Gebakken ei: Mountain Village & Zombies

The seed includes a mountain village at spawn which connects both to a tunnel leading to a zombie spawner and to a really big cave system. All in all it’s a very unique village as it’s generated on the side of a mountain.

Found by: Brainshard

The spawn is just a few blocks from the village.


Here’s an overview of the entire village. It’s a quite small village but offer a large variety of interesting areas such as the monster spawner and the massive cave system.


To get to the zombie spawner simply follow the directions shown on previous pictures. When you have entered the tunnel keep on your right until you see some zombies. It’s an open dungeon so no digging is needed.


Seed: Gebakken ei

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  1. BlazingRed says:

    I can’t find the spawner

  2. Xc says:

    Nice. This seed is worthy of noticable

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