GeckieTheGecko | The Skin Pack! (Mary Rhinoceros Update)

When the city is in danger, who do you need? The Diamond Heroes that’s who! Play as your favorite Diamond Hero character or play as a evil master mind! The choice is yours!

The Diamond Heroes are a strong team that protects their city from the dark forces of evil.

The members of the team are scattered around the world! Evil doesn’t only happen in one place y’know. Introducing The Newest member to the Skin pack! Mary Rhinoceros! Mary is Rhino’s long lost sister that has been trained to be a professional gunner. When she was born, she got separated from her family due to the corrupted minds of poachers! Eventually, she found a place where she could not only be taken care of, but to be trained on how to fight! Now, with her Rhino strength and shooting skills, she become the poacher’s worst nightmare!

This is all the GeckieTheGecko characters SO FAR! More characters will be added once they’re out of development. (Yes some of these characters we’re from the base game, but I liked their designs so much I decided to give them personality.) Hasn’t Been Tested In Beta Versions

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Changelog View more

- Small Web Update -

- Updated Title for the latest Character

- Changed Thumbnail

- Removed Red Geckie

- Added Mary Rhinoceros

- Added Description for new characters

- Updated Description For New Characters

- Added Red Geckie

- Changed Niyro Skin

- Small Fix Update -

- Updated Title for The Dead Porks

- Changed Description

- Added 3 more skins! (The Dead Porks)

- Final Update To Burk's Skin

- Updated Description for The Dead Porks

- New Character (Gwen Brown)

- Fixed Typing Error In Description

- Added Description For New Character

 - Added New Character: Professor Iron Bottom!

- Updated Burk's Skin For A More Original Touch.

- Updated Link (duh)

- Updated Description for Iron Bottom!

- (Small Fix) Deleted Old Download Link

- (Small Fix) Fixed Skin Error

  •  Updated Link
  •  Added New Character
  •  Updated Description For The New Character
  • Updated Link 
  •  Fixed Felix's name within the skin pack
  •  Changed Render Photo To A More Accurate Look In The Discription Box
  •  Fixed Alex Slim Model
  • Updated Link
  •  Fixed Spelling Errors
  •  Changed Render Photo To A More Accurate Look


  1. Click Download Link
  2. Click The Media Fire Download Button
  3. Enjoy The Pack Mates!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 1.16.100

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  1. The Skins Look Great Can I download them for Minecraft edc Edition?

  2. arthurgames says:

    como vc mando isso eu nao consigo

  3. Hi! i downloaded the first version i loved it one question if i download the newest version will it update the old version or will it be a new skin pack i am asking this because i don’t really want two of the same skin pack using lots of space. thx 🙂

  4. GeckoSaysThings says:

    Aye bro ya not allowed to steal my character xd

  5. Guest-8554595452 says:

    The best skin ever!!

  6. Guest-1883652288 says:


  7. Guest-5929841051 says:

    i love this SKINss

  8. Guest-1869454656 says:

    Brilliant skin pack 😀

  9. Awesome skin pack btw can i ask what app you use for this thumbnails

  10. Guest-4952910464 says:

    I love this

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