honey blocks in bulk then.

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