Gaming Skin Pack 1.2 | Danganronpa and Pac-Man!

All of your favorite games, into one giant pack! Please leave any suggestions in the comment section! I am MORE than happy to add any, I left some stray skins from Pokemon and TF2, such as Pyro and Pikachu! I spent a long time making these skins so your download would mean a lot to me!


Here are the skins and how they look, I will provide one image from each game.

Fall Guys – Chicken Costume

Super Mario Bros – Waluigi


LIMITED EDITION / Pokemon – Pikachu

Portal – Chell with Portal Gun

The Legend of Zelda – Ganondorf

Monokuma – Danganronpa

(DISCLAIMER: I made the portal skins a LONG time ago, so they aren’t as good, they are about a 8/10 compared to the others.


– Terraria Skins – 80%

– Mario Skins – N/A (NEW ENEMIES)

– Fall Guys Skins – Done (Can add more)

– Among Us – 50%

– Portal – Done

– Henry Stickmin – Done (Can add more)

– Geometry Dash – 90%

– TF2 – In Progress, will be done next update – CONFIRMED

– The Legend of Zelda – Done (Can add more)

– Brawlhalla – Done (Can add more)

– Sonic the Hedgehog – Done (Can add more)

– Forager – Done (Can add more)

– Apex Legends – 50% (can add more)

– Undertale – 15%

– FNAF – 12.8%

– Pac-Man – Done

– Danganronpa – 35%

– Run – Done

– Sprinter – Done

If you want a game added let me know. If anything please contact me at RanchyCheeser#2384, that is my discord.

Changelog View more

- Added Danganronpa, Pac-man, and Featured and Epic variants of the Geometry Dash difficulties.

- Added some Flash Games

- Added 30+ skins which makes, 130+ skins in the pack!

- I now have a team, so updates should be much faster!

- There is now 100+ skins in the skin pack! Woohoo!

- Added the highly anticipated sonic characters.

- Added more genres, 60+ new skins, changed UUID, switched to (Thank you toad guy!)


- Changed to, I hope that's ok!

- Fixed a problem with Fall Guy Ectopirate



Wait 5 Seconds

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Press allow then block in notification settings later (unless you want to know how to get rid of a nonexistent virus)

Press Download (Mediafire)

Enjoy the skinpack 


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta) 1.16

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15 Responses

4.25 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. SparkEngine1389 says:

    Roblox noobs plz? I like the clumsy noob the best

  2. minecraft is my Iife says:

    Nice addon, please add among us characters next

  3. Un-faced59 says:

    Could you add apex?

  4. Ehgamma says:

    Could you add fait from brawlhalla please?

  5. Can you check the comments in your latest video?

  6. link gives you virus, mediafire as an option

  7. ChillDawg5379 says:

    I personally don’t like Fall Guys, so if you could add a link to the resource pack without the fall guys characters I’d download it.

  8. Nice skin pack, but don’t use shortest. Me and other creators have been waiting 8 months to get paid. Use another shortener, like Linkvertise or adfly. They actually pay and you can earn more.

  9. itismemayro says:

    Add other tf2 characters, more pokemon,mario enemies, rayman, ristar,glover ,or 8bit mario, but at its current state it’s the best i could find

  10. THE_BLUE says:

    Please add Sonic The Hedgehog characters

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