GCS King Of The Hill [PvP] [Minigame]

This is a minigame which requires at least two players. To win, your team will have to get to the center point and capture it for 60 seconds. But it won’t be easy as you’ll have to fight the enemy team when they come trying to take it away from you. It’s a fun and exciting minigame which works great for smaller LAN parties.

Creators: DarKBaCoNMc (view all credits)
Updated: 14 December, 2018

Creator’s Note

This Map Was Made By JustBqconMC Go Subscribe To Him

HowToPlay : Go By The Yellow Glass In The Game And U Will Know

GCS Staff : TitanPlayz269 (Owner) Alexisr1990 (Staff) ArticNightWolf1 (Staff) MadHuskey646 (Staff) WindLightRealms (Staff) THKilled0 (Staff)

This Map was Made By Love So i hope You enjoy The Map It Took Me Really Hard Effort To Make This Map

This Map Is In Beta So If U Have Any Bugs Thay U See Contact Me On Discord JustBqconMC#9295


  • (Owner) YaBoiJack06
  • (Admin) Ashus01234
  • (Coder/Builder) DaRkBaCoNMc
  • (Builder) KindlyCell26YT
  • (Builder) ArticNightWolf1
  • (Builder) Alexisr1990
  • (Add-on Maker) Keyyard8888


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  1. AaronTheMod says:

    WOAH! , Map’s Good But, Thats a lot of GB, How is That?!?

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