Genesis Sci-Fi / Alien Pack

The Genesis resource pack is an unique scifi /alien themed pack.  The texures are made with passion and incredible looking details.  You can get the pack in resolutions from 64×64 and all the way up to 512×512.


Do you want to experience a Sci-Fi / alien pack with stunning textures? Genesis pack offers you that and more.  A growing world of texture packs, builds and maps that will soon be avaialble to you all.  It is indeed unique and you can be part of this adventure and journey that this is.  New content every month and the world will grow with you.

The 64×64 version will be free while the higher resolutions will be part of the Patreon tiers that also include the Java versions and other unique content G3N3ZIS is creating.


IMPORTANT:  Please read the “About” page so you fully understand the philosophy behind the pack, limitations and what it is and what you are getting and not getting 😉

Craven Tuber made this video about the pack.


Changelog View more

I am trying to update the cover image.  It didn't save the new one last time I updated the pack.

I add the image in this field too and ask you to change the cover image into this one in case it doesn't save it right

New cover image:

1.6 is out.  I have added Oak planks and Acacia planks

Version 1.5 is here with 5 new blocks, Lapis ore, bedrock, birch planks and 2 cool alien plants

I changed colors to the link I provide and added a link to "about" page so people can read more about my pack


It states in the description that the 64x64 version is free.  So... I am providing a free version.

I have added a clearly visible link with bold capital letters so it will be no misunderstanding that I provide a free texture pack to your users! :-)

Please accept my submission now.

I have added more images to the description of the pack


Supported Minecraft versions

1.8 1.9

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20 Responses

4.43 / 5 (7 votes)
  1. Oh-Hey-We-Couldnt-Skype-Tonight says:

    I’m On IOS and don’t know how to download it using drive

  2. Guest-4267492653 says:

    “The 64×64 version will be free while the higher resolutions will be part of the Patreon tiers that also include the Java versions and other unique content G3N3ZIS is creating.”
    Uhm. Bro? You ARE aware this directly violates the Minecraft TOS and EULA, right?

  3. Guest-1295129924 says:

    Love your pack. Keep up the good work. I hope many more will discover this.

  4. Guest-8632193573 says:

    Wow… just wow. The amount of details in these textures, especailly at 512×512 are just incredible. Also nice to see something different from so many other texture packs. I tried the free pack which is very good even at 64×64 and I also wnet for the paid version at 512×512. You even get the Java versions included for free!

  5. Guest-6930423513 says:

    Genesis does what Nintendon’t

  6. FlaviusFire says:

    Just wanted to say, the video refers to this pack as “almost ray-tracing graphics.” It isn’t. Ray-tracing has nothing to do with how good or high-res the actual textures look, it has to do with shading and lighting. You will not get ray-tracing by using this pack.

    • Guest-7057679679 says:

      I was looking for a comment like this. Minecraft bedrock has nowhere near enough functionality to support ray tracing with the current engine. There are no true reflections and there are no real-time shadows. Just gonna have to wait until Microsoft implements the Render Dragon engine.

  7. FlaviusFire says:

    This looks cool, but the download page says it only supports 50 blocks, which is less than a 3rd of the total number of blocks in the game. I understand that these take a long time to make, particularly at such high resolution, but are there plans to extend the number of supported blocks in the future?

  8. Guest-4178846358 says:

    I dont think so? Idk

    • G3N3ZIS says:

      They allow you to have information about options that you as a creator provides. As long as it is clear that you provide a free version and a free version is what you can get, then you ar ok.

      If you continue to follow me and my work, you will see more free contnet becoming available as I create more stuff 👍

  9. 😜BenJamin9794 says:

    Are paid addons allowed by MCPEDL?

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