Ghoulcraft BE ~ Furniture Pack

Ghoulcraft is a Data-Driven Block Add-On Pack. This adds bunch of new blocks and items to use into your world as decorations! These can be counters, drawers, chairs, beds, and many more! This pack focuses on all of the Furniture items! All furniture items in all wood type are included in this pack.  

Ghoulcraft BE is the official ported version of MissGhoul’s Ghoulcraft CIT for Java. Ghoulcraft BE is a whole different version of Ghoulcraft Java. Instead, Ghoulcraft BE uses a Data-Driven Block method.



Ghoulcraft BE REQUIRES 1.16.200+ to run.
Ghoulcraft BE Works on iOS/iPad/Android/Windows/etc. 
Ghoulcraft BE Needs Experimental Gameplay to be on!
Ghoulcraft BE is an Add-On and are Actual blocks.
Ghoulcraft BE must be applied on World Settings and NOT on Global Resources. 


Ghoulcraft – Terms Of Use (TOU)


All Models created by Ghoulcraft are the intellectual property of MissGhouls,
Unless otherwise noted (ie: Contest models created by other artists, and several 
other models/textures owned by Mizuno) 

※ Do not redistribute the pack as your own, or claim it as your own creation. (This includes porting the pack to BE/PE)
※ Do not modify the pack without express written permission from MissGhouls. 
※ Do not upload the packs to any websites. 
※ Do not claim the models or textures as your own. 
※ Do not modify the models or textures without express permission from MissGhouls. 
※ Do not steal the models & make “remix” packs. 


Welcome to Ghoulcraft BE!

Ghoulcraft is a Data-Driven Block Add-On Pack (also known as a CIM pack)
This adds bunch of new blocks and items to use into your world as decorations!
These can be counters, drawers, chairs, beds, and many more!

This pack focuses on all of the Furniture items! 
All furniture items in all wood type are included in this pack.  

To see a full explanation and catalog of every item in this pack, Click Here!


These blocks cannot be interacted with and are for aesthetic use only!
This is intended for CREATIVE players, there’s no way for the blocks to be obtained in survival without using commands – at the moment.

Ghoulcraft BE’s textures has been recolored to match the popular resource pack “Mizuno Craft”. Ghoulcraft BE can be used with vanilla minecraft but it will not match some of the block’s color. 

Some items can be placed with other functional blocks (like chest) and give the illusion that they are functional.


Direct any questions and issues into our [Discord]

Follow the original creator (MissGhouls) on her social media platforms!

Follow me (Kao) on my social media platforms!

The original models belongs to MissGhouls, who have given me permission to port the pack into Bedrock!

MissGhouls does not give permission to use her models in mods, to upload Ghoulcraft to any other websites, or to use the name “Ghoulcraft Resource Pack” without asking her privately first. Ghoulcraft is found only on, PMC, and MCPEDL !

Do not download Ghoulcraft from any other website, as we cannot guarantee the safety of the link!

Changelog View more

Added bunch of new models and Items (146)! Make sure to check our catalog here to see more info about them!

• Windowseats - Birch, Dark Oak, Oak, Spruce Only!
• Iron Bed Frames - Available in all glazed terracotta variants!
• Bunk Bed Frames - Available in all wood variants!
• Wood Bed Frames - Available in all wood variants!
• Log Bed Frames - Available in all wood variants!
• Clotheslines - Available in 3 variants
• Grandfather Clock - "tik, tok, tik, tok"
• Tall Cabinets - Available in all wood variants with L & R!
• Tall Shelves - Available in all wood variants! 
• Shelves - Available in all wood variants, has various shelf variants as well!


[Misc.] Optimized the files of the pack.

• Converted RP and BP folder into a .mcpack file - Should fix import error on iOS devices.
• Removed function "ghcstats.mcfunction"


  • Please delete the old version before importing newer versions.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16.200 1.16.201

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Installation Guides

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114 Responses

4.6 / 5 (52 votes)
  1. LittleLoliDoll says:

    This pack does not work whatsoever. ive turned on experimental, all resources are set, i even tried educational, my mc is up to date, and NOTHING works.

    • MI_player35 says:

      Hi! The blocks don’t show up in the inventory. Try going to your chat and enter /function. Example /function chairdark1 and the items should be there. 🙂

  2. Watashi wa sam says:

    I know that it’s just a decorative addon, but can you at least make some of the stuff useable?

  3. Nubychuriz says:

    Can you make it where it’s in the creative menu or an crafting recipe or make it earnable in survival by using stone cutters (furnicraft and loled furniture use stonecutters to get furniture with an special item)

  4. mizxmi says:

    Suggestion: add windows 😀

  5. cocoroses says:

    Wait, so we need to turn on survival? I keep on turning on creative. Also, where is the list of items I can give myself??

  6. Meliodas sinitree says:

    You have to enable experimental gameplay and I always turn on all of the experimental gameplay settings

  7. Sakura808 says:

    after downloading the mod and activate it in a new world, i wanted to try it out, but it doesn t work for me and idk why :(.(no new items or furniture). Pls help

  8. Randomname says:

    I think it would be helpful if you added an command that would give all of the custom blocks. For people who don’t really like taking so much time to get all the blocks. Other then that this mod is amazing!

  9. SpaceCooki says:

    Holy cheese this is epic

  10. Mettaton 177 says:

    because they come out in black and purple

  11. Mettaton 177 says:

    can you make it work on xbox?

  12. Bunny Crazy says:

    Hello, good job, you are doing something amazing ✨ I have a suggestion, in the Java Edition version we have this option: “” Cabinets are hollow, so you can flip them upside down if you like, for sinks. They can also fit over chests, barrels, droppers, etc “” ((this is in the Ghoulcraft catalog)) Could you do this in the Bedrock Edition version too? so it would remain faithful in its Java version 💖

    • kaomc_ says:

      Hello Bunny Crazy! This is not possible due to some reasons. First, in the Bedrock version, the items are actual blocks – they consume a WHOLE 1 block space; compared to the Java version where they are items that are places on an item frame – which is placeable on NSEW on a 1 block space.

      Technically, it’s possible – but then the main block space would be pkaced in front of the model (or other directions) this would then not be ideal if you’re using carpets on your build.

      You see, it’s very complicated when it comes to bedrock. We also wish that we have Optifine so CITs would work as they are in the Java edition.
      Hope this clarifies!

  13. Eclipse3005 says:

    Hi love the pack im obsessed with it. I’ve watched so many videos with people using the pack but it doesn’t work on console. Ive tried everything. I finally got it to at least show up on minecraft but all the furniture is missing textures. Please make console accessable.

  14. The reason cause everyone turn invisible because the creator adds too many modelled blocks. This addon might not compatible with low end devices. I would suggest make a Lite version.

  15. Veszer says:

    Its a very nice addon heres my suggestion

    -can obtain in creative instead of commands

    -sittable chair

    -chest inside of cabinet and drawers

    • kaomc_ says:

      Thank you for your feedback, Veszer! Here’s my reply to your suggestions!

      – This feature is my actual plan, but due to MCPED-63121 Bug (; it breaks and prevents the items from appearing in the creative inventory; when this bug is fixed by mojang, i will update the pack so the items will be easily accessible.

      – Ghoulcraft BE is a port of Ghoulcraft Java. As much as possible, I want to stay true to its Java version. This pack is designed for purely aesthetic use ONLY, making the seats seat-able will then make the pack a mod; instead of an addon.

      – Again, I want the pack to stay true to its Java version. This pack is designed for purely aesthetic use ONLY.

  16. KikiLuvGold says:

    Hi! Love this addon so much! It’s soooo cute! But in the new update, the iron bed frames are not appearing. I’ve tried all of them, and none of them actually appear, only two lines show and when you outline it, a box the size of an item frame is shown. Does anyone know what could be the problem? Is it my Minecraft?

  17. Lights Savi0r says:

    Hi. I just want to say thank you so so much for bringing this to console. I saw a bakery build with these kinds of furniture added inside of the bakery and it made everything look so beautiful and creative. I love what you’re doing and I can’t wait to see more. The only problem I would have with this is the hassle to get these in creative mode since they don’t show up in the inventory slots. Maybe if you can, add some sort of function command to get specific furnitures and wood types. Other than that, I absolutely love it.

  18. Candy H. says:

    Hello! I would like to just ask but at what time was this updated?

  19. MrSaggyNuts says:

    Please find a way to add the blocks into the creative inventory due to the severe annoyance of trying to type in a command everytime I want a certain item

  20. Anime 132564 says:

    i love looking at the things i cant get irl

  21. Metal sulvio says:

    PLEASE make a system for pick the furnitures in the inventory

  22. Layanu_u says:

    I really love this addon/mod ITS VERY AMAZING IT LOOKS JUST LIKE JAVA WOW!!

  23. Hey this is very amazing well done addon
    Theres so many detailed furnitures to pick and they are very cool for decorating minecraft worlds
    Keep that good work i realy wish there was more like bathroom furnitures,televisions and putdoor decorations

  24. Cangababyes says:

    I like this Addon so much, but I wish it was easier to get the blocks …. But who did is to be congratulated!!

  25. Imaykazekage says:

    I tried to add it to my minecraft after downloading it but it continues to say “Failed to import ‘[Furniture] Ghoulcraft BE 01-16-21’
    Not valid zip archive
    Is there another place you can upload it like ” Addons for Minecraft “? its a lot more convent for some people (Mostly IOS)

    • kaomc_ says:

      Hello, Imaykazekage! If you have any issues on installation in general, please join in our Discord server so we can assist you ( Second, the app “Addons for Minecraft” steals packs from creators, and reuploads them mostly with suspicious files or virus attached. Only download from the links I provided in MCPEDL.

  26. Unstoppablejm says:

    By the way I love this pack this make my minecraft more realistic with furnitures and many other thing I hope you’ll update more often to have many more items because having many decorations is just so great… But if you update this please don’t make it not good for low end devices because I’m using low end device

  27. Unstoppablejm says:

    Can I put this in my video if you gav eme permission that would be so grate and make my day so beautiful because if you let me have permission I can help my family cause I wanted to have many subscriber to help my family even a bit and even I’m studying… Please give me permission ᴗ͈ˬᴗ͈

  28. DarealJenny says:

    Amazing! Can’t wait for the new update as well. Could you maybe add a posing feature? Also I have some bugs after I downloaded the pack,it lags me out when I get closer the the furnitures Everytime I use a shader,the jungle one was fine but the others dont.

  29. SpotTheWolf1 says:

    I love this addon! I noticed that an addon called Wooden Chairs figured out a method to make sittable chairs! Do you think you can do that as well? It would make your chairs more than just decorations!

  30. kaomc_ says:

    Hello! We highly suggest you slow down and read the important details written in here. Most of the issues some players get are simply because they don’t read or skip those details. Please do not spam the comments with questions. I will not reply to the issues written in the comments and questions that are visibly and clearly mentioned in the description. If you have any troubles installing the pack into your game, join in our discord server:

  31. My stepmom says:

    Not working, please help

  32. ImGod says:

    God approves this, nice texture pack, this reminds me of Java texture packs

    And as always, praise me

  33. Melanie_plant66 says:

    hello so I figured out why it wasn’t working. could you not make it a zip file sometime soon because I have trouble with zip files.

    • Clouddee0 says:

      It’s not a zip file tho. When i downloaded this it was an mcaddon file

      • Melanie_plant66 says:

        it is I seen many tutorials on how to download it and turns out it is. I even downloaded and went on Minecraft and it didn’t work at all and when i turned on experiments it still didn’t work.

      • Melanie_plant66 says:

        i am looking at it right now and it looks exactly like a zip file. I’m not even kidding, i swear it is a zip file.

      • Melanie_plant66 says:

        and if it isn’t a zip file I’m having trouble with it. but i watched a tutorial and they had to compressed it and make the recourse and behavior pack into a zip and rename that into mcpack. so I’m sorry if I’m annoying but I’m having trouble downloading it and i even tried what you told me and it still didn’t work.

  34. ilikecats says:

    Can you make it for 1.16.201 please thank you

  35. Melanie_plant66 says:

    hello I’m a Minecraft player from Minecraft pe and I was having trouble to get the add-on to work. whenever I tried the functions for the furniture wouldn’t pop up. Also I’m on the newest version of Minecraft which is 1.16.201, is that the reason the add-on wont work? if it is can you make it for 1.16.201 soon.

  36. TimeFox12 says:

    I originally had a few issues with downloading this, but that wasn’t any fault of the pack itself. Is there/will there be a way to get all of (or all of each section) at once? Like /function barstool and all types are given instead of having to type out each individual one? And is it a possibility that in the future, some blocks may be interactable? Like sit-able chairs?
    This is a really cool pack and the textures are nice.

  37. Keylaplayzs13 says:

    I love it and i read its still in progress so i will be patient on the updates 😁😁
    (Sorry bad english)

  38. mizxmi says:

    My heart stopped when I saw this omg-

  39. skeletongamer41 says:

    good but can u make the furniture interactive?

  40. Goldengamingz45 says:

    Nice Good Cit and Also Ive Been Waiting for This But im Using Minecraft 1.16.0 Does it Work on it?

  41. DRX says:

    This is definitely the most incredible decoration add-on I have ever seen, keep it up and good luck with your project !!

  42. Umm you know there’s /give on bedrock right?

  43. SupaPoopa says:

    Love it love it love it! Only request is to add crafting recipes to them so they can be obtainable in survival!

  44. BeeAltaria says:

    Is this compitable with Mizuno Cit Be port?

  45. devianxae says:


  46. Rustcarton90290 says:

    I have no words describing how amazed I am

  47. Ultra_ink_gamer says:

    Nice addon wow

  48. alieoftruth says:

    may i use this pack for a map? i’ll give all necessary credits

  49. Simplymiprii says:

    Great job on this project. Cant wait to see the future versions as you continue to port them! ❤️

  50. itismemayro says:

    Great, and i have a suggestion: a item to put in the stonecutter to get all present and future blocks

  51. Terras Doil says:

    will recipes be added to survival?

  52. mar_mc says:

    Beautiful, can’t wait what you make next. <3

  53. xXBlueVenom111 says:


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