Parkour Paradise: Giant House 2 – Bathroom Edition

This is a parkour map which is perfect for anyone who want to practice their parkour skills. Every level is possible to complete even if it for some of you might not seem possible at first. The area where you’ll be doing the parkour looks to be in a giant house, but in a bathroom!

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You’ll start out in a lobby where you can read some instructions. Walk through the house which is fitted in the wall to begin the parkour. It’s multiplayer friendly and there are also checkpoints!

Changelog View more

New Update! The levels have been slightly changed so that it is easier for the players to beat them!


New update! Lots of glitched fixed, levels are more exciting and there is less lag!
Download file much more accessible.

New Update! Added a thumbnail to the McWorld file, check out the map trailer too!

New Update! The Giant House 2 Parkour Map has improved levels, and bugs have been fixed.

New Update! Level 3 has been modified slightly to prevent lag for low-end device players.

New Update: Bug fixes, the start of the map has been improved!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.9

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  1. Dharmini Gangaram says:

    get noobed

  2. Yeet says:

    Do you know how to download while on IOS 13? It always fails to download for me.

  3. Xander L Legutko says:

    I got a scam popup from the link, luckily im kinda tech savy

  4. The download to the map is now much easier to access!

  5. NickyB says:

    mediafire link pls

  6. hhhuhuhuhuhuh says:

    that url shortener cant get me to the mediafire page. plz?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Can’t get the map

  8. Ad_Hat3r says:

    The ads aren’t kid friendly

  9. Anonymous says:

    Can’t download the map :/

  10. Anonymous says:

    Cant download, it just takes me to ads and scams. Please change or fix this.

  11. bob the dumbo says:

    herobrine is the make of life

  12. lol says:

    borring cant even download

  13. 👎 says:

    Well ive been getting some unnecessary ads ive been to already 2 websites and i cant even download the map

  14. Huhvhvgy says:

    Why did it take me to random sites

  15. rats4final says:

    Way too many ads to download the map!

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