Giant Snow Gorilla Addon

This is an addon which replaces one of the mobs in Minecraft with an enormous gorilla which you can ride. It’s by far one of the fastest mounts currently available and as a result it’s the perfect mob for anyone who want to be able to get around very quickly. It currently includes some bugs such as it not moving unless you ride it but that will likely be fixed soon.

Creator: ThePvPGuyFTW, Twitter Account

How does it work?

Snow gorillas spawn in villages (since they replace iron golems) but they can also be spawned by building an iron structure with four iron blocks and one pumpkin.

For some reason the gorilla won’t move unless you ride it. I think this is a bug and it will most likely be fixed in an future update.

  • iOS / Android: Long press on the gorilla and press Sit and Ride
  • Windows 10: Right-click on the gorilla

Make sure that you hold a snowball in your hand in order to control the direction of the gorilla while riding it. It’s a very fast mob and as a result they aren’t easy to control in rough terrains such as jungles. It’s a more suitable mount for open fields.

General Features

  • Rideable (control with snowballs)
  • 5 chest slots
  • Health: 70 hearts


  1. Download Resource .McPack
  2. Download Behavior .McPack
  3. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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Installation Guides

AndroidiOSWindows 10

26 Responses

4 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. I like Godzilla says:

    This is like white King Kong

  2. Ik Minecrafter says:

    Amazing add-on can you pleasemake a Pokemon one with lots of things

  3. XxMasrGLaDOS1xX says:

    Complete ripoff of the Yeti Addon, the on,y difference is that this one just isn’t as good. This Addon completely steals a bunch of traits from the Yeti Addon, and uses the exact same model AND concept.
    If you want an Addon like this but better, just download the Giant Yeti Addon. Here’s a link: http://mcpedl.com/giant-yeti-addon/

  4. flotie says:

    Can you make it move next time?

  5. - says:

    Does it go fast?

  6. Renata baltramiejunaite says:

    Love it

  7. Renata baltramiejunaite says:

    I love this new mob!!!!

  8. Renata baltramiejunaite says:

    This add on Is very cool I hate the fact that the mob can’t walk on less you ride it

  9. Jace Abbott says:

    That is awesome!!!!!!!!!¡!

  10. Jace Abbott says:

    That is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. BlockyTheEnderman says:

    Its kinda a copy from the old yeti one but not completely,it’s still a cool addon!

  12. God_of_skeletons says:

    Cool I like it

  13. God_of_skeletons says:


  14. ProHaloGamer says:

    Aien’t this just like the Giant Yeti Add-On? This is like a ripoff.

  15. Steve_3745 says:

    Or the Yeti addon

  16. Joran says:

    This is an amazing addon!

  17. Awesome man 303 says:

    A SNOW gorilla dude that is kinda impossible to make

  18. Defalt says:

    Looks like a re-color of the yeti addon.

  19. TheEnderface says:

    In A Last Picture, Gorilla Want To Fly Like Superman XD

  20. TeWrecks says:

    Isn’t this the giant yeti addon by GentaMCPE but then retextured?

  21. ThePurpleWolf67 says:

    Was this just made thats cool cos im here!!

  22. TheDarkSlayer293 says:

    This is so sick it’s amazing but can you please make a Pokemon addon with lots of different Pokemon it would be amazing if you did

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