Giant Ultra Sans

  • This add-on was I maked a new character from the Undertale called Ultra sans but added the Ultra sans full body that I called Giant ultra sans when fighting enemies,Giant ultra sans it’s stronger and powerfult thathe can kill imortal mobs I hope you guys to enjoy this powerful mob.

Pictures of Giant ultra sans and his powers and Attacks

Giant ultra sans

And this pictures are his powers and Attacks

Giant ultra bone

Giant ultra gaster blaster

Giant ultra laser bone 

He will shoot this bone

He can summon this ultra laser when his attacking

Note about this Add-on

Creator: Miyami gamer04

Helper: iconic gekco, bendy the gamer15,cheminex

Note don’t give direct download links of the add-on’just give mcpedl link

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Youtube Showcase Video.                                You Can Check Out My YouTube Channel And My Discord Server and follow me on Twitter

Mob Type: Hostile

Health: 9999

Power Category: God Mob🔱

Youtube Showcase Video

You Can Check Out My YouTube Channel And My Discord Server and Twitter


Power:god mob

YouTube showcase.                                 

You can check out my YouTube Channel and my Discord server


 Click On the download link download the add-on to your device, then you can import to your Minecraft.

✓Download Zip if on pc

✓Download Mcaddon if on mobile


Supported Minecraft versions


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    Wowowow this is cool add-on

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    Just wanna say nice l

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    wounderful update!!!!!
    i understand u mod makers need revenue but can u use a better link shortener???

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    and you expect us to win?

  7. I hope it doesn’t lag. 😂

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