Gargamel’s Menacing Mountain

Gargamel has set a trap to catch a Smurf. A present box with a delicious smelling potion was set in the woods in hopes of catching a gullible Smurf. You, being Jokey, saw that wonderful present box and couldn’t resist. You unwrap it and smell the delicious potion inside. One sip couldn’t smurf anyone, right? You took a swig and just like that you were teleported into the bottom of the inside of Gargamel’s Menacing Mountain!

Gargamel’s Menacing Mountain is a parkour oriented map. You must use your hopping skills to make it through the stages of the mountain and hopefully escape. There are checkpoints to help you out on your way.

Players: As many as you’d like

Difficulty: Medium (Very few hard jumps)

Playtime: 10-15 minutes average


Supported Minecraft versions

1.6 1.7 1.8

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    ok I am going to play the first and second one in one day wish me good luck

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