Generated Desert Structures Addon

This add-on is a remake of a add-on I never released because thousands of structures would spawn around you and I couldn’t fix it. In this add-on  there are structures that spawn in the desert like ruins, pyramids, and a tomb. But their might be some gold hidden in the rubble and their definitely is some gold and diamonds hidden in the pyramids and the tomb. : )

I Put this up top so this is the first thing you read. : )


When the add-on imports lay your phone/tablet device down and came back in 5-10 minutes and the add-on should be imported.

When you apply the add-on for world and push play it will say “Saving World Resource Packs” for another 5 minutes until the world is generated.

It should only do this once for every world you apply it on.


Q:Why is it taking so to import and save world resource packs?

A: this add-on has over 10,000 files in it so yahhhh.


Q:Why do you only have structures for the desert?

A:I felt like it.

More Q&A will be added if people ask stuff.


Q:Will I add more structures or ones I’m given links to in the description?



Q:Will it lag my game?

A:No unless you have a device worse them my crappy phone.



This add-on adds a bunch of naturally generated structures that have a Egyptian theme to it! You can find gold and diamond blocks if you know where to look! I tested this on my horrible Android and there was no lag so I’m gonna assume lag wont be a problem. You might wanna bring a sword because their will be lots of spiderwebs in those pyramids! The tomb can only be found by the best of treasure hunters because it is forty blocks underneath the ground. The  structures will generate only on NEWLY GENERATED CHUNKS IN THE DESERT! I recommend only using this add-on on a brand-new world.



Their a three types of pyramids

1. Small pyramid

2. Big pyramid

3. Step Pyramid


Small Pyramid

Big Pyramid

Step Pryamid


The tomb



Their is a few more I did not take pictures of. : /

I wonder if they panned for gold in that pond?


A temple

BTW the top isn’t cut off anymore.


I also added a cactus patch



Credits to Machine_Builder

Go sub to him he’s awesome 

Changelog View more

Added credits to for the feature generator. Please go sub to him.



Push the download button!

Experimental Gameplay Required!


Supported Minecraft versions


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36 Responses

4.92 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. Anonymous says:

    Great for modded survival. Just lower the generation rate, and add mob spawners inside

  2. SpaghettiJet says:

    Can you tell me how to make a custom structure code function?
    I’m wanting to see if I can make naturally generated car, military camps/bases, and small towns for my zombie addon


    hey could I please have credit for the feature generator? Not sure if I mentioned it in the original video 😛

  4. Anonymous says:

    Do you think you could basically recreate the lost cities mod?

  5. José Carlos says:

    Tengo la última versión, pero al importarlo solo me dice que la importación a comenzado y no porta nada. Me encantaría tener este addon por que voy empezando en yt y me gustaría ponerlo en mi serie.
    Tengo al rededor de 18 addons y tengo el p30 lite. No se si no es potente *que creo yo que si*

  6. Anonymous says:

    I would love to use this, but Adfly keeps putting me in a loop. Any chance we can get it without using an adfly link?

  7. Qwerty says:

    Also I was playing this addon, good concept, but the structures spawn too much, especially the cactus, house and ruins. It’s a bit annoying of how long it takes for the world to generate with this addon.

  8. BenJamin9794 says:

    Tomb image is pure black.

  9. a says:

    Hello i have a question.
    Why do you hate gravel 🙁

  10. ChevalierMacabre says:

    It doesn’t seem to be working for me. I have put it as a behaviour pack and turned on experimental gameplay, but it still doesn’t work. May you please help me?

    • ihategravel says:

      What is not working? Are the structures not generating? Or is it something else?
      A reminder is that it only works on newly loaded chunks. Look forward to hearing your response.

  11. bestGaming132 says:

    Whats the name of the shader you’re using? Could you reply with the link to it?

  12. Labogaffe says:

    Thanks buddy for this work 👍
    I’ll take it gladly for my new survival world

  13. Anonymous says:

    It can be added to a world already made

  14. Qwerty says:

    Can you add more structures for other biomes and dungeons possibly?

  15. CubeSteff3906 says:

    Very cool mod ! Could I use this in a mudpack I am making ? If you have further questions I am always active on my Discord at CubeSteff3906#6297

  16. Stick Boy says:

    Also nice addon 😀

  17. Stick Boy says:

    Will you update the infinite ocean addon?
    Or make new ones like an infinite mesa so people can have a “Mars” experience?

  18. George Soros says:

    Why are half the photos taken at night time its hard to see but other then that this addon looks promising

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